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Search Engine Optimization, also referred as SEO, Website Promotion, Internet Marketing, Web Marketing is the process of making your website or webpage to rank high in search engines.

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Seo Guide

  1. 1. Your Guide to the world of Search Engine Optimization Copyright © 2008
  2. 2. -2- About Us Tis India is a Delhi-based IT firm delivering high quality, cost effective, reliable result- oriented web and e-commerce solutions on time for a global clientele. Professionalism, Skill and Expertise are the tools we use to make the web work for your business bringing in maximum return on your investment in shortest possible time. We have delivered on IT projects of varying complexities for our very demanding and Internet savvy clients spread across the globe. We develop unique web solutions which ensure increased efficiency and competitive advantage for your business and thus to your end users. We specialize in web design & development, search engine optimization and web marketing, eCommerce, multimedia solutions, content writing, graphic and logo design. We build web solutions, which evolve with the changing needs of your business. We have a highly capable team of web consultants, creative designers, content writers, programmers and web marketing professionals who know how to deliver results. We treat each of our clients individually and therefore we do not offer set prices on any service. While we have competency and skills at par with the best in the world, following four are the core highlights of TisIndia, which constitutes TisIndia Advantage. Disclaimer: To the best of our knowledge all the info in this ebook is correct. We strive for accuracy, but cannot be held responsible for any errors that may occur. We do NOT take any responsibility for anything outside of this ebook. If you visit, use or otherwise engage in any program, website, software or other that is linked through this ebook you are doing so at your own risk. TisIndia has no control or ownership over any programs, websites or software listed in this ebook and therefore will not be held liable for their performances. Copyright © 2008
  3. 3. -3- TABLE OF CONTENTS 1) Introduction 4 2) SEO Friendly Design 5 3) Benefits of Article Submission 9 4) How to Write a Press Release 11 5) Basis SEO Techniques 13 6) Search Engine Optimization Tips 14 7) Social Media Optimization 16 8) Link Bait 18 9) Vertical search Marketing 19 10) 11 ways to make your website SEO friendly 20 11) Keyword Research Analysis Tips 22 12) Recommended SEO Tools 24 13) PPC Advertising Tips 26 14) Effective Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising 28 15) Fake Page Rank 30 Conclusion Further Readings Copyright © 2008
  4. 4. -4- 1) Introduction Search Engine Optimization, also referred as SEO, Website Promotion, Internet Marketing, Web Marketing is the process of making your website or webpage to rank high in search engines. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is marketing by appealing to machine algorithms to increase search engine relevance and ultimately web traffic which results in more leads and sales and a global reach. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. Search Engine Optimization is an ongoing process of getting high placement in search engines at search phrases, relevant to the web contents. SEO or Search Engine Optimization strategy is implemented step by step and is constantly monitored and revised in response to the fast changing and ever evolving web technologies and applications. Basic of Search Engine Optimization: How Increase Site PR? To know the way of how to increase site PR firstly we should know what is PR. Google PR is the way of shows the importance of web page. No anybody can give guarantee that he can give high PR within one day or one week. Obtaining high PR is an ongoing process, which is going step by step. If you are looking for to got high PR then you should consider on these following things: Ø Web Design & Content Ø Meta Tags Ø Link Popularity Ø Search Directory Submission Ø Article Submission Web Design & Content: Search engine friendly web design and content are the primary needs of effective Search Engine Optimization. You should avoid more programming at your web page. Web contents must be related to the site contents. It should be good without spelling mistakes and users interest. Meta Tags: Meta tags are the important factor of on page optimization. The major Meta tags used in web promotion are Title, Description, Keywords and alt. Title should be including your main keywords. It should be related to your page contents. Copyright © 2008
  5. 5. -5- 2) SEO Friendly Design Designing is the base of search engine optimization and it plays a very big role in seo work for any site. The following steps must be considered during the design process for optimal search engine friendliness. Here are some tips for designing an SEO friendly site: • Site must be user friendly and easy to navigate the inner pages and links. Site web page contents must be user interesting and informative according to the web page headings. • Keep your navigation on the left side of your web pages. Our SEO experts at Vision Media explain, “Site navigation should be at the left side of the web page, so that search engine robots can easily crawl all site inner page links.” • Avoid using JavaScript, flash and frames on your web pages and navigation links. Generally search engine robots does not crawl JavaScript, flash and frames. • If you are using images in your site header, then try to split your image into several sections. It will help you put more keywords in alt tags here. It will also help you to save site load time. • Header tags are very important for SEO work, so always use header tags on your web pages. It will be great if you use the h1 tag as your web page heading and it should be kept relatively short. However, never use the h1 tag twice on one page. Note: H1 tag always shows in bold format and it also take some extra spaces between the lines. So try to adjust heading text with the css style sheet according to the site design and look. • As you may have heard, “content is king” on the web, especially when it comes to seo, so the more the better. However, make sure you put the main keywords at the beginning of the page contents on all your information pages. • A VERY important point not considered by most web designers, is to avoid unnecessary coding in the webpage source code like P and span. Copyright © 2008
  6. 6. -6- In our work, we have found an unusually high amount of unnecessary code though, and I guarantee that if you think your web pages do not have unnecessary code in them, you’re probably lying to yourself. This is largely due to the high number of websites built in Macromedia Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive. These programs are notorious for inserting massive amounts of unnecessary code, making your web pages look much cluttered to search engine spiders. A good idea is to have one of our SEO experts examine your web pages for unnecessary code and make recommendations. They are among the best in the business. You’d be truly amazed at the impact it has on your site load time as well as your search engine rankings. Lastly, try to avoid using too many tables on a web page, as overuse of tables is not good for seo purposes. A great alternative for using tables that web designers rarely consider is the use of div tags. All too often must I tell someone that their website must be re-created from scratch during a consultation because it was not designed with search engine optimization in mind to be performed upon the website’s completion? I have written this article in an effort to help web designers create websites that are not only search engine friendly, but that which makes it possible for a search engine optimization team to promote a web site that he or she has created upon it’s completion. This is by no means an exhaustive list of criteria, but rather a set of guidelines to follow when performing the initial development of a site. Beware of issues with FLASH and SEO Do not uses flash unless the designer is capable of producing a site that pulls the content in via XML. Search engine robots are able to index XML content, however getting the robot to associate that XML content with the flash file that is using it is a bit tricky and most designers that learned the “old school” way of building a flash site are not aware of such modern techniques in Flash. The other option is to build two versions of the site, one in flash and one that is HTML, however this is not very cost-effective and if the search engine’s are driving traffic to the HTML site, more than half of the site’s visitors will never even see the Flash version. A good Flash designer should also be able to tell the difference Copyright © 2008
  7. 7. -7- between pointless animation and that which is purposeful – meaning it enhances the user experience. Most flash content out there is pointless animation that is nothing more than a distraction that bogs down the user’s system resources. Use unordered list elements to build navigation menus A search engine friendly navigation menu must present links as text and not images, however if images must be used, always make sure the images have alt tags attached to them with relevant keywords. Additionally, whether you are using images or text links, always attach the title tag to the link. Be cautious of using JavaScript with navigation menus It is important to be aware of how your JavaScript is used for navigation. Programs like Adobe/Macromedia Fireworks can be handy as a graphic interface for creating professional-looking navigation menus, but they are far from search engine friendly. The menus that are produced with such programs usually bury the links in a slew of poorly written JavaScript, making it impossible for the links to be visible to robots. JavaScript can be used to control the behaviors of navigation menus however, but in a different way than that which is used in such programs as Fireworks. Separate content from presentation This is more of a design principal than an SEO technique; however it makes the job of the optimizer much easier. This involves heavy usage of id’s and classes and defining the style information inside CSS style sheets. Copyright © 2008
  8. 8. -8- Use text wherever possible As a general rule, it is good practice to use a div wrapper with a background image and insert the text within the div, then style it in the CSS, as opposed to building one image in Photoshop and placing it in the web page. It is in fact much easier to just create a single image in Photoshop; however it is not search engine friendly by any means. Make sure there is text on every page We see a lot of homepages in particular with videos and flash yet little to know text content. By looking at the homepage, you will find a lengthy paragraph near the bottom of the page that is very keyword-driven. Very few people will read that text since there are many other elements that are intended to draw the user’s attention and make them click on a nearby link, such as the “Got Video?” container. However, without that text on the page, robots would have a hard time figuring out what the web site is all about. Robots rely on the homepage to determine many things about the site, so you want to give them what they are looking for right off the bat. Watch your meta data Always include the title, keywords and description tags in the header. This information is critical to the proper identification of page content. A professional search engine optimizer will likely change the information contained in these tags based on keyword and competitor research, but the designer must place or modify these tags initially because you don’t want the site to be published with meta description information saying something like “Joomla - the dynamic portal engine and content management systemquot; on every page of the site, which is what the Joomla system does as the default page title. Keep in mind, the above stated items are design principles for search optimization, and should not be taken as actual SEO tactics. Copyright © 2008
  9. 9. -9- 3) Benefits of Articles Submission in SEO Article submission is a great resource for increasing traffic to your website and also getting one way links back to your site. There are a lot of article directories on the web that accept articles for a variety of categories. It is important however, to pick a category that directly relates to the content of your website. This is an effective marketing method referred to as targeting visitors to your web site. It is also important to understand when submitting your articles, that a massive amount of articles are submitted to popular article sites and directories. For this reason, only some of the articles that are submitted actually generate a significant amount of traffic to their respective websites. The most important question to ask yourself is: what unique information can I provide that will be of the most value to my readers? Here are some additional important things to consider before you begin your article-submission endeavors in order attract readers to your articles and ultimately get a large amount of traffic to your website: • Provide valuable content! Always be asking yourself, would I want to read this? Then take it one step further and ask yourself: after reading this article, would I feel enlightened in such a way that I would be motivated to do something that I would not otherwise have known how to do? By answering this question, you are evaluating what is referred to as your “call to action”. Good writing influences the reader’s behavior. • Your article’s content should not be too long, so keep it short. If you have large article content, then try to split them into two or more separate articles. • Try to keep your article title short as well, and make sure it is directly related to the contents of the article. • Make sure to keep your article title very close to the main keywords of your website as well. As per my experience, keep article titles short and close to the keywords of your website, Google will place far more value to the article’s contents in comparison to your competitor’s websites with the same keywords as you. For example: If you had a web site related to hemorrhoids diseases and we wanted to write an article for this site, then if we put our article title “Hemorrhoids” or any other relevant keywords, then Google wiil give more value to our articles as well as our website in comparison to other related web sites, whose articles consist of vague, meaningless titles. Copyright © 2008
  10. 10. - 10 - • As most article directories do not accept articles with URLs or hyperlinks in the article contents, be sure to not violate this rule or your article will usually not be considered. They do however usually allow you to include your company name and web address in the “about the author” section that is included with each article submission. So then what is the advantage of article submission for the SEO work of your website? • Great sources of getting one way link. • Generate interest in the content of your website so as to attract new, unique visitors. • Best alternative to link exchange and link exchange networks. • Save time in getting back-links to your website instead of directory submission and link exchanging. • Some article submission and PR web sites allow people to subscribe to specific categories related to their web site as RSS feeds. If a website subscribes to the RSS feed for the category that you have submitted your article to, your article and back link will not only show up on the website that you have submitted to, it will also automatically appear on all of the websites that subscribe to the RSS feed of that category. However, only articles that have unique and informative content are chosen to be included in these RSS feeds, so make sure to follow the directions we have provided for you here. As long as you follow these guidelines, traffic to your website will literally increase in astronomical proportions. A good idea might be to print this article out and tape it to the wall by your computer monitor and read it every time you are about to write and submit a new article. Copyright © 2008
  11. 11. - 11 - 4) SEO Tips - How to Write a Press Release for Optimal Web Marketing What is a Press Release? Press releases are among the most effective ways - if not the most effective way - to get one-way links from high traffic news sites, but you must follow a certain set of guidelines or it will be nothing more than wasted time and your press release will never be published. A press release is a statement of announcement used for publishing and distributing company information or business news throughout the Internet via web media distribution channels. General news releases, event announcements, business news, new product release announcements, and social media news all qualify as valid content for a PR. How Press Releases can help your Website Promotion and Web Marketing Press releases play a very important role in search engine optimization and web site marketing. Currently, one-way links are more valuable to your search e rankings than ever before. This is due to the fact that two-way links - most often referred to as quot;reciprocal linksquot; - have decreased in value with regard to Google's quot;Page rankquot; system, with most others soon to follow if they have not already. With that in mind, playing an active role in generating news for PR web can serve as your best resource for getting one-way links and generating new traffic to your site without paying a dime. Be aware however, that credible PR web sites have strict criteria for the content that they publish. For example, it absolutely must be newsworthy, grammatically correct, without spelling errors, it must sound professional, and it must give the impression that a decent amount of time was put into it. The benefit to you is that you may publish your company details including the services you offer, your web address and contact details along with your press release. Be careful not to make your PR sound like an advertisement though, or it will not be considered for publishing. The key here is to go into it with the objective of creating something valuable and informative for the reader. Copyright © 2008
  12. 12. - 12 - There are a lot of news websites available that provide free services for publishing your news releases. The real advantage though, is that these websites provide services for distributing that news to subscribers of their news feeds. What this means, is that while you may publish your release to five PR web sites, it will likely end up on twenty or thirty different sites if it follows the criteria stated above. The important thing to remember is that the more valuable and informative that you make your content, the more it will be picked up by additional web sites. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing your press statement: Tips for writing an effective news release: • The news release headline should be short, clear and to the point. Treat press statement headlines and sub-heads as the ultra-compact version of your entire press release content. • Your news release summary should be informative. Try to avoid the use long sentences and lengthy paragraphs. • Start your news release with the quot;5 Wsquot; - who, what, when, where, why, and sometimes how. This will make your press release more enlightening and attractive to the editors of the sites you are publishing to. • Don't forget to include your company information below the press release content. Prepare a brief summary of your company services with the contact details, your website name, and email id for communicating. Most PR sites offer a quot;company bioquot; section, which appears under the published release. Copyright © 2008
  13. 13. - 13 - 5) Basic SEO Techniques 1. Title Tag - Use a proper title tag. Choose the most important keywords of your page and try to include the keywords that are repeated in the contents of page. Title tag is the first thing which a search engine crawler will see. The keywords in the title tag will be visible in the title bar of the web browser. 2. Keywords – Give emphasis to the keywords of your pages. Include the keywords in the title tag and the heading tag. Always be careful regarding the keyword density of your page. It should not exceed more than 5%.for eg; If there are 100 words in the content of your page, than a keyword should not appear more than 5 times. There are plenty of tools provided on the internet to check the keyword density of your page. 3. Design your site for visitors and search engines - Make use of ALT tags in your images. Take the help of the tools provided on the net to design your site. Avoid the use of frames, flash, and JavaScript and also avoid unnecessary html coding. Always take the views of your friends about your site. Ask them if they would visit again to your site. What more can be added to make visitor friendly. 4. Change your content regularly - Search engines like the site that change their content regularly and maintain a unique content. Make sure that your site maintains a unique content which, is not found on other sites. 5. Backlinks - When a site links back to yours, it is known as backlink. Which plays a important role in Search engine algorithm. Include your keywords in the text of the links, so that it carries weight when a search engine crawls it. Backlinks from good PR (page rank) page will carry PR to your page. For getting back links, following methods have been using in Search Engine Optimization. Directory Submission Link from relevant sites (also known as reciprocal link) Forums Discussions/ Signature Blog Submission Social Book Marking Copyright © 2008
  14. 14. - 14 - 6) Search Engine Optimization Tips So you have decided and want your website to be on first page of the every search engine. This article would help you to achieve your goals. To rank high in all search engines is not a difficult job as you might be thinking. If you implement the below mentioned techniques on your website, wait for few months to allow the search engines to crawl your websites and you will see your dreams come true. Below mentioned techniques are not tricks but they are the most general techniques applied on a website to rank it high on the search engines. • Keywords In Domain Name - Include your websites primary keyword in the domain name. Your keywords should be easy to spell and easy to remember. If primary keyword is not included in the domain name its not going to harm you but if a keyword is included its certainly going to benefit you. • Keywords:- • Include those keywords that are being searched mostly on the internet relevant to your sites content. • Put your keywords in the title tag and Meta tags. • Include keywords synonyms in your content. • Make use of h1, h2, h3 tags in the content. Include your keywords in the header tag. • Always include your keywords in the anchor text. Include your keywords in the content as anchor text. • Density of Keywords - Keyword density is a major factor to be listed among the search engines. To rank in the search engines if you include your keywords in the content too many times then your website will be spammed by the search engines. So minimize the keyword density to less than 5 percent. This means if you have 100 words in the content then a keyword should be included only 5 times or less than that. • Other Spam Techniques - Spamming techniques will allow your site to be ranked high in the search engine for a short period but in the long run you will face disastrous consequences. Cloaking, invisible texts, identical pages, tiny text, doorway pages, high density of keywords, mirror pages, and mirror sites are some of the spam techniques. Copyright © 2008
  15. 15. - 15 - • Meta tags - Include your keywords in the title tag as they are going to be displayed to the visitors at first. You should insert keywords in the Meta description tag as well. Now you can include your sites primary keywords in the Meta keywords tags. • Robots And Author Tags - Robots tag makes the search robots aware whether or not they have to crawl the web page. The robots Meta tag is . In the author Meta name, generally the company's name is mentioned so that you can get a high rank with the company name. The tag is >Meta name=quot;authorquot; content=quot;the service you are providingquot;. • Quality Content - As you must know content is the king. Quality content will drive visitors to your site very often. Visitors will get back to your site and will tell someone else to visit your site as it contains good content. Search engines love those sites that keep updating their content regularly. So keep adding something new to your content. • Avoid Dynamic url's - Don't use dynamic url's for your web pages. Avoid the use of ? in the url. The search engines robots face difficulty to crawl these web pages. • Site Map - A site map contains the links to all the pages of the site. In this way all the pages are being crawled by the search engine. And if the visitor wants to find a particular page then he can visit the site map. • Site Design - The site design holds importance in the search engine optimization. If you have a good content but the links are not are arranged in a proper way or the color of the site is irritating then all the search engine optimization work is a waste. Check for broken links on the website. • Robot File - However this file is not necessary but you should include it in the root directory. The robots.txt tells the search robots which are the files that should not be crawled. Robot.txt has the following code User-agent:* Disallow: The name of directory you don't want to be crawled Implement these techniques on your web pages and your sire will certainly be ranked among the tops sites on all search engines with your primary keywords. Copyright © 2008
  16. 16. - 16 - 7) Social Media Optimization - New Trend in SEO In the earlier days SEO was all about optimizing the various pages of a site. However today with the advent of Web 2.0 things have changed dramatically. The very structure of sites has changed and social media sites seem to be the norm these days. That is one reason why social media optimization is a whole new form of optimization these days. Sharing and spreading the word The Internet is all about sharing information and enhancing interactivity with users. Social media sites have taken this concept to a whole new level. The way social media optimization works is that it helps propagate a website more effectively. It helps in added important elements and aspects to a particular website and also improves the overall quality of a site dramatically. Improved link ability One of the good things about SMO is that it allows your site as well as others to link back and to each other. However the good thing is that instead of the linkages happening on a random basis it is on a necessity basis. So if you feel the need to link to another site or vice versa then you can proceed with linking otherwise no. Useful information This new form of search engine optimization is all about helping a website gain prominence naturally amongst search engine listings. The idea is to get as many sites to link back to your site as possible. Therefore the natural deduction would be that in order to get more linkages you would need to improve on your site's content so that it is useful to other websites. Copyright © 2008
  17. 17. - 17 - Methods employed in this tactic The main focus of such social book marking methods is to use tools and techniques like white papers, writing blogs, churning out interesting articles with appropriate keyword density and creating an increasing number of RSS feeds as well as press releases. Thus these are the various methods used in enhancing the social media influence of your website online. Target audience One of the main aspects to gain success in social book marking is to make your content appropriate to your target audience. In order to do this you will firstly need to define and identify the demographics of your target audience. Then you need to establish the preferences of this target set and finally create a business plan around this. Even your optimization efforts should revolve around this plan. The more niche your content and offerings are the more are your chances to quickly get listed on popular search engines. Plus it will make other social sites seem more interested in your site and link back too! Copyright © 2008
  18. 18. - 18 - 8) Link Bait What is Link Bait? Link Bait is the latest Buzz in SEO which requires some piece of code that others can put on their webpage's and you will get benefited by getting back links from their sites. Let's take few examples, the following site provides piece of code which other websites can paste on their web pages for showing Google PR on the page itself. See check page rank section on for more details In return to this other web sites will give this site back links. Another example, sometimes you must be thinking about what will be the future page rank of your webpage or website, considering this the following site has made a tool or a piece of coding which collects Google Page Rank information from up to 35 Google Data Centers. The following site gives you the coding that can be pasted on webpage's easily. See future page rank section on for more details. Other possible ways for doing Link Bait - You can also make a theme, plug-in or piece of software and many other things too like write a valuable resource, write an interesting article, run a contest, write something controversial, give something helpful for free, become an expert in niche and write something valuable. You can also try to create a piece of code which must be unique and useful. Although it might take some time to develop such tool but believe me it can take your ranking to a new high. Make something that other can put on their webpage's, make something that others can take benefits from and in return you too. Link Bait is like a long term investment. There are various ways to create your back links but do something that you don't have to put repeated efforts on it as we do in typical SEO things like directory submission. Making such a good tool is time taking no doubt but it's so sound and established that after creating this you will find enormous back links linking to your website. Copyright © 2008
  19. 19. - 19 - 9) Vertical Search Marketing Vertical search Marketing also known as the niche marketing is the next big thing in SEO, as by now every webmaster tries to target the main or high traffic keywords for their websites, leaving apart the low traffic keywords but VSM says that you should target low traffic keywords first and then the high traffic keywords. Let's take an example that how these things will actually get settled, suppose I own a SEO or Web Design Company in Las Vegas and I have a website related with this, then I will start my website's initial promotion with the keywords like Las Vegas SEO or web design Las Vegas and concentrate on these low traffic keywords rather than going straight for relatively high volume keywords like Nevada SEO or web design Nevada or SEO USE or even more high traffic keywords like SEO & web design. Target those keywords first that are easy to capture and competition in those keywords is relatively low. The concept of vertical search marketing came from vertical search engines, these search engines are specifically designed for country, state or city and industry specific products, services or information, thus saving your search time. Vertical Search Strategy will keep your visitor's graph always upside as you will target the audience from low density to high density keywords and hence the same way your Alexa ranking and Google PR will be. The basic point in this marketing strategy is that start from the low traffic keywords and rise till high traffic keywords. Capture your niche market first and then try to go for high volume keywords. Copyright © 2008
  20. 20. - 20 - 10) 11Ways to Make Website SEO Friendly In the present Internet era where billions of website are being surfed every day it is not enough merely to own a website or creating a website with good look but it is also very important to make it reachable to the targeted visitors and provide them with all the essential elements to convert them into potential customers.Here get some simple steps to make your site a Search Engine Optimization friendly site: 1. Make it Simple Try to make your site as simple as you can. Make use of white spaces on your site so that it visually also pleases visitors. Use appropriate font color with contrasting backgrounds. Less is more. It will help to make important elements more eye catching. 2. Avoid JavaScript Try to avoid excessive use of JavaScript or any other scripting language on your web page. Search Engine robots as per their algorithm do not read JavaScript codes and use of these codes increases the load time of websites which annoys the user. As a result of which you may lose your potential customer. 3. Avoid use of Frames and Flash Try to avoid excessive use of frames and flash as they increase load time of the websites. 4. Organize site Organize sites in a manner so that every page is easily navigated from all the pages of the site. Navigation to the pages should be simple and clear. The Anchor text should be relevant to the link contained underneath. 5. Avoid Excessive use of Images Avoid use of unnecessary images on the website as they increase the load time of the website and make the website bulky. Do not overuse graphics on the web page. 6. Minimize Site loading timeSite should be quick to load so that it can easily and quickly reach your potential visitors. Minimize the loading time on your site as much as you can. Copyright © 2008
  21. 21. - 21 - 7. Check Availability of Server The web server on which your website is hosted should be 24 X 7 up as search engine robots can visit your website anytime. And unavailability of your site on being visited can lose you your potential visitor and thus you may lose your business. 8. Keep Navigation at the left Create a Navigation tap and place the navigation links on that section. Keep the navigation links to the vital pages of your website on the left of the web page as search engine robots generally start reading your website from the top left corner of the website and also it is very much convenient for the web users also. 9. Relevant content Don’t forget that visitors are coming to your website to take some information. And for providing the required information to the visitors, search engines crawls your website. The ultimate main purpose is to provide information to the visitors. So keep your website more informative and post content on the website that is relevant to the site. 10. Manage Site map Manage a site map containing the links of all the pages of the website on a single page so that a visitor can easily get to the page he wants to with the help of site map. 11. Avoid Scrolling Horizontal Scrolling!!!! Users use to hate horizontal scrolling on a web page. It must go now. Vertical Scrolling is OK if it is very much necessary to keep it. But try to make your content or the information on your web page very concise and snappy. Users should have good feel when they come to your site. These are just general aspects that one should consider while designing a website or optimizing a website.Search Engine Optimizing Companies that provides various web promotion services bring in concern many technical aspects of making a website SEO friendly as they are somewhat aware of what search engines are looking for in a website. Copyright © 2008
  22. 22. - 22 - 11) Keyword Research Analysis Tips Keywords play the most important role when it comes to website optimization. Search engines search for keywords or key phrases only in the web site when they search for the information for the net surfers. As search Engines need just the most informative and useful sites for their visitors, they prefer the sites containing content with the highest priority of the keywords being searched. Expert Keyword Research is the cornerstone to a successful SEO. Many new website owners have a myth that Keyword Research and Analysis is a very simple task which can be performed with the help of free Keyword Research and Generator tools like Overture, Wordtracker, GoogleAdwords etc. But in reality these tools can only give an approximate idea of what keywords can be searched relevant to a website like yours. But the actual keyword analysis can only be done by the person who has done analysis of the site keeping in mind the user’s perspective and potential customers. Research Tools or a layman can just land up to basic research. Expert Keyword Research exposes so much more. Find here 5 effective Keyword Research Analysis Tips for website optimization: • Use multiple - word phrases In spite of using more generic words try to use synonyms or “long tail” keywords. Research has shown that multi word phrases are capable of bringing more traffic to your site rather than highly competitive main keyword phrases. As long tail keywords plays a role of unique keyword for the site which increases the chance of bringing the site to the top. Less generic keywords or key phrases can bring a good amount of traffic to the site initially. • Research keywords specifically for each page Stuffing of surplus targeted keywords in the Meta tags and using the same Meta tag in every page of the site is a complete waste. Your keyword research needs to be page specific and only focusing on 2 to 5 keywords per page. It would be more effective according to the best SEO practices as it gives each site page a chance for higher ranking on its own. Copyright © 2008
  23. 23. - 23 - • Country specific Keyword Research Do not forget keyword search terms can be country specific. For different countries there are different keywords terms you must research and then reference that country's search engine when doing your initial keyword research. For instance, UK and Australia may have different expressions, terminology and spellings. Referencing the country specific search engine can yield to a good amount of local traffic to your site. • Perform Effective Keyword Analysis Effective keyword research for your website should be accompanied with an effective analysis of those keywords in the search engines to check: o To evaluate the competitiveness of your keywords. Along with checking the competitiveness of your keywords you should look at the strength of the competition. o Are the other sites listed for your keywords truly your competitors? o If it is really the desired niche keyword for that page o Are the sites listed for your keyword even related to your industry, products or services? • Ongoing Keyword Research Keyword Research and Analysis is not a home work of one day. It needs continuous efforts to be done upon to survive. Consistent modifications according to the emerging market changes are needed. Ongoing keyword research and modifications are the must for best SEO practices. All the search engine optimization process goes around the website overall impact and usefulness and obviously the content and the keywords that are going to be used for the optimization process decide the fortune. Therefore keyword research needs expertise and should be done under the supervision of experts. Copyright © 2008
  24. 24. - 24 - 12) Recommended SEO Tools The most useful SEO Tools that will surely ease your SEO work.These firefox add ons for SEO are must for every webmaster. SearchStatus This amazing tool will display the Google PageRank, Alexa rank and Compete ranking anywhere in your browser, along with fast keyword density analyzer tool , keyword/nofollow highlighting, backward/related links in Google,Yahoo & MSN, Alexa information and many more features. Flagfox 3.2.6 This add-on Displays a country flag in the status bar depicting the location of the current website’s server, and provides quick access to detailed location and webserver information. Seoquake is a Mozilla Firefox extension aimed primarily at helping web masters who deal with search engine optimization and internet promotion of web sites. Seoquake allows to obtain and investigate many important SEO parameters of the internet… Copyright © 2008
  25. 25. - 25 - 13) PPC Advertising Tips If you are starting an internet business, then chances are that you will come across the concept of Pay per Click (PPC) Advertising. Basically, it is one of the methods of promoting your business through the concept of online advertising. Anybody and everybody who uses the internet for conducting business right from small businesses to multi-million conglomerates use this advertising technique to attract targeted traffic to their site. Here are a few tips pertinent to this mode of marketing that might go a long way in making you a successful online entrepreneur. Appropriate Keywords for PPC Advertising It is a given that, only the use of appropriate keywords will help you coin the perfect search engine friendly advertisement. When it comes to Pay per Click marketing you must at least try and find a few specific keywords that are related to your site or the content that you have put up on the site. You can then use them in your attempt at this form of advertising. Budgetary Limitations for PPC Campaign You must try and work within the constraints of a specific budget. You should never go beyond your budgetary limitations when it comes to the Pay per Click campaign. Your result oriented bid should neither be too low or too high. Wording Your PPC Advertisement You must word your advertisement in a way such that it manages to attract only that reader who might be interest in your product and services. You are actually paying on a per click basis and hence you must only get those web visitors who will buy and utilize your services. The best way to go about configuring the perfect wording is rotating the various ads that you have created. Hence, you can identify as to which PPC advertising works best for you. Copyright © 2008
  26. 26. - 26 - A Perfect Landing Page Once the visitor clicks on the ad, he or she will be taken to the landing page. Hence, it is of utmost importance that your landing page has completely relevant content to the ad that your have placed. An important associated tip in this regard, given by PPC experts is that longer copy has always worked better than short copy when it comes to the pay and click advertising format. However, you must take care that the length of the copy must only be long enough to satisfy all the queries of the customer and not contain information that is of no use to the potential customer. Testing the Ad This tip would entail the creation of numerous ads under the aegis of a single ad group. If you approach any PPC consultants, they would ask you to run a collection of ads maybe two or three in number, for a specific period of time. You can then track these ads and mark their performance. Copyright © 2008
  27. 27. - 27 - 14) Effective Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising PPC advertising is an internet marketing method which generates instant traffic to your website. However, unlike Search Engine Optimization, pay per click advertising requires investment without being able to guarantee a return. Visitors may click on your site but this does not mean an automatic sale, order or lead. PPC campaigns require focus, attention and need to be regularly monitored to stay effective. PPC started in the year 1998 by, a 25 employee startup company (later Overture, now part of Yahoo).However, Pay Per Click Advertising was only introduced in 2002, until then, advertisements were charged at cost per thousand (CPM) but Yahoo Advertisements have always been PPC, since its introduction in 1998. Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Microsoft Ad Center are the largest operators in PPC advertising. PPC advertising on search engines allows you choose keywords you would like your site to appear when a search is done. You decide how much you are want to pay each time a person clicks on the search results that is ad copy. The more you are willing to pay per click, the higher your site will appear in the results for the keywords you choose. According to a recent US study, web searchers will not click on a search engine's results beyond page number three and 66% of users in the study clicked on sites listed on page number one only. Based on this research it is worth doing PPC besides other popular internet marketing methods like SEO, Article Marketing, Social Bookmaking and Affiliate Marketing. Why Pay Per Click (PPC)? • Instant Results - No need to wait for your product or service to reach the user review. Immediate Traffic to your website. • Economical - It is economical as compared with other traditional advertising techniques. • Ideal for Testing Market - Pay Per Click is Ideal for short term advertisement campaigns. We can test the user reaction on particular products or services with immediate results. • Return On Investment - It can provide immediate return on Investment especially if your website is processing business or sales online. Copyright © 2008
  28. 28. - 28 - • Extremely Flexible - Its easy to adjust, add, delete or edit your keywords and copy, target geographic locations and set timings of appearing of your ad copy. • • Avoid Unnecessary Keywords - For those keywords which you do not want your adcopy to get appear & hence clicked can be avoided by using negative keywords. • Total Control - In PPC Campaigns, the steering wheel is totally in your hands i.e you decide the daily budget, keywords, adcopy ( tile, description, URL) . Some Basic Tips for Pay Per Click Campaigns: • Make a sensible budget for your PPC advertising campaign. Spend per click must be less than profit per click. Cost Per Acquisition/Lead/Sale must be kept in mind. Once the campaign has been launched, the number of leads or sales generated can be reviewed to ensure the campaign is going on the right track. • Make separate Ad Groups & ad copies for particular set of keywords. • Bid & Position for keywords & ad copies must be monitored on regular basis. • Choose specific keywords relevant with your website. Broad and non- specific terms must be avoided. Besides the Benefits...Some Drawbacks of PPC Junk Traffic sent to your website via some less known Search Engines and Click Fraud are the major drawbacks in Pay Per Click Advertising. It does not offer you discount if your site gets more traffic i.e Cost Per Click will remain the same. Advertising Budget must be agreed and bid price per keyword must be confirmed so bid wars are avoided and you don't go over budget. Copyright © 2008
  29. 29. - 29 - 15) Fake Page Rank quot;PageRankquot; an algorithm for assigning weightage to each page of World Wide Web is a patented trademark of Google. This has been patented to Stanford University rather than Google itself because the Google founder Larry Page developed this in Stanford University. This algorithm may be functional to any collection of entities with mutual quotations and references. Page Rank depends on the individually self-governing personality of the web by using its big link structure as a meter of an one page's importance. In essence, Google depicts a link from page X to page Y as a vote, by page X, for page Y. But, Google looks at more than the complete number of votes, or links a page has; it also checks the page that casts the vote. Votes caste by pages that are themselves quot;significantquot; weigh more greatly and help to make other pages quot;significantquot;. Google gives a numeric weightage from 0-10 to each webpage on the Web; this PageRank denotes a site's significance with Google. The scale for PageRank is logarithmic like the Richter scale and approximately based upon number of incoming links as well as significance of the page giving out that link. In different words, a PageRank is the outcome of a quot;vote countquot; among all other pages on the Internet about how significant a page is. A link to a page is counted as a vote. The PageRank of a page gets change regularly and relies on the amount and PageRank metric of all pages that link to it (quot;inbound linksquot;). A page which is linked to by a lot of pages with high PageRank gets a high rank for itself. Fake PageRank - Although the PageRank revealed in the Toolbar (Google Toolbar) is taken to be as resulting from a truthful PageRank for a majority of sites, it must be pointed out that this value is also simply changeable. An existing error is that any low PR page that is redirected, via 302 server header or quot;Refreshquot; Meta tag, to a high PageRank page makes the lesser PR page to acquire the PR of the target page. In theory a new, PR0 page with no inbound links can even be redirected to a site like - which is PR 10 - and in the next PageRank update the PR of the new page will be moved to PR10. This method, is also called quot;302 Google Jackingquot;, is a recognized fault or bug in the structure. Any page's PR can be spoofed to a higher or lower figure of the webmaster's option and only Google can access the real PageRank of the page. Spoofing is usually checked by making a search in Google for a URL with doubtful PageRank, as the results will show the URL of a completely dissimilar site in results. Copyright © 2008
  30. 30. - 30 - Conclusion Search Engine Optimization is both an art and a science. It’s ever changing as Search Engines progress. Study the articles mentioned above and gain a rock-hard base and keep learning. Participate in forums, read the latest SEO articles and talk with fellow webmasters. What worked today may hurt you tomorrow so keep up with it. Remember that SEO success isn’t achieved overnight. Within this eGuide we’ve recommended many tools, programs and pieces of information that have helped us achieve top rankings and boost my traffic exponentially. These can help you enormously as well but they aren’t magic. You still have to put in the effort. So arm yourself with the right SEO awareness and tools and get your site ready for waves of new traffic! An attractive website is Good …. An SEO Website is much better… Because People Find it… !! Further Readings SEOBook available at The SEO hand book available at Copyright © 2008
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