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Affective behaviour cognition learning gains project presentation


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@cbkandiko visiting our ABC learning gains project today @LearningGains. Exciting :-)

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Affective behaviour cognition learning gains project presentation

  1. 1. Affective-Behaviour- Cognition (ABC) Learning Gains Project Open University 15-02-2016
  2. 2. ABC approach
  3. 3. Project management • Project team: • Three universities bring together their expertise to the ABC project • Project management: • Project team meets monthly over skype • Everyone has access to shared folders • Within universities meetings are held every week • 2nd face-to-face meeting of all partners (Sep)
  4. 4. Open University Team • Strength • Learning analytics • Quantitative data analysis • Assessment • Online learning and learning design • Cross-sector thinking and working • Responsibilities • Overall leading the project • Leading the Phase 1 of the project (secondary data analysis) • Phase 1 ethics applications • Developing models of learning gains Dr Bart Rienties Dr Jekaterina Rogaten Prof Denise Whitelock Dr Simon Cross Prof Allison Littlejohn
  5. 5. Open University 1. Learning Analytics Largest VLE datasets of affect, behaviour and cognition of 200K students, with 2 large scale implementations of predictive modelling 2. Learning Design Extensive modelling of learning designs (OULDI) 3. Student Experience on a Module Extensive datasets of students’ experiences with blended and online learning
  6. 6. Oxford Brooks University Team Prof Rhona Sharpe Dr Ian Scott Strength Expertise in learners’ experience Mixed-methods approach Measures of learning and engagement Learning analytics Responsibilities Co-leading Phase 2 of the project In depth-interviews and diary data collection Testing validity of self report measures of learning gains Triangulation
  7. 7. Oxford Brookes University 1. Academic Performance Tracking Tool Presents staff with data from student information system, NSS and module evaluations in form of dashboards used for module and programme reviews. 2. Grade Point Average Provides students with information about their progress. Provides staff with a more nuanced indicator of attainment. 3. Survey of Student Engagement Developed own scales for monitoring student engagement with Assessment Compact, Academic Advising and Graduate Attributes.
  8. 8. University of Surrey Team Responsibilities Co-leading Phase 2 of the project Testing the validity of the self-reported measures of learning gains (+OB) Testing the validity of learning analytics modelling (+OU) Dissemination: website and Twitter Prof Ian Kinchin Prof Steven Warburton Dr Simon Lygo-Baker Strength University pedagogy and concept mapping Educational technologies Expertise in innovative teaching approaches development
  9. 9. University of Surrey • Business Intelligence - Progression Analysis project has built / is building: • Live data on students who are at risk, to act as an early warning indicator so that active support measures can be put in place; • Visualisation of data via dashboards for academics to put in place appropriate actions; • Extension into WP & Outreach domain with specific data feeds, modelling, and a WP progression dashboard. • Institutional success: • Ability to makes links between what gains our students make in correlation with an institution which has high levels of satisfaction and has enhanced learning and teaching across all Faculty.
  10. 10. WP5 – social media presence: Wordpress blog and Twitter feed
  11. 11. Learning gain literature review – in progress 1) Self-reported measures of learning gain 2) Average Normalized gain (post-pre)/(Nq-pre) 3) Percentage change (Post-Pre)/Pre 4) Raw change (Post-Pre) • Literature review shows that the concept of learning gain primarily used to examine the effect of any particular educational ‘intervention’ • Web of Science core collection • The time frame of the search 1995 - 2015. • The key word search included: “learning gain*”, higher education, college, graduate, not school, not child. • In total 188 studies were identified. • Review criteria: 1) Does the study assesses learning gain? 2) What learning gain was examined i.e., behavioural, affective, cognitive? 3) How was it measured?
  12. 12. Structure of the ABC project
  13. 13. Timeline
  14. 14. Current progress • Phase 1 • Ethics approval • Ethics are now obtained for the Phase 1 at the OU • Secondary data analysis • Collected (OU) • Demographics data • Academic performance data • Module information data • In progress (OU) • VLE data (e.g., discussion participation, number of visits, length of visits) • Students satisfaction data • Secondary data analysis • Data cleaning and descriptive statistics
  15. 15. Current progress: Example Arts AA100 • The arts past and present • 30 week, 60 credit, Level 1 module • Introduces to university-level study in the arts across a range of subject areas - art history, classical studies, English, history, philosophy, music and religious studies. • Assignment 01 (10%) • Assignment 02 (10%); • Assignment 03 (15%); • Assignment 04 (20%); • Assignment 05 (15%); • Assignment 06 (20%); • Assignment 07 (10%) • 25% - BA (Honours) History, 19% - BA (Honours) Humanities, 16.2% - BA (Honours) English Language and Literature, 12.5% - BA (Honours) English Literature • Design: 75% Assimilative, 20% Assessment, 4% Productive
  16. 16. Participants 3262 students from years 2013/14 and 2014/15 2147 Females (age M=33.2, SD=12.8) & 1115 Males (age M=35.5, SD=14.2) Motivational orientation: 36.8% - employment and personal development, 13.6% - employment, 23.9% - personal development Occupational status: 43.9% in full-time employment, 24.2% part-time employment, 13.4% not in paid work, 10.9% unemployed 93.2% White; 19% reported study disability 50% have A level or equivalent, 30.9% have below A level, 14.3% have HE qualification 81.4% were only taking AA100 module
  17. 17. Current progress: Example Arts AA100
  18. 18. Current progress: Example Arts AA100
  19. 19. Current progress: Example Arts AA100
  20. 20. Next step: Multilevel Modelling Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 ABC1 Student1 ABC3 ABC1 ABC2 ABC3 ABC1 ABC2 ABC3ABC2 Student2 Student3 Course1 Course2 ABC1 ABC2 ABC3 Student4 ABC1 ABC2 ABC3 Student5 Course3
  21. 21. Dissemination • Inside government - Measuring Learning Gain in Higher Education (May) • Presentation on ABC project • EARLI conference (August) • Presentation of the 3-level model for OU students sample • SRHE conference (December) • Presentation of the 4-level model for OU+OB+US students samples • Stakeholder dissemination event (Sep) • [BART TO ADD DETAILS] • Literature review (April) • Meta-analysis to be submitted to Educational Research Review or Review of Educational Research.
  22. 22. Affective- Behaviour- Cognition (ABC) Learning Gains Project Open University 15-02-2016