Search engine strategies on a budget kathryn boca chamber


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Search engine strategies on a budget kathryn boca chamber

  1. 1.  Ten Golden Rules first employee! Director of Marketing In-House Internet marketer, SEO/PPC, 10+ years. Besides being an internet marketer, also a personal finance counselor. Money saving tips today to help your business.
  2. 2. Search Engine Strategies on a Budget Tips & Tools to HelpSmall Business Owners Manage their Search By Kathryn Parsons
  3. 3. Money Saving Tips for SEO
  4. 4. Save on Building Your Website By using an Open Source Platform Don’t spend all your funds on your website design
  5. 5. CMS Plug-ins Help You Save Time Most content management systems (CMS) are not SEO-friendly out of the box, use SEO plug-ins • All in One SEO Pack - • SEO Smart Links - • SEO Friendly Images - Don’t overload your website with too many widgets or plug-ins.
  6. 6. Invest in a Good Content Strategy Content isn’t just about keywords • Create compelling content • Be a part of the Approval Process • Distribute your content to get viewers • Set up an SEO-friendly Archive Don’t outsource your content overseas.
  7. 7. Build Quality, Relevant Links Link building can be expensive. Don’t waste your money on “Get Google Rankings Fast” linking schemes. • Do you have the right Audience? • Does this site fit in your Niche? • Will this site send you Traffic? Don’t focus building your links based on Google’s Toolbar PageRank.
  8. 8. Set Achievable KPIs Make sure your business goals are realistic. Your Site vs Don’t focus all your attention on rankings. It’s about conversions!
  9. 9. Money Saving Tips for PPC
  10. 10. Start Small and Build Slowly It’s very easy to spend a lot of money, fast in PPC. Don’t try to focus on everything all at once. Pick your most profitable products to push first.
  11. 11. Focus on “Buy” Keywords Keywords that are bringing in buyers, not browsers to your website. These keywords won’t have the highest volume, but they will convert faster! Don’t spend on your funds on short tail keywords that have high volume but little conversions.
  12. 12. Save Time & Money with PPC Tools AdWords Editor is a free tool by Google that will help you bulk edit your campaigns. Don’t invest in PPC bidding software until you’re spending at least $20,000/month.
  13. 13. Write Ads that Inspire Action Use a compelling Call to Action in your PPC ads. Right Way Wrong Way Don’t just focus on getting the keywords to appear in the ads.
  14. 14. Test, test and test A/B test your ads and landing pages to improve conversions. Don’t use only 1 ad or landing page.
  15. 15. Tools of the Trade
  16. 16. – Free Version Estimate your budget. Select target keywords. Research competitors in SEO and PPC.
  17. 17. Discover words that are prominent in your text. Mine customer testimonials for new keywords. Find words that aren’t relevant.
  18. 18. – Spider Simulator• Make sure the search engines can read your website.• Discover any potential site issues.• Map all your internal and external links in the site.
  19. 19. Majestic SEO – Free Version Find out who is linking to you. Discover which links are valuable. Research competitors’ link profiles.
  20. 20. – Free Version Track up to 10 keywords for free. (For $19.95/month track up to 150 keywords.) Performs ranking checks on a daily basis. Provides trending reports for rankings.
  21. 21. Search Engine ToolsGoogle Yahoo/Bing Google Analytics  Yahoo Web Analytics Google Webmaster  Bing Webmaster Tools Tools and Academy  Yahoo Local Basic Google Website Listing Optimizer Google Merchant Center (eCommerce) Google+ Local Business Listings Google Webinars for AdWords Advertisers