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  1. 1. A video to promote: Creative Media Extended - At -Cheadle and Marple Sixth Form College
  2. 2. What will be on our promotional DVD? • Interviews with current students and staff • Testimonials from students • Information about the course • What kind of person would enjoy the course• What you can do after completing the course
  3. 3. Interviews Students will be interviewed with questions similar to the ones below:What do you enjoy most about Cheadle and Marple College? Out of everything you do on the course, what do you enjoy most? Would you recommend the course to a friend?
  4. 4. Information about the courseIn order to attract the maximum number of people we will make sure the information about the course is fun and enticing, whilst also being factually correct. Information will include: • What is done in the average lesson • How long lessons are • How many days a week the course is
  5. 5. Who is the target audience for our DVD?• Someone who is interested in the course • Ages 16-18 • Male or Female• Someone interested in Media and Design • Someone thinking of going to Cheadle & Marple
  6. 6. What resources will be used to make the video? • Video taken by ourselves • Interviews with current students• Text based information taken from thecollege website and other relevant sources such as the BTEC website.
  7. 7. Cast and crew requirements We have a small crew that will be filling quite a few roles while filming the promotional video, some of the crew will also be cast within the video. We will need a camera man and a videodirector so we can create the best possible video.Some of these will also be within the actual video itself in interviews and such with other studentsand teachers. We will also have a script writer for the video; it will be a scripted video.
  8. 8. Budget We have been given £40,000 to create a promotional video to support the creative media extended course at Cheadle College. We will be spending this money on various pieces of equipment and crew members. We will need afew pieces of equipment these will be things like, cameras, software such as adobe premiere elements 10, we will also need crew members such as camera men, editors, students and teachers to star in the promotional video.
  9. 9. Project schedule The project schedule was very helpful in the prospective of it getting us on target with our work so we can meet our deadlines. The schedule was simple to make on project manager so therefore it was a useful to help achieve our goal. The schedule made usorganised, so we know where we were up to on the tasks which were given.
  10. 10. Market fitThe video will be promoted for the college to help promote the course of creative media extended, so then the course will be publicised and then hopefully people will see it and be interested tojoin up to the course. Also the video will promote the collage in general so people who might not specifically want this course may just want to look at the course. The course can give you 3 Alevels so you can use this to then get a good job in the media industry like making an animation, making websites for company’s and it gives you the opportunity to be self-employed.