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ReachOut! Corporate Opportunities 2012


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We hope that this booklet gives you some ideas about how your business can make a positive impact in the community while enjoying the benefits to your staff and brand.

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ReachOut! Corporate Opportunities 2012

  1. 1. Corporate Opportunities Our Mission  We work with children in disadvantaged communities to raise aspirations and  help them grow in character and competence.  We improve self‐confidence  and develop Numeracy, Literacy, Communication and Memory Skills, whilst  reinforcing our core values of Fairness, Self‐Control, Good Judgement and  Staying Power. We do this through one‐to‐one mentoring with positive role models and team  activities, to promote leadership, trust and responsibility. We hope that, by  helping children and young people to grow and develop, we can help them  improve their life chances. © Copyright ReachOut! 2011
  2. 2. INDEXWho we areCorporate Volunteering: OverviewCorporate Volunteering: Mentoring Corporate Volunteering: Workshops Corporate Volunteering: Project Activites Corporate Volunteering: Fundraising ReachOut! supportWhat to do when something goes wrongCorporate Volunteering: Benefits for all
  3. 3. Who we areA mentoring charity with 17 years experience and Approved Provider status with the Mentoring and Befriending Foundation. Funded by public and private grant making bodies including Manchester Connexions, Lloyds TSB, Bloomberg and Barclays Capital. Each year we recruit over 500 mentors in Manchester and  in London. Each mentor volunteers on a weekly project with their mentee during the academic year Bespoke mentoring for personal and academic  development. Providing opportunity, empowerment and support. Heidi Hinchliffe, roject Manager Based on a curriculum including; Numeracy,  Literacy, Communication and Memory Skills  Fairness, Self‐Control, Good judgment and Staying  Power 47  projects across 17 locations every week Ged Poyning, Project Manager ReachOut! Club ReachOut! Junior Mentor ReachOut! Academy Andy Milne, Project Manager ReachOut! Summer Programme
  4. 4. Corporate VolunteeringA partnership with ReachOut! offers organisations theopportunity to volunteer their time in a number of differentrewarding ways. Whether your staff members opt to beacademic mentors, fundraisers or host a one day employmentworkshop, ReachOut! has an experienced team who will helpyou develop and manage your volunteering.ReachOut! understands that finding time to volunteer can be achallenge for people in paid employment. However, we believethat engagement with people from all walks of life can helpinspire and broaden the horizons of the young people livingwithin our local communities. Half‐day employment workshop  focusing on interview techniques. Simplyhealth, Manchester
  5. 5. Mentoring opportunitiesMentors are exemplary role models who demonstrate positive character attributes to theirmentees and help ReachOut! to achieve its core aims of character development and raisingaspirations. Mentors encourage their mentees to think about their future, their educationand the current path they are on, while sharing some information about their own educationand career. Mentoring opportunities can be either academic or employability focused . Academic MentoringReachOut! has been recruiting corporate academic mentors since 2006. This involves corporatevolunteers mentoring on the ReachOut! Academy.Project descriptionThe ReachOut! Academy is an after school project that supports young peoples academicdevelopment. The project is split into two parts, in one part the young people take part in funactivities, in the other the same young people take part in academic mentoring.Academic mentor roleAcademic Mentors volunteer one or two hours, on the same day each week, working with thesame mentee each week, where strong relationships are built. Mentors give practical help toyoung people by assisting them in completing school homework or work set by the ReachOut!Project Leader.Commitment LevelThe ReachOut! Academy runs for 20 weeks during the academic year. September to May.Training and CRB checksWe have made the process of becoming an Academic Mentor very simple. Volunteers simplyneed to attend a two and a half hour training session including safeguarding, at which theycomplete a CRB Form.Training normally takes place at The ReachOut! Office, but can be held in people’s places ofwork.
  6. 6. Academic Mentoring in actionReachOut! AcademyLondonCorporate volunteers are an integral part of the volunteering team at the ReachOut! Academyin London. Corporates have been volunteering as academic mentors since 2006. During thisacademic year, 2011‐12, we have 50 corporate volunteers.The maximum level of commitment required for this role is 2 hours, all spent at the project. Allthe academic work is set by our ReachOut! Staff so no time is required outside the project.Following the successful recruitment and training procedures of London, Manchester also hasthe capacity to recruit and support corporate mentors.ManchesterThe ReachOut! Academy runs at two locations; St. Paul’s Catholic High School, Wythenshaweand Our Lady’s RC Sport College, Higher Blackley.
  7. 7. Mentoring opportunities Employability MentoringNew for 2011, this involves developing a bespoke project involving corporate volunteersmentoring either year 11 or post 16 students as they begin to think about their future.Project descriptionThis mentoring can be focused at young people wanting support with planning for their futurecareers. Sessions will be structured and delivered to meet the needs of the young people.Employability mentor roleEmployability Mentors volunteer one hour, on the same day each week, working with the samementee each week, where strong relationships are built. Mentors give practical help to youngpeople by assisting them in planning for their future. Sessions could include; CV writing,interview techniques, writing college applications.Commitment LevelThis will be dependent on the needs of the young people and the availability of the mentors.Training and CRB checksWe have made the process of becoming an Employability Mentor very simple. Volunteerssimply need to attend a two and a half hour training session including safeguarding, at whichthey complete a CRB Form.Training normally takes place at The ReachOut! Office, but can be held in people’s places ofwork.
  8. 8. Employability Mentoring in actionTD Waterhouse, ManchesterWhen my company sent out a request formentors to help pupils who are strugglingacademically in school to gain interview, CVwriting techniques and to ask any questionsregarding work in the "real world" I was morethan happy to volunteer.When I was at school I was in the same situation as some of the pupils academically, plus myschool offered no support which meant I ended up leaving with a couple of qualifications withnot great grades. I had no clue what I wanted to do for a career and what my next steps were. Ifeel that if there had been an organisation like ReachOut! in place when I was at school it wouldhave made a great deal of difference to my career path and made it a lot easier to get where Iam today.I have worked for TD Direct Investing now for 11 years where I have worked in severaldepartments from dealing, international settlements and now I am working in the ITdepartment. I feel I can offer good advice on working your way up and can appreciate how hardit can be to get a step up on the ladder.In the meeting with the pupils we get to review their CVs, applications for apprenticeships andcolleges . We help the pupils expand the information on the applications to show them in thebest light possible. We will be doing mock interviews where we can pinpoint any problem areasso that we can work on these in other sessions. Also to be a sounding board for any ideas orquestions that have to do with working or doing an apprenticeship.Alan Dean | Issues Co‐ordinator| TD Direct InvestingAlan and his colleague volunteer one hour every fortnight at Manchester Enterprise Academy.
  9. 9. Workshops Workshops provide our young people with an insight into employment opportunities andemployment skills. Past experience has shown that the young people benefit from visiting theorganisation premises and meeting some of the staff team. This provides the opportunity forthe young people to experience an employee environment whilst developing their skills incommunication as they develop relationships with different people and employees.Project descriptionWe understand that all organisations are different and with this in mind the content andstructure of workshops are as flexible as needed. Some example components which yourorganisation can chose from to design your workshop include; Introduction to industry, industryspecific employment skills, transferable employment skills.Group DemographicGroup size can vary depending on the structure and content of the workshop. Past experiencehas shown that a group size of between 10 to 20 provides the best environment for discussionand activities. Groups may be single or mixed sex depending on the school and age group, andyour requirements . Groups are aged between 13 to 18 (School year 9 to 13)Volunteer roleA member of our experienced team will visit your organisation to discuss the content andstructure of the workshop. During this meeting we will be able to answer any further questions Committee Members:you have about ReachOut! and the workshops. Our team will be more than happy to share ideasand help your team plan and prepare activities to deliver to the young people. Rse Shemilt‐Griffiths – Chair Maria Racheva – SecretaryOnce the content and dates have been arranged our ReachOut! staff will be available via emailor phone to provide any further assistance during the run up to the workshop. Christian Orr – TreasurerCommitment LevelThis will be dependent on the content of the workshop.Training and CRB checksOne day workshops do not require CRB checks or specific training.
  10. 10. Workshops in actionReachOut! has been working in partnership with organisations since 2009. Organisationsinclude, Nando’s , Simplyhealth, Glaisyers ,UBS, Macquarie Bank and Barclays.Nando’s ManchesterNando’s delivered a half day workshop focusing on application and interview skills.  The aims were threefold;Provide a brief introduction to Nando’s , giving the young people the opportunity to understand how the restaurant runs and cook their own food.Develop an understanding of the personal skills organisations look for during their recruitment process.Develop knowledge of recruitment and selection processes.  Glaisyers Solicitors, Manchester Glaisyers delivered a half day workshop  focusing on the different job roles within the  organisation and CV skills. The aims were  twofold; To provide an introduction to Glaisyers, giving  the young people the opportunity to  understand the range of jobs and careers  available within a solicitors firm. To provide guidance as to what information  needs to be included in a CV and what a  solicitors firm looks for.
  11. 11. Project ActivitiesAs well as providing its children and young people with weekly support from a trained mentor,ReachOut! strives to provide each child and young person to opportunity to try new activitiesand learn new skills. Throughout the year we plan a range of activities which your employeesand organisation can support.Off‐ Site TripsOff‐site trips are a great way to learn and interact in a new and different environment to school. Manchester and London have a vast array of exciting and educational places of interest. But for many of the children and young people we work with  financial constraints  make it difficult for them to access these activities.  Support with supervision , transport and entrance fee costs is essential  during these trips and would help ReachOut! provide great opportunities for everyone. Family Fun Days ReachOut! believes in supporting the whole  community we work in by providing positive  activities that all the family can participate in  and enjoy. Family Fun Days are hosted in the secondary  schools we work in by our young people (14  to 18) who help run activity stalls that provide  fun and positive engagement for the children  of their community.  Support with activities stalls, resources and  refreshments  provides the opportunity for  each fun day to be creative,  varied and most  importantly, free to the community
  12. 12. Project Activities Creative Workshops Activities that focus on the interests and  passions of our children and young people are  a great way to build self confidence and  provide and safe environment for them to be  creative and express themselves.  Workshops can include art, drama, dancing,  sport. Support with supervision, delivery, venue hire,  transport and resources  provides that chance  for creativity and increased  self confidence. Staff Training As a growing  charity we believe it is  important to maintain  a professional and   highly trained  team of staff; both mentors  and ReachOut! Staff.  Providing up to date and  continuous training opportunities  allows  us  to invest in the people that are ultimately  responsible for the delivery of our services. Workshops  could include  training in  management skills, IT skills, HR, Marketing  and PR.Volunteer roleThe role of the volunteer will be very much dependant on the project activity they would like to support. In some cases it could be a supervisory role, supporting children on an off‐site trip, in others it could be a participatory role, leading an activity stall or interacting in a creative workshop. Commitment LevelThis will be no longer than half a day but is dependent on the project activity. Support with project activities do not require CRB checks or specific training.
  13. 13. Corporate fundraising For organisations that would like to support us with our fundraising efforts we have a programme of events and fun team building sessions that help raise money to support our work. As a registered charity, all funds raised by these events will go directly into providing opportunities for the young people.ReachOut! Cup Hosted by young people from our ReachOut! Academy,our tournaments are a fun way to support local mentoring. Teams come together to compete for an evening and win our  coveted Cup. You don’t needto be expert footballers, but it does help to have acouple of experienced players to lead your team.The winning team gets to keep the Cup for a year. Previous winners include Klarius Group and PE Jones.The ReachOut! Cup is hosted yearly in Manchester London Challenge4Change  Challenge4Change is a team challenge day. Teams come together to compete over a 4 hour afternoon session in a  ‘Crystal Maze’ style event.  Activities include: Quick one minute physical challenges Mental challenges like scavenger hunts High ropes challenges like the Jacobs Ladder Challenge for Change is fully accessible and requires minimal fitness. The donation is £500 per team of up to 12 people.  Manchester onlyHost your own event Our dedicated Fundraising manager is happy to meet with you and your team to discuss any fundraising events you would like to host. Examples include; 10K runs, charity dinners.  
  14. 14. ReachOut! SupportReachOut! supportWe do all the management so you can do the volunteering!ReachOut! values the support of its corporate partnerships. We understand that time can be adetermining factor when organising volunteering opportunities for team members. It is for thisreason that we have a dedicated team of experienced staff members who will support yourorganisation to develop the volunteering opportunities it offers its staff.Whatever project or event you wish to support us with our team will be more than happy toindividually tailor the management and support of your volunteers in order to meet the needsof your organisation. Once the partnership has been agreed our ReachOut! staff will beavailable via email or phone to provide any further assistance during the volunteering activities.ReachOut! Safeguarding and TrainingWe have made the process of becoming a volunteer very simple. Volunteers simply need toattend a two and a half hour training session at which they complete a CRB Form.Training normally takes place at The ReachOut! Office, but can be held in people’s places ofwork.One day workshops or fundraising events do not require CRB checks or specific training.
  15. 15. Benefits for allReachOut! young peopleBy getting involved with the ReachOut! your organisation can help inspire and broaden thehorizons of the young people living within your local communities. Being skilled professionalswho possess a good range of relevant skills, enables them to actively support the young peopleboth academically and personally. They bring extensive experience and knowledge about theways in which young people can access various fields of work, different perspectives on furthereducation, apprenticeships and personal contacts.Your employeesBeing involved in the workshops brings a number of benefits such as;Increased morale, developing skills in public speaking, communication and building rapport“I enjoyed giving the young people a quick insight as to what part of our job role is to see if it appeals to them”“I found that the young people involved in the workshop were more intelligent, switched on and willing to learn than I was expecting. A rewarding experience!”“It was fantastic to be given an opportunity to work with young people. It’s not something that I get to do in the course of my day job and it brought a new dimension to my role for the day!”“I can teach to teenagers (I thought I was out of touch!)”
  16. 16. For further details  about mentoring  For further details  about or workshops please contact: fundraising please contact:Heidi Hinchliffe Hannah ChristieManchester Project Manager Fundraising hannah@reachoutuk.org6  Oxford Place 6  Oxford PlaceRusholme RusholmeManchester  Manchester M14 5RZ M14 5RZT 0161 224 6803  T 0161 224 6803   Manchester: 0161 224 6803 ∙ London: 0207 249 6881