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Aim Group International | Logo Guide


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Aim Group International
Identity Guidelines

Published in: Design
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Aim Group International | Logo Guide

  1. 1. Guidelines Corporate Identity
  2. 2. Contents Basic elements Logotype architecture & Proportions Free space rule Colors & Palettes Logo versions Corporate font family & Typography Using the logo in Stationary: > Business card > Letterhead > Envelopes > E-mail signatures Using the logo with other logos What you must not do
  3. 3. A few words for the new logo concept There were the 6 words that we kept in mind when re-designing the logo: dynamic, flexible, international, creative, full service, expertise. These are our image words – the aspiration of what we wish our customers and external market to think/believe when they hear, see and experience AIM Group International. Continuity: To reassure existing clients and promote the 50 years since the original entity has started, we have kept a few things the same specifically on purpose. The blue color and the font resemblance of the letters comes from AIM Group. Also for us, this demonstrates stability and consistency. The rosette (icon on the left) comes from the international arm and the AIMS customers recognise and look for this brand. Dynamic: The line underneath shows movement – always being on-the-go – but ends in a solid fashion, clear, connected, complete. Flexible + Full-service: The rosette and all its individual pieces is also a “motion” element and for us, signifies both flexibility and full-service. International: In the name – an important element as we do wish to get across that we take care of customers’ needs anywhere in the world. Creative: The yellow, as it is a symbol for communication, is also unusual and stands out – for us, it demonstrates our creativity.
  4. 4. Basic elements The logo icon. We call it Rosette and it comes from the first letter of the brand name – A. All the pieces are organized in a way that visualize the concept of getting people together – Congresses, Events, Incentives, etc. The typography. The blue color and the letters demonstrate stability and consistency. The line. It shows the dynamic development and it represents the solid base that AIM Group International has created through the years.
  5. 5. Logotype architecture & Proportions The perfect combination between icon and text in logotypes fits approximately to the Golden ratio (~1:1,618). That’s how we combined the Rosette and the company name inscription. Also, the dynamic line creates the logo height space in the same proportion. Height rule: The letters’ serifs in AIM are in equal height with the dynamic line and both are half from the space between text rows. The word INTERNATIONAL fits in the same size. Please, don’t change the proportions! = = Height rule 1 1,618 11,618
  6. 6. Free space rule (safe area) Sometimes it is necessary to put the logo on background, photo, small print materials or between other logos... In order to keep the real visibility & expression our logo needs of free space – “fresh air area”. Its distance must fit equal to a Rosette’s element. No matter in what size you’re using the logo, please, don’t break this rule! When using together with other logos: 1. Keep the AIM Group International logo to similar proportions of the other logos it is used with. 2. Keep the logo aligned with each other. 3. Keep hierarchy & reciprocal in mind when sizing logos. Background
  7. 7. Grayscale K:50 K:100 CMYK Colors C:0 M:30 Y:100 K:0 C:100 M:57 Y:0 K:40 Pantone Colors [recommended] Pantone 130 Pantone 295 RGB Colors [web use only] R:243 G:174 B:0 R:21 G:69 B:119 Colors & Palettes The AIM Group International logo consists of two colors. Yellow and Dark blue. Only these color combinations are permitted! Do not create your own variants! PANTONE matching system gives you color consistency, uniformity and cost effectiveness when printing business cards, letterheads, envelops, etc. Always try to use PANTONE colors for the logo reproduction. If PANTONE color matching system is not applicable you may use CMYK color system. Use PANTONE and CMYK color models only for print (offset, digital, stencil, etc.). Use RGB color model only for onscreen (MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel) and web applications. Use Grayscale only when it is impossible to use the colorful logo. Palettes. You can only use the hues as additional colors while designing artworks (advertisement, brochures, flyers, posters) that contain our logo. Please, don’t use them for substituting the main colors in the logo! Palettes [Color hues in %] 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10
  8. 8. Logo versions Different color environments require variation of a logo usage. You will find below principles and guide for successful logo usage and application. Colorful or positive version is the primary logo of the AIM Group International. Use only this as a mandatory logo. Only on white background! Grayscale version logo. Avoid using this unless the environment is black & white (fax, black & white newspapers, invoices, non-color office printers). Negative and black positive versions. Use these logos for branding materials when only one color print or stamp is possible, or in order of high contrast and visibility. Also, sometimes we have to use our logo on someone else theme. In this case the logo has to be black or white version. Negative co-branding or sponsorship version. Avoid using someone else color positive version unless it is absolutely necessary. The better way is to have color background with white logo. Colorful version [mandatory] Negative white & black positive versions [for specific use only] Grayscale version [secondary] Negative co-branding or sponsorship version [for specific use only]
  9. 9. Corporate font family & Typography The AIM Group International corporate font is PF CENTRO SLAB PRO. It is a modern and practical slab face chosen because of it’s high level of readability, clarity and stability. The font family has a wide option of choices, languages, glyphs and symbols which allows many possibilities for creativity. CAMBRIA (Windows MS office & MAC system font) is the secondary font used for PPTs, E- mails and documents that are to be prepared in MS Office and other such software that may not support the font PF Centro Slab Pro. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ АБВГДЕЖЗИЙКЛМНОПРСТУФХЧШЩЬЮЯ abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz абвгдежзийклмнопрстуфхчшщьюя !”#$%&’()*+,- – —./:;<=>?@[]^_`{|}~€ †‡ ‰Š Ś Ť ™¤¦§¨©Ş®Ż°±˛µ¶ą &@€$£¥¢%!?¿®©#)*(’,-–>=/[^`_~‰“”™©®±¿ ...0123456789 PF CENTRO SLAB PRO Extra Thin Italic PF CENTRO SLAB PRO Thin Italic PF CENTRO SLAB PRO Light Italic PF CENTRO SLAB PRO Regular Italic PF CENTRO SLAB PRO Medium Italic PF CENTRO SLAB PRO Bold Italic PF CENTRO SLAB PRO Black Italic PF CENTRO SLAB PRO Ultra Black Italic For more information have a look at the font specimen:
  10. 10. PF Centro Slab PRO samples
  11. 11. Using the logo in Stationary
  12. 12. Business card The standard AIM Group International business card dimensions are 84x55 mm and it is double sided. It is high recommended to print it on minimum 300 g/sq.m paper at professional print shop with the two corporate Pantone colors. The front side must contain the logo and personal information in the shown order, size and text styles. The backside contains all the AIM Group International offices and the corporate slogan which is situated instead of the logo place. The yellow line underlines the offices and continues from the front, so it must be at the same place. A business card should be presented in a smooth and undamaged condition. Nothing is less elegant than a bent or dirty business card. 84 mm 55mm Office {7pt, Bold, Title case} Address str., number, City, Country {7pt, Regular} T.+code/ # #######, F.+code/ # ####### Name Family name {9pt, bold} Title/ Additional Title {7pt, Regular} Front Back B R U SSELS B U D A PEST FLO R EN CE LISB O N M A D R ID M ILA N PA R IS PR A G U E R O M ESO FIAV IEN N A V ILN IU S PH ILA D ELPH IA AN INTERNATIONAL PARTNER FOR YOUR CONGRESSES, EVENTS & COMMUNICATION 6,5 mm safe area 3 mm 45 degrees 6,5ptBold 5,5pt Light
  13. 13. Letterhead (title page) Preprint letterhead standard DIN A4 – 210 mm x 297 mm. 1. This letter page can be 3 folded for envelopes in DL format – 220 mm x 110 mm with left bottom window. 2. Also, this layout can be used for title page in corporate documents, offers, contracts, etc. Text color: Black Secondary text color: R21, G69, B119 – Blue Footnote of Corporate Indications (PF CENTRO SLAB PRO fonts): Company wording: Bold – 7,5 pt Address, phone, e-mail: Regular – 7,5 pt Legal text: Regular – 5 pt Company offices: 45 degrees, Bold – 7 pt Company website: Bold – 7 pt Footnote of Secondary Corporate font – CAMBRIA, for text editing in MS Office and other such software: Recipient area type: Regular – 11pt Text area type: Regular or Bold – 11pt AIM Congress – Rome Offise A. Via Flaminia 1068 – 00189 Rome, Italy T. +39/ 06 330531, F. +39/ 06 33053229 E. Company with quality System, Certified by SGS – ISO 9001:2008 | AIM Congress S.r.l. – Via Ripamonti, 129 – 20141 Milan, Italy – Registered Office – Società a responsabilità limitata con unico socio, soggetto ad attivita di direzione e coordinamento della AIM Group S.p.A. – Codice Fiscale 05075630482 | Reg. Imprese di Milano e Cod. Fisc. 00927270587 – Capitale sociale ˆ 1.784.597 – P. IVA 00943621003 a i m g r o u p i n t e r n a t i o n a l . c o m B R U SSELS B U D A PEST FLO R EN CE LISB O N M A D R ID M ILA N PA R IS PR A G U E R O M ESO FIAV IEN N A V ILN IU S PH ILA D ELPH IA Scaled1:2 10 mm 10 mm 15 mm 10 mm 25 mm safe area 10 mm 5 mm legal text place 3 mm 25 mm 50 mm 99 mm 15 mm Recipient area fold Text area fold 45 degrees
  14. 14. Letterhead (next pages) This layout in A4 format can be used for continue pages in longer letters, corporate documents, offers, contracts, etc. In addition it contains Corporate slogan: bottom right position, right justified, PF CENTRO SLAB PRO font, Regular – 5,5 pt. Footnote of Secondary Corporate font – CAMBRIA, for text editing in MS Office and other such software: Headline: Bold – 16pt Body text: Regular – 11pt Text color: Black Secondary text color: R21, G69, B119 – Blue Steps to make custom RGB colors in MS Office: Scaled1:2 10 mm 10 mm 15 mm 10 mm 25 mm safe area 10 mm 3 mm 20 mm free space Text areaHeadline. Sed posuere congue aliquam. 1 2 3
  15. 15. 15 mm 10 mm 6 mm 10 mm 10 mm 10 mm 3,5 mm {5,5 pt, Regular} {7,5 pt, Bold & Regular} DLformat 3,5 mm 15 mm 15 mm 15 mm 15 mm 7,5 mm 15 mm 15 mm 15 mm {6 pt, Regular} EnvelopeC5 {8 pt, Bold & Regular} Envelopes 3,9 mm 15 mm 15 mm {8,5 pt, Bold & Regular} 20 mm 15 mm 15 mm 9,5 mm 15 mm 15 mm EnvelopeC4 {6,1 pt, Regular} Scaled 1:2,85
  16. 16. E-mail signature E-mail body text – Cambria font, 11 pt Image 172 x 80 px Image 49 x 33 px Image 495 x 9 px Text color: R21, G69, B119 – Blue Text color: Black E-mail signature Cambria font, 11 pt– E-mail additional signature – Cambria font, 8 pt Text color: R90, G90, B90 – Grey –Links color: R21, G69, B119 Blue Text color: R102, G153, B51 – Green Please note that signatures have to be in HTML format and all the images must be inserted as link from Internet, where they are phisicaly. You can see example at:
  17. 17. What you must not do 1. Never smash, push, squeeze & twist the original logo. In case you can’t fit your text & photos somewhere in company documents, presentations, offers... etc., please ask for professional designer assistance but never disturb the logo or its space in the shown ways. 2. Never use frames & contours for the AIM Group International logo.
  18. 18. What you must not do 3. Never change the original logo colors. 4. Never use the colorful logo version on colorful or active color background. In this case there is a negative version of the logo.
  19. 19. What you must not do 5. Never rotate, separate or disarrange the AIM Group International logo or part of it.
  20. 20. What you must not do 6. Never use & publish low-resolution (poor-quality) logo. 7. Never decorate the logo.
  21. 21. Corporate Identity Guidelines Last updated: 22.03.2012 For further assistance, please contact AIM GROUP INTERNATIONAL Design Team at: +359 2/ 983 52 55AIM GROUP INTERNATIONAL