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Task 3ii team proposal presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Task 3ii team proposal presentation

  1. 1. What the advert is about?Our advert is based around the creative mediadepartment. If they enrol on the course, we will alsoinclude interviews with staff and students. The advert will:• Be 10-15 minutes Long• Be purely on the Creative Media department• It will have an interactive feature that will enable usersto interact with the chapters included within the video• The advert will also try to get the viewers involved
  2. 2. Target Audience• The target audience for our advert will be students of theages 16-18• Who wish to enrol on a creative media course or areundecided on which course to take• We want to make sure that everyone from allraces, religions or backgrounds feel welcome to thecollege and show that everyone can succeed• We also want to make sure that the audience know thatteachers are always here and are happy to help you withany problems you may face on the course
  3. 3. What would be in your ProductionTeamFirstly, we carried out individual research on 2 different promotional videos for 2colleges which are the following:• Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College and Stockport College.• We did a brain-storm of the ideas for the digital video for the Creative Media BTECcourse.• I produced a Gantt Chart/Spreadsheet in order to state the milestones that areneeded to be reached in order to meet the deadlines• I then researched into the understanding of the target audience in relation to theCreative Media digital video.• I then constructed a questionnaire on the course itself• We did a script for the Creative Media digital video• We created storyboards and sketchesSee illustrations below…..
  4. 4. What would be in your ProductionTeam
  5. 5. What would be in your ProductionTeam
  6. 6. What would be in your ProductionTeam
  7. 7. What would be in your ProductionTeam
  8. 8. What would be in your ProductionTeam
  9. 9. What would be in your ProductionTeam
  10. 10. What would be in your ProductionTeam
  11. 11. What would be in your ProductionTeam
  12. 12. What would be in your ProductionTeam
  13. 13. What would be in your ProductionTeam
  14. 14. What would be in your ProductionTeam
  15. 15. What would be in your ProductionTeam
  16. 16. What would be in your ProductionTeam
  17. 17. Cast and CrewThe cast and crew will consist of a few people mainlybeing Shaun and Ben who will conduct interviews andshow the audience around the department, a fewteachers will also appear in the advert along with a fewstudents that will be there to conduct the interviewswith or to help in showing of the many things that goon in the department. The camera man will have to bea teacher or student that we can get a hold of as insome parts Shaun and Ben will both be on set at onetime.
  18. 18. BudgetThe budget is something we would be concerned withif we were doing an advert with our own funds butsince the college has everything that we need such ascamera’s, computers with the right software etc. thenwe do not really need to set any type of budget but Iwill do one going off if we actually were to buyeverything;
  19. 19. CostsI am working to a budget of £4000 which will be used to create a presentation to goalong with the video, also snacks will be needed for the people involved in thevideo, and the camera will also be paid for along with the lighting that is needed thecosts will go as followed;• Green Screen with professional green screen video editor - £300• Soft box lighting. 2x85w 5400K CRI>90 Bulbs, 40x60cm Softboxes - £187.95• Snacks, Drinks and Provided Dinner - £50• Panasonic AG-HVX200 - Camcorder - widescreen - DV, Mini DV, DVCPROHD, DVCPRO £1,890.99• Film Editing software – Free (Is on the college computers)• Staffing Cost – Free (using the staff and students in the college that arewilling to volunteer.)• DVD disks used for distribution. 3x 100 MAXELL DVD-R BLANK DISCSRECORDABLE DVD 16x 4.7GB 120mins - £16.52 x 3 = £49.56•Total cost of equipment/supplies = £2478.50