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Animation presentation


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Animation presentation

  1. 1. + Save The Children Animation Pitch Ben Davis Laurence Hisee
  2. 2. + We work together to strive for and achieve the best possible care for children that are struggling in third world countries. We focus on these areas specifically:  Emergency situations  Education  Child Poverty Within this we run world-class programmes to save children’s lives and challenge world leaders to keep to their promises to give children a brighter future.  Health  Hunger  Child Protection
  3. 3. + The setting is a desert, with a single cactus. Tumbleweed rolls by and bounces across the screen. Suddenly money falls from part of the sky, building a part of the land. First making a water tower, followed by numerous houses being built. Again, money falls from the sky on a different side of the screen and a school is built by the money. Finally, a Save the Children tent gets built right in the centre and people come in from either side looking happy with their new community. Slowly fades to black and the title and tag line appears. We will be using whiteboard animation to do this, we found that it would be the best possible option for this type of animation because it is the most flexible and easy to control. Here is an example of what we would like our advert to look like.
  4. 4. + Our idea will be animated with a whiteboard and a finger (as if it is drawing without a pen). The idea is a boy sitting in a cold street, instead of a mud hut because cold mud huts don't fit the scenario. He is shivering and crying. People walk by and ignore him. After a while of that a man walks by, and takes an oversized £5 note out of his pocket and gives it to the child. He puts it around himself, acting as a sleeping bag. The speech between the two characters will be recorded by a small child, as to have maximum effect on the target audience, who are parents with children. This means they will be able to fully relate to how they would feel if it was their child, so they feel inclined to donate. The boy stops crying and smiles and falls asleep. As his eyes close the screen fades out the logo appears and the tag line of 'Save the Children' appears.
  5. 5. + The shot will open with a cowering child, alone in the cold and darkness of his abandoned mud hut. From the left side of the hut the word "Disease" floats in and starts attacking the child. To show that he is attacking the child he will have arms and he will be wielding a small dagger. As he swings for the child a stick figure will swoop in, with a pound coin as a shield and a rolled up bank note as a sword. He will slice the disease in half and it will fall on the floor. Then more words like "poverty" and "conflict" where they will attack the stick figure and he will strike them down with his sword. After they are all defeated he picks up the child and flies off and gets bigger and bigger until he fills the entire screen, then turns into the "Save the Children" logo.
  6. 6. + We would like our animation to inspire people, and make them want to donate to our charity. We will use the donated money to help the children that are in need in horrific conditions. To help them we will provide them with food, water and shelter for as long as it is needed. We have numerous teams in various locations that will be able to create schools, a consistent water supply and to help build a better community for those in need.
  7. 7. + Mise-En-Scene The advert requires lots of aspects of Mise-En-Scene. This is because there are lots of different settings for the advert, so we need lots of props, and backdrops to emphasise this. These things are:  Bucket – This is one of the most important props, It symbolises the journey Abedewale is yet to make, and how important it is to fill it up to supply his family with their water.  Walking stick – This is a prop used when Abedewale climbs the mountain/hill. This will show the struggle he faces when taking the journey.  Boat – The boat will be used again to show his perilous journey that he takes on a daily basis, and will make the audience feel sympathetic for him.
  8. 8. +  I like your technique choice, however, well need to be careful about how much time itll take to make it look professional  Patience is needed.  Idea perhaps involves too much artisitc skill.  May want to narrow down concept to make it more simplistic.  Using stick figure is inappropriate.  The concept of the wizard is creepy and weird.