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Logo Presentation

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Media presentation

  1. 1. Laurence Hisee, Ben Davis & Mason Halliday LOGO PRESENTATION
  2. 2. Our Logo’s.
  3. 3. Logo Development 1
  4. 4. Logo Development 2
  5. 5. Logo Development 3
  6. 6. Style Guide - Logo • The logo should always contain purple, it can use other colours however purple is a must. • The size of the logo must be no smaller than 8mm. There is no maximum as to how big it can be.
  7. 7. Position of the logo • The position of the logo must always be the same. It must always appear in the bottom right corner.
  8. 8. Colour • The colour used (purple) must always be the same shade, Pantone 2602cC71 M95 Y4 K0R109 G29 B124Web 66 33 99. No other colour should be used.
  9. 9. Design • The ‘four’ in E4 must always be in number form and must always sit together without a space.
  10. 10. Typography • We use ‘ITC American Typewriter’ for all brand identity. The logo however can be any font as long as it follows the colour code. • The font size must be no smaller than 8pt, and there is no maximum size. • Headlines and subheadings must always be in bold but use the same font. Heading font size must always be bigger than the normal text size.
  11. 11. Final Logo We chose this as our final logo because we feel it fits the Corporate Identity Theory well. It has our variation of the E4 logo and fits the E4 style guide. Trust.