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Bruce Gee CV


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Bruce Gee CV

  1. 1. Bruce Gee 1 Bermuda Place, One Tree Point, Northland, 0118, New Zealand. Mob: +64 274328687, Home: +64 94328687, Profile Operations Mentor and Training/Assessing Specialist with over 31 years in the Oil and Gas Industry. Key Expertise includes ‘ISSoW’ (Integrated Safe Systems of Work), Permit to Work, Confined Space, Excavation, Permit Authority, Gas-test atmospheres, Nitrogen Awareness, Standardised Isolation Principals, Site Safety & Plant Operations. I am also a trained auditor & have conducted Site Incident Investigations. I have an absolute passion for this role. Working in conjunction with relevant site managers, engineering, Ops SMEs & HS&E, to identify best & safest work practices then formalising these to produce ‘fit for purpose’ SOPs & WIPTs. These then become the basis for the development of high quality training/assessing packages which I also develop. I strongly believe in the strength of teamwork in the workplace. Where individual’s strengths & weaknesses are recognised & best utilisation is made of them by empowerment & responsibility. Our employees must be trained to the highest degree possible to ensure personal & site safety is not compromised. I believe the greatest workplace danger is complacency, especially in our potentially hazardous industry. We must continually strive to ensure the plant & equipment we operate remains, ’fit for purpose’ & the personnel operating the plant & equipment are highly trained & remain vigilant to all potential oil/gas installation hazards. Employment History Origin Energy Capability Delivery Specialist 2014 & 2015  Mentor, TAE qualified (Au) Trainer, Assessor & training course developer, previously based at Origin Energy’s ‘regional learning centre’. Trained/assessed many hundreds of learners in most aspects of CSG.  Excelled in ensuring candidates are formally mentored, trained, assessed & qualified in order to undertake their operational duties in a standardised, defined & safe manner.  Developed high quality, practical training material by investigating client requirements and adapting materials to different learning styles to achieve proven results.  Facilitated formal and informal classroom theory & site practical training courses, ensuring courses met both the client’s and leaner’s requirements and exceeded industry standards whilst complying with legislative & HSE requirements.  Uploading & registering these qualifications with the appropriate Company &/or Legislative repositories. Maintaining Origins own database and liaising with Qld TAFE.  Ensured ongoing training compliance for all pertinent updates & courses modifications to remain aligned with legislative, HSE & industry documentation updates.  Conducting formal incident investigations for various sites.  A qualified auditor, called in to undertaking routine, corporate & HSE compliance auditing.  An Australian registered invigilator, able to facilitate remote external national exams.
  2. 2. Management of Change (MoC) Compliance Coordinator 2013 to 2014  Origin’s inaugural MoC coordinator for its initial rollout.  Utilising the tool ‘STATURE’, ensuring all changes to site plant & hardware is carefully & safely assessed & implemented. Only by completely understanding the requirements for change, the impact to associated equipment & by formalising the process can we safely implement required change for our processes & systems.  Monitoring the MoC process across Origin’s upstream sites.  Conducting regular audits on the ‘STATURE’ process.  I believe a formal MoC process is imperative to safe plant & hardware change. Operations Specialist (Asset Issues & Defect Elimination) 2012 to 2013  Coordinator & Operations SME for the ‘Site Asset Issues’ register, this engineering based team liaised with (multiple) sites to diagnose & solve gas facility (field, RO & plant) operational issues/problems at Origin’s remote CSG & conventional gas production sites. This multi-disciplined team would identify, assess & provide ‘fit for purpose’ solutions to site operational process problems or issues. These ‘plans’ were then handed on to the Defect Elimination Team  Lead Coordinator of the Asset Defect Elimination Team, reviewing & implementing the plans to resolve CSG site process/mechanical/gas gathering/produced water issues. Ensuring correct resources were allocated to issues to ensure timely, safe & successful outcomes SOP Developer / Writer - Operations & Safety 2011 to 2012  Developing & writing standardised documentation (SOPs) to be utilised as a recipe for safely & correctly undertaking a task. Ensuring the documents have the appropriate signoffs by site managers & HSE & are proven to be fit for purpose by trialing before being formally released ‘for use’.  Developed SOPs that have been proven to be factual, precise, concise & reflect best practice in the field.  Conducting SOP Compliance Audits to measure how successfully personnel are understanding & utilising the documentation & evaluating the performance of the SOP itself. CSG Operations Senior Operator/PTW Specialist 2009 to 2011  Day to day safe operation of gas plants & field wellhead surface facilities. Managing multiple plant throughput & liaising with gas sales nominations. Ensuring pertinent health & safety requirements are reviewed before any task is commenced.  The wellhead surface facilities & gathering networks. I have a very good working knowledge & deep operational understanding of same.  Nominations & gas sales. I was CSG site gas sales nominator, mapping gas requirements to (multiple) plant throughput.  Site HS&E. Strict adherence & staff ‘buy-in’ is of paramount importance. Successful site HSE, I believe, is ideally driven by company staff rather than dictated by management.  Origins Permit To Work system. Origin PA qualified & CSE specialist. I have  Written a huge number of Permits & PTW JSAs to accurately reflect, task specific, workplace hazards & mitigation strategies.  Twice selected to upgrade/rewrite Origins PTW Procedures.  Heavily involved in ‘building’ the PA training course content matter & was SME in their ‘pilot’ rollouts.  Worked closely with Operations HSE dept to ensure ongoing PTW excellence & compliance.  Process Plant Shutdowns. Coordinating plant & process planned & emergency Shutdowns. Liaising with Engineering Codes & Maintenance Dept to streamline Plant SDs.  Projects. Working with site process engineers in Brisbane to help ensure site projects were undertaken seamlessly by understanding both the technical input & the site operational requirements.  Operator training. I have formulated training, training tools & mentoring/assessing of CSG Operations personnel in this role.  Honeywell, Scada/ Citect process control systems.
  3. 3. Refining NZ Operator/SI Senior Operator (supervisor) 2001 to 2009  Overseeing a team of operators during day/night shifts. Ensuring required manning available for safe plant operation. Purchase orders as required. Time/Leave sheets recorded. Shift handovers completed professionally. Making sure all work permits are managed correctly. Making necessary decisions on plant operations (especially after hours). Oversee contractor workforce.  Ensure required site training is undertaken. Problem solving plant upsets. Operating panel when required. Liaising with other departments (commercial, engineering, HS&E).  Supervision/operation of an Oil Refinery Hydrocracker Unit, Hydrogen Reformer Unit, Butane Deasphalting Unit, High & Mild Vacuum Units, Fired & Waste-heat Steam Boiler Units, N2 PSA Unit, Naptha Tops & Butane Gas Tail Units, Di-iso proponal amine Stripper Units, Heavy Poly-nuclear Aromatic Removal Units, All associated rotating equipment.  Man Management Skills. Responsible for a Team of Operators & overseeing Maintenance Crews & Contract Work Groups.  Shutdowns & Commissioning. Closely involved in the planning & execution of planned & unplanned process unit shutdowns. Overseeing a large work force of shutdown staff & contractor work groups. I especially enjoy the challenge of building, commissioning & startup operation of new plant.  Permit to Work. Daily involvement with PTW as Plant Supervisor ‘Asset Release’ (PA). Involved in the upgrading & modification of the PTW at that site. I believe the P.T.W. to be the singularly most important (safety) document at any site & the importance of its correct implementation cannot be understated.  Workplace Safety (HSE). Under gone extensive site/industry HSE training during my time with NZRC & was heavily involved with safety at that site. Elected Chairperson of the site ‘Safety Steering Committee’ that answered directly to the Refining NZ CEO & to the ‘NZ Dept of Labour’ (OSH). This steering committee is responsible for formulating & implementing site safety policy.  Successful Workplace Safety is a ‘culture’ or ‘state of mind’ that must be continuously nurtured. It is most successful when it is employee driven.  Commercial Department I spent several months with the Refining NZ Commercial Dept studying Crude Feedstock Supply through to Finished Product blending & Shipping. This included Refinery Optimisation, Oil Tanker Shipping & Berthage, Road tanker availability & Sales Pipeline (Refinery to Auckland) optimisation.  Oil & Gas Firefighting. Trained to a very high level as an oil & gas firefighter specialising in petrochem fires & chemical spill response. Trained in Emergency Control, Incident Investigation, BA, Confined Space Rescue & in Rescue Techniques.  Materials & Supply. Supervisors had a working budget to purchase materials & parts as required. This was done in conjunction with company buyers. I also had daily use with Work Orders, Work Requests, Timesheets & Budgets.  Training & Mentoring. I had a large input into the up skilling of plant operations personnel. Trainee Operator development & progression was closely monitored by supervisors & was very formalised at this site.  Route Cause Analysis.  Work Procedure (SOP) & Work Instruction Writing.  Technical Process Drawings. Able to read & understand piping, engineering & instrument technical process drawings.  Large involvement in site Health & Safety & chaired the ‘Site Safety Steering Committee’ for many years. This committee reported directly to the CEO & was instrumental in developing & implementing site safety policy.  Comprehensive input in the planning & execution of plant planned & unplanned shutdowns/turn- arounds. I am trained oil/gas fire-fighter, chemical handling qualified, internal systems audit trained. Plant Operator / Panel Operator 1985 to 2001 Control Room Panel. I was commissioning/startup panel operator for NZRCs Hydrocracker & associated units. We used the Honeywell TDC 3000. I have also used SCADA/CITECT process control systems.
  4. 4. Industry Professional Development NZRC Qualifications: 2001 IPENZ, Process Plant Safety Training (Oil & Gas). 2002 Hazard & Operability Studies (HAZOP). 2003 Job Safety Analysis Qualified. 2004 Approved Handler Responsibilities (Hazardous Chemicals). 2005 ERMA, Quality & Environmental Controls (Work place). 2005 Workplace Health & Safety (Ongoing). 2006 Incident Investigation (Workplace). 2006 Hazard Identification & Control Procedures (Workplace). 2006 Energy & Chemical Plant (Process Operation) Core. 2007 Internal & External Systems Auditing. 2007 Energy & Chemical Plant (Process) Steam Generation Origin Energy Qualifications 2009 Senior First Aid Cert, Level 2. 2010 Permit Authority Qualified, CSE Qualified. 2013 Defect Elimination Modules 2013 Confined Space (re) Qualified 2014 TAE10 Cert IV, Deliver group based & facilitate learning 2014 TAE10 Cert IV Training & assessment, VET Assessment 2014 Enterprise Trainer & Assessor (TAE Qualification) 2015 Working toward Cert IV completion Referees: Refining NZ: Kerry McDonald, Asset South Operations Controller, +64 27 4416122. Origin Energy: Andy Weir, Reedy Creek Site Operations Manager, +61 419922453 Note; I have worked with both these gentlemen & I hold them in the highest esteem for their absolute honesty, integrity & frankness. They will describe my abilities factually, whether it is what you expect to hear, or not.