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Bauer Academy - Corporate Training Brochure


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From one to one interview coaching, to team building days and digital strategy sessions, we create everything from scratch. All our learning packages are tailor made to suit corporate cultures and strategies. We won't stop by with a nice powerpoint. Instead we will design a programme that creates the change you want in your organisation. It is an intensive approach, but it works.

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Bauer Academy - Corporate Training Brochure

  1. 1. The Academy CORPORATE TRAINING
  2. 2. Bauer Media is one of the most successful media companies in the world. Operating in 15 countries, we have hundreds of magazines, radio and television stations, and digital products. In the UKwe reach over25.7 million UKconsumers every week throughworld-class, multi-platform media brands including heat, Kiss, Grazia, Empire, Magic andAbsolute Radio. Our local radio stations are spread across Britain and include Downtown, Forth 1 and Radio City. But it is not our size that makes us remarkable, it’s our relentless passion and ability to innovate. Hence our academy... ... there is nothing else like it. WHO WE ARE
  5. 5. DESIGNYOURJOURNEY Our personalised, long term approach to corporate training is unique, making us the perfect partner for your media journey.
  6. 6. Whether you’re media facing personnel, a senior executive, a political figure, part of an internal media team, or setting up your own business, our award winning Academy has the educational and industry expertise to design and deliver your training needs. Our courses are not one size fits all. Each package is fully customised to align to your specific objectives. You can opt for one of our courses or create your own 'mix & match'. The Academy’s academics work alongside leading industry professionals to provide training that blends the best educational practice with the latest industry trends - truly unique! Design Your Journey ©BauerMedia2016.AllRightsReserved One of the best courses I have been on in a long time BlackpoolCoastalHousing “ ”
  7. 7. Create,editandpublishcompellingaudioandvideo content.Writewith clarity and personality. Build a content creation departmentwithin yourbusiness that converts ‘likes’, ‘pageviews’ and ‘shares’ into enquiries and sales. Advertising and marketing is no longer enough. Smart businesses are becoming content creators; engaging audiences across multiple channels and turning them into fans and advocates, as well as customers. Content is what Bauer Media create 24/7 and we are opening up our studios so you can learn from our media industry professionals. Whether you want to launch your own podcast, build a presence onYouTube or turn that generic text on yourwebsite into a true Brand Personality, this course will help your team develop the skills that every business needs to thrive in today’s digitalworld. Media Skills for Business ©BauerMedia2016.AllRightsReserved Really enjoyable and very informative GLS Ltd “ ”
  8. 8. Learn how to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networks to grow your business. Protect your company’s reputation online. Develop successful content strategies so you knowwhat to say and how to say it, on any online platform. You don’t need to have an existing social media presence to take this course but if you do, we’ll help you build a better one. Perhaps you’d like to use social media for business but can’t see where you’ll get the time. Perhaps you’ve been doing it for a while and aren’t getting results. Perhaps you worry about what your staff might be saying on their personal profiles. Whatever the reason, this course will help by being tailored to your needs and packed with real-life examples and relevant case studies, to help generate the greatest possible return for your business. Training far exceeded expectations Univerity ofBirmingham Social Media Training “ ” ©BauerMedia2016.AllRightsReserved
  9. 9. Thisonedaymediatrainingcoursewillteachyouthe essentialskillsyouneedtospeaktothemediaandensure yourmessagestaysonpoint. Few people want to talk into a microphone, but increasingly it’s part and parcel of effective communication. Delivering clear, concise and positive messages is vital if you want your business to be heard in today’s noisy world. Developing effective media skills and positioning yourself as an ‘expert’ is a great way to promote yourself and your organisation. With the right skills you will enhance your credibility and be asked to comment again and again. Our satisfied training clients include; Price Waterhouse Coopers, the NHS and Salford University senior management team, among many others. Essential Media Training ©BauerMedia2016.AllRightsReserved
  10. 10. Give betterTV, radio and newspaper interviews. Raise & enhance your profile. Identify and develop compelling stories your business can tell. This course is packed with practical, real-life exercisies where you’ll go on camera and face questions from a professional journalist and receive coaching to help you improve. Having the confidence and the skills to engage with the media can give your business a huge competitive advantage and tens of thousands of pounds worth of free publicity. Without those skills it can result in a missed opportunity or reputational damage. This course, tailored to your business and delivered by leading presenters and journalists, shows you how the media works and helps you take full advantage. Our team willwork with you to establish the key messages and stories that journalists will be interested in. We will help you say things in a clearer, more concise and quoteable way, by giving you techniques to dealwith even the most challenging interviews. Media Relations Training ©BauerMedia2016.AllRightsReserved I feel so much more equipped to speak in public Health Education England “ ”
  12. 12. The worst that can happen is a minor hiccup escalates to a major emergency because you’ve mishandled the media during a crisis. As a result, you’ve damaged your organisations reputation and compromised its future success. Knowing what to do, and how to think on your feet, is key to promoting and protecting your business’s reputation. With our training you’ll be ready to respond quickly and professionally to any challenging situation. Don’t wait until the crisis has hit. Crisis? What crisis? ©BauerMedia2016.AllRightsReserved Everyoneinbusinessknowsthatfromtimetotime thingsgowrong.Butwhat’stheworstthatcanhappen?
  13. 13. Presentingtoanaudienceismorethanjusttalking! Ifyoucanspeakpersuasivelyandpassionately,amagical thinghappens:peoplestarttolisten. You can talk, but can you make people listen?You can present yourideas, but can you get people to commit to your vision? Getting thewords out isn’t enough –what you say should make a difference. Words are incredibly powerful, so learning public speaking techniques is no smallmatter. It’s not just a business skill, it’s a life skill.Afterall, every conversation counts. Some simple techniqueswith guidance form ourindustry professionalswill ensure thatwheneveryou are talking, one to one orto a large audience, you are being effective. TheAcademy's Public SpeakingTraining willgive you the powerto speakwith passion and persuasion. Ourfeedback speaks foritself; Public Speaking Training ©BauerMedia2016.AllRightsReserved Absolutely fantastic! An invaluable experience Nottingham ProbationTrust “ ”
  14. 14. You’vealwayswantedavideotoshowcaseyourbusiness, youknowitwouldlookgreatonyourwebsite. You understand yourcustomers are constantly consumingvideo content, so it’s the perfectway to reach them. And you’ve heard allthe stats about video content goingviral.You know it’s important, you just don’t know where to start. Ourtraining provides that first step, not only building skills but also the confidence to createvideos you’llwant to share. You’llbe surprised by howeasy it is to plan, shoot, edit and upload content. And to make great movies, you don’t need a production suite – you can get startedwith an iPhone. Video Storytelling ©BauerMedia2016.AllRightsReserved
  15. 15. Createmockradioshowswithmusic,newsbulletinsand interviews.Write,produceandrecordradiocommercialsthat promoteyourcompany.Producepodcaststhemedaround issuesthatmattermosttoyourbusiness. Ourteambuildingdaysaregreatfunand provideauniquewayforyourstaffto developnewskills.Ourstudiosarethe perfectplacetotesthowtheteamworks- nothingcreatesteamspiritmorethanon- airpressure! In addition to creating teamwork, these sessions provide ideal opportunities for staff to reflect on your business and develop media skills that are transferable back to their roles: creative thinking, communication, interview techniques, presentation skills. Plus, it’s a memorable behind-the- scenes tour at one of the UK’s leading commercial radio stations, meeting presenters and producers. Lunch and refreshments are included, and you can take the audio your teams create back to the business to share with others or host on yourwebsite. Team Building ©BauerMedia2016.AllRightsReserved I have learnt so many new skills NHS Eastern Cheshire “ ”
  16. 16. The BauerAcademy’s award-winning teaching team is made up of leading industry professionals from a range of backgrounds. With over 20 tutors the Academy provides multimedia training covering all media platforms: video, audio, photography, text, social and digital. Our tutors are all experts in their fields, with a reputation for innovation and excellence and a refreshingly down to earth approach. Academy Team ©BauerMedia2016.AllRightsReserved Courtnay is the Director of the BauerAcademy and hasanextensivecareerinbothmediaandeducation. She has a range of qualifications, including an MA (Hons) in Politics, a Post Graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning, and a Diploma in Managerial Leadership. She also has industry qualifications in Media Law.  Before becoming an Academic Courtnay worked for ITV as a news reader and senior reporter. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society ofArts and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and in 2011 she was appointed a Teaching Fellowship in recognition of her innovative approach to teaching and training. Courtnay has twice been a Visiting Professor specialising in media convergence trends and has worked as an Academic Advisor developing innovative educational practice and leadership in senior staff. Within the Academy, Courtnay creates customised training solutions for a range of businesses to build media capacity and create lasting change in organisations. Courtnay McLeod
  17. 17. Paul Lockitt has more than twenty years’ experience in presenting and broadcast journalism at Key 103, Sky TV and Granada TV in addition to ten years working as a University Lecturer and a Media Skills Coach. During his career in broadcasting Paul has won the Sky/ITNPresenterAwardnolessthanfivetimesand has also been honoured forhis talents at the New York Radio Festivaland the UK O2 MediaAwards. Paul is in great demand to host lectures and workshops in broadcasting, presenting and voice coaching in the public and private sectors. He has also appeared on the podium with high- ranking politicians including former Prime Ministers David Cameron, Gordon Brown and the former Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg. Colin Kelly is a professional journalist and television presenter, with 20 years’ experience. Best known for his work with Radio Clyde, STV and BBC Scotland, he has a BA in Journalism from Edinburgh Napier University and has built a UK-wide reputation over the last 4 years as a corporate trainer and consultant, delivering media relations and social media training courses to businesses like yours. He continues to appear regularly on radio as a presenter and contributor and his experience, insight and contacts make Colin’s advice much sought -after. Among the first media personalities to use the Twitter social network back in 2008, Colin was host of Glasgow’s first Twitter Festival. He’s delivered courses to various public sector organisations and SMEs; including Scottish Natural Heritage, SEPA, NHS Education for Scotland, Skyscanner, Scottish Leather Group and many more. AllColin’s courses use modern, interactive teaching methods and are tailored to your business’ needs. Paul Lockitt Colin Kelly ©BauerMedia2016.AllRightsReserved
  18. 18. Specialising in Media, Christine has over 15 years experience working in business. She has worked with an array of organisations, from FTSE 100 companies, to large retail groups, to small local business' - so she's well equipped to guide your organisation on it's training needs. As part of our service, Christine can visit you at the workplace for a consultation where she can discuss your training journey and tailor packages specific to your business requirements. Christine Kennedy ©BauerMedia2016.AllRightsReserved The Academy also caters for individual training. We are proud of our partnership with Salford Professional Development where we offer a range of CPD accredited courses. @baueracademyuk bauer academy @thebaueracademy #baueracademy 0131 475
  19. 19.