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  1. 1. We are researching channel 4 documentary advertisements.This includes posters and double page spreads from alistings magazines focussing on documentary. We are doingthis so we can follow the style and create our own for ourdocumentary which we are making on village life which isalso targeted at a channel 4 audience.
  2. 2. We have found that channel 4 follow certain elements when creatingdouble page spreads for magazines. They are consistent in order to createan image and identity for their channel.The visual style is important so it becomes unique and so it can berecognised separately from other channels.The primary element is the logo, this is initially how we as an audiencerecognise that it Is a channel 4 production.Other important elements which channel 4 use are:• Colour• Type of voice• Imagery• Typography
  3. 3. Here is an example of a double page spread from channel 4, as theyeach have the same elements, all channel 4 spreads will be similar to Headline is againthis. placed in a text box The URL directs the Logo is Titles are short The headline font reader to a relevant positioned and memorable web page and is correctly and is always placed in positioned in a is the correct a text box for C4. size. particular way.
  4. 4. The LogoThe channel 4 logo is designed to be reproduced/used at a minimum height of10mm. On the web the minimum size of the logo is 30 pixels deep. There is nomaximum size at which it can be reproduced.The facia of the logo on a print is invisible so it mixes with the background andsurroundings. Many brands place their logos in the bottom right position of thepage. However Channel 4 places its logo in a distinctive centre right position.This is unique to the channel and is therefore instantly recognisable.
  5. 5. Isolation AreaThe channel 4 identity should always be surrounded by a minimum space. This area ofisolation ensures that headlines, text or any other visual elements do not over power ordistract the logo.For example:logo height = 10 mmarea of isolation = 3 mmaround all sides of the logoThis area of separation is aminimum and should beincreased wherever possible.A margin of clear spaceequivalent to 0.3x is drawnaround the logo to create theinvisible boundary of the areaof isolation.
  6. 6. The ‘four’ in Channel 4 shouldalways be a numeral. The onlyexception to this rule is whenthe formal title Channel FourTelevision Corporation is used.Below are the correct titles forthe channel.
  7. 7. Colour When placed over a photograph or illustration the colour of the logo may be taken from the image. Alternatively, the logo may be black or white.Here are some examples:
  8. 8. FontsFACTUAL PROGRAMMES AND PROGRAMMES FOR THE DEAF• Standard Definition: Arial Narrow font, size 30 linear or 34 anamorphic, with a ghost box enclosing each line of text separately; no outline.• Text should be limited to a maximum 42 characters per line.
  9. 9. What are we doing?For our double page spread we have decided to use aphotograph which we have taken especially for thepurpose of this task. It will be of Charlie who isparticipating in and presenting our documentary, hewill be stood with a sign or stone introducing the villagewhich we have used and been getting involved with.We will then choose fonts and colours whichcompliment the image.