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DETA Research Center Update


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Presented at the UWM Online Program Council on 3.25.16

Published in: Education
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DETA Research Center Update

  1. 1. National Research Center for Distance Education and Technological Advancements (DETA) Tanya Joosten, DETA Co-Director and PI, @tjoosten, Diane Reddy, DETA Co-Director and PI, #DETASummit
  2. 2. Identify practices (instructional and institutional) that impact those outcomes
  3. 3. Conduct rigorous, interdisciplinary, and standardized research Flicker cc astronomyblog
  4. 4. Year 1 activity: Host national summit
  5. 5. Desired outcomes Access Learning Effectiveness Satisfaction Instructional Effectiveness
  6. 6. Area of investigation guided by overarching research questions •Gather pertinent literature Formulate hypotheses to be tested • Identify variables and their direction Design study • Develop measures and instrumentation to test hypotheses Conduct the study and analyze results • Collect data and analyze results across institutions Research models
  7. 7. Research questions
  8. 8. In understanding student success in distance education, we as a field need to have a consistent understanding of student success across programs and institutions, including identifying shared desired outcomes. In considering this need, what are the research questions that will assist us in identifying key factors impacting these shared desired outcomes to best enhance the understanding of distance education across institutions and populations?
  9. 9. Research questions Defined What are the different design components (content, interactivity, assessments) that impact student learning? What patterns of behaviors lead to increased student learning for different populations? What support structures are critical to providing quality access to online instruction? Exploratory (Interpretive) What are the definitions of success from students’ perspective? How can we define and measure student success beyond traditional outcomes? What is the currency of student learning beyond the existing credit hours? What are the key components that promote a sustainable and an effective teaching and learning ecosystem?
  10. 10. Framework of inquiry
  11. 11. In consideration of the research questions proposed in enhancing our understanding of the key factors, what variables should be included in the framework of inquiry to help us answer these questions surrounding distance education and technological advancements?
  12. 12. Framework of inquiry
  13. 13. Shared measures – Student performance is based on numerical representation of grade converted to a 4.0 scale received in the course on assessments and as an overall grade. RQs - What are the different design components (content, interactivity, assessments) that impact student learning?
  14. 14. Research toolkit released
  15. 15. RFP for pilot grant awards Flicker cc yourdon
  16. 16. Goal: Collect data
  17. 17. Research toolkit: Research model
  18. 18. Research toolkit: Guides to research
  19. 19. Research toolkit: Data collection
  20. 20. Research toolkit: Data codebooks
  21. 21. DETA Research Fellows Simone Concaico, Ph.D., Education Ray Fleming, Ph.D., Psychology, UPace Roger Smith, Ph.D., Health Sciences, R2D2 Center Judee Richardson and Matthew Mayesheba, UW System and Extension Pam Holt, Milwaukee Area Technical College
  22. 22. UWM Research Partners Mike Allen, Ph.D., Communication Dylan Barth, Ph.D., CETL and English
  23. 23. Institutional Research Partners Oregon State University University of Central Florida California State University - Fullerton Florida SouthWestern San Diego Community College District WCET/Montana State
  24. 24. DETA ELI Research Partners Meeting
  25. 25. DETA ELI Research Partners Meeting
  26. 26. DETA Invited - ELI Leadership Seminar
  27. 27. Other highlights The 2016 Key Issues in Teaching and Learning, EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative. Evaluating Student Success in Online Programs by Kristi DePaul, Next Generation Learning Challenges. DETA Advances Distance Ed Research Through Grants and a Toolkit by Russ Poulin, WCET
  28. 28. Other highlights Seminar at Online EDUCA in Berlin, Germany. Workshop at the WICHE Cooperative for Educational Technology (WCET) Annual Meeting in Denver. Presentation and workshops at the Online Learning Consortium (OLC) International Conference for Online Learning in Orlando.
  29. 29. Tanya Joosten, @tjoosten, Diane Reddy