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Boca chamber ppc and analytics joe laratro

  1. 1. • 12 Years of Pure SEO / SEM• Yahoo Strategic Provider Program, MSN Search Council, Microsoft Certified Trainer• WebmasterWorld’s Pubcon Advisory Board• University of San Francisco’s Online Marketing Master’s Certificate Program Instructor• Former President of SFIMA
  2. 2. AdWords 101 & AnalyticsFind out more about Google‘s products
  3. 3. What is Google AdWords?• AdWords is Google’s online advertising program  Advertisers select keywords; ads appear next to the search results on• Advertisers can also show ads on hundreds of thousands of websites  Ads are matched to Web pages relevant to advertisers’ keywords
  4. 4. The questions people ask Is AdWords appropriate Which keywords for my small business? should I use?How do I get my ad How will I bein the #1 position? charged? How do I write a great ad? Where will my ads appear? What questions do you have?
  5. 5. Before we begin... what are your goals? I want to open my email every morning and see at least 3 new orders. I want five quality leads a day for my sales team to call. I’d like to get as many clicks as I can for less than $0.80 per click. I want to double my customer base. I’d like to increase sales by 15 percent.I want at least 40 visits to my website every day. I want an ROI of 250 percent on all sales coming from AdWords.
  6. 6. OK, now you know what you want Where do ads appear?
  7. 7.
  8. 8. The Search Partners
  9. 9. The Google Display Network
  10. 10. How does AdWords work? Instant Auction A live auction is run for every search Ad Position = Quality x Your Bid Quality Factors: Clickthrough rate, keyword relevance, ad relevance and historical performance
  11. 11. Everyone wants to be in position #1 The position of each ad is determined using a ranking formula.
  12. 12. The ad ranking formula Maximum Ad Rank = Cost-Per-Click Bid (Max. CPC) x Quality Score The Bottom Line: If you have a great Quality Score, you can still show in a high position with a low bid
  13. 13. The ranking formula - exampleAlison, Scott and Jon are all bidding on the keyword ‘zipline kits.’Based on their Max CPC and Quality Score, whose ad will show in first position? Ad Rank Max CPC Quality Score Alison 2nd 8 = $1.00 x 8 Scott = $1.00 x 10 1st 10 Jon 7 = $2.35 x 3 3rd
  14. 14. How much do I actually pay? Your actual CPC is the Ad Rank of the advertiser below, divided by your Quality Score. Ad Rank Max CPC Quality Score Actual CPCScott 10 = $1.00 x 10 = (8/10) $.80Alison 8 = $1.00 x 8 = (7/8) $.88Juan 7 = $2.35 x 3 = minimum $min
  15. 15. So you’ll show in a higher position if...• Your Quality Score is at least 7/10 for each keyword• Your bids are competitive• Both!
  16. 16. AdWords account structure AdWords Account Unique email address & password Billing information Campaign Campaign Daily budget Daily budget Location/language targeting Location/language targeting Distribution preference Distribution preference End date End date Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Ad Group Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords Keywords Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads
  17. 17. The WRONG way to structure an AdWords account AdWords Account “Furniture” Campaign Furniture Ad Group The Best Furniture Great Selection, Made in USA Free Shipping, 5 Year Warranty. PlantationDesign.comleather sectional leather loveseat leather chairrugs patio furniture leather sofadining room table table lamp coffee tablekitchen table floor lamp end tablebrass bed kids furniture lampleather headboard living room furniture ottomandresser bedroom furniture dining room tableleather couch desk media console 25
  18. 18. A BETTER way to structure an account AdWords Account “Furniture” Campaign “Leather Sectionals” “Leather Loveseats” “Leather Chairs” Ad Group Ad Group Ad GroupLeather Sectionals Leather Loveseats Leather ChairsLeather Sectionals Made in USA Free Delivery When You Buy Before Handcrafted Leather ChairsFrom $1,999 With 5 Year Warranty Christmas. Order Yours Today! Make a Statement. View Catalog! leather sectional suite buy leather love seats buy handmade leather chairbuy leather sectional suites buy leather loveseats buy handmade leather chairsleather sectional suites buy leather love seat handmade leather chairsleather sectional suite buy leather loveseat handmade leather chairbuy leather sectional leather loveseats buy leather chairsbuy leather sectional leather love seats buy leather chairleather sectional leather love seat leather chairleather sectionals leather loveseat leather chairs 26
  19. 19. Building a keyword list• Brainstorm business• Review website• Think like a customer• Focus on what differentiates• Include plural & singular versions• Include spelling mistakes & variations• Include product numbers & codes
  20. 20. Use the ‘Goldilocks principle’ to pick keywords• Add all relevant keyword variations: singular/plural and synonyms• Keyword combinations, accent marks (á, é, í, ó, ú, ñ, ü, etc.)• Make keywords specific to your product or service vacation florida vacation rental 3 br vacation rental grayton beach tax tax preparation nashville tax preparation service nolensville rd store dvd storage faux leather storage for dvd box sets bags handmade leather bags handmade black croc leather handbags accounting cheap accounting software accounting software for petsitting biz Too General Just Right Too Specific
  21. 21. What happens if my keyword is too general? Example keyword ‘vacation’ -- your ad might show for: vacation rental The go-go’s vacation vacation deals disney vacation club vacation ideas pictures from our vacation by lynne rae perkins vacations for kids vacation auctions vacations for singles vacation accrual policy vacations for veterans Vacation agent magazine National lampoon’s european vacation vacation air conditioning permanent vacation lyrics vacation anxiety General keywords = low clickthrough-rate = low Quality Score
  22. 22. Keyword matching options How keyword The ad will The ad will show whenMatch Type appears in AdWords: show when: a searcher types: All words containing this Caribbean holiday Cruises word or combination ofBroad Caribbean Cruise words in any order is used Cruise holiday in Caribbean Cruise in Carribean as the query. Keywords are typed in the Cheap Caribbean Cruise exact order specified. Can“Phrase” “Caribbean Cruise” have other words before Caribbean Cruise deals Luxury Caribbean Cruise and/or after. Keywords must be only &[Exact] [Caribbean Cruise] exactly what the user Caribbean Cruise types in Ads will not appear when Add will not show if-Negative - Tom this search term is entered someone types: in the query Tom Cruise 32
  23. 23. Ad text specifications Ad title (25 characters max, including spaces) Two description lines (35 characters max each, including spaces) Display URL (35 characters max, including spaces) Destination URL (1024 characters max, including spaces)
  24. 24. What is a good AdWords ad?A good ad:• Is relevant to the keywords in the ad group• Gets a high clickthrough-rate (CTR)• Effectively sells your product or service• Stands out from your competitors• Includes a call to action
  25. 25. What doesn’t workVague, irrelevant, unclear ads without useful information. Ask yourself just 3 questions to help you write great ads!
  26. 26. 1. What sets your business apart?Why would someone choose your business over a competitor?Examples:“We only sell products made in the USA” “We won an award in 2009”“We have a money back guarantee” “All our products are custom made”“We have 30 years experience” “We always show up on time”“Free shipping if you buy two” “We’re open 7 days a week”“We have lower prices”“We offer free quotes” This helps“We’re having a sale” you write useful ads
  27. 27. 2. Can you describe your products or services?Describe specific or technical details of your products or services.Examples:“Made from recycled materials” “Evening classes available”“Battery lasts up to 8 hours” “18 day all-inclusive tour”“From $16 per square foot” “10 Nashville locations”“Suitable for diabetics” “24/7 onsite support”“Dishwasher safe” “On time or it’s free”“Collectors item” “First class is free” This helps you“Sizes 8-16” “HIPPA compliant” write useful ads
  28. 28. 3. What is your call to action?After someone clicks on your ad and visits your website, what is it youwant them to do next?Examples:“Call us to request a free quote” “Learn more about osteoporosis”“Browse through all of our toys” “Order a copy of our brochure”“Book your rental home online” “Call us and order a pizza”“Download a 30-day free trial” “Request a call back”“Sign up for our mailing list” This helps you write a call to action
  29. 29. Put it all together for better ads
  30. 30. Latest Features and What to Avoid • Zip code Targeting • New Match Type Targeting • New Geographic Targeting • Ad Rotation (30 to 90) • Flat Rate Keywords • Lack of Transparency • Click Arbitrage • If It Sounds To Good To Be True, It IsPPC 101 and Analytics © 2012 Tandem Interactive
  31. 31. PPC 101 and Analytics © 2012 Tandem Interactive 32
  32. 32. Core Analytics ConceptsBounce RateKey Performance Indicators (KPIs) • New vs. Returning • Pages per Visit • Amount of Organic Keyword Referrals ** Argh ** • Amount of Organic Traffic • Social - Like, Share, Tweet, Re-Tweet, PinTracking URLs • 101 and Analytics © 2012 Tandem Interactive 33
  33. 33. Latest Features• Multiple Customized Dashboards• Real Time Results• Intelligence Reports• Social Media Reports• Visitor Flow• Multi Channel Conversion FunnelsPPC 101 and Analytics © 2012 Tandem Interactive
  34. 34. Real Time AnalyticsPPC 101 and Analytics © 2012 Tandem Interactive 35
  35. 35. Intelligence ReportsPPC 101 and Analytics © 2012 Tandem Interactive 36
  36. 36. Async SnippetPPC 101 and Analytics © 2012 Tandem Interactive 37
  37. 37. Secure SearchNov 2011 – Google Secure Search Obscures Search Query InAnalyticsSupposed to Only Effect 10%Already Effecting Over 20%Dreaded (not provided)With Google+ Adoption This Is Only Going To Get WorsePPC 101 and Analytics © 2012 Tandem Interactive 38
  38. 38. Customized DashboardsPPC 101 and Analytics © 2012 Tandem Interactive 39
  39. 39. Visitor Flow
  40. 40. Multi Channel Funnels
  41. 41. Top Secret Slide! No Tweets! No Blogs!Google Analytics Segments -> Near Future Google AdwordsRetargeting Method • Time On Site • Location • Browser • Device • Amount Of Visits • Much, Much More Robust TargetingPPC 101 and Analytics © 2012 Tandem Interactive 42
  42. 42. Thank YouPlease take a card and send an email, if you’d like a copy of thepresentation.Joe LaratroPresident, Tandem Interactive1700 E Las Olas Blvd.STE 301Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301(954)