Universe Theory Presentation


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This is all about the different theories of the Universe from the Ancient Greeks to present day.

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Universe Theory Presentation

  1. 1. A Presentation by: Bijoy Babu
  2. 2. Since the time of the Greeks, we have been hearing all around us, “how was the universe made?” and “Where did the universe come from?”. Now in the present day, we are having the same doubt. Is the universe really created by the heavens, or was there a major explosion in the beginning of time to create our universe. In this presentation, you are going to follow me through the predictions and opinions about the creation of the universe and our world. Introduction
  3. 3. What did the Greeks think? The Greeks were the first humans to think about and discover what the universe was like at those times. The Greeks thought it was simple. The Earth was the only planet they ever come across in those days and they thought it was their home and it was the strongest thing in the universe. So, they knew that the Earth was the center of the universe and that all the things in space, from Asteroids and stars, all orbit around the Earth. One of the observations made b the Greeks suggested that the stars, suns and other objects seem to revolve around the Earth, making it the center. Another observation is that the Greeks new that the world was round and circular since Earth is a bound observer and it is solid, unstable. In other words, it is completely at rest. Many of the Greeks believed in this theory, but the rest of the world had their own theories…
  4. 4. What do we think today? Since the time of the Greek’s we were all in it. The center of the universe was the Earth and that was it. But more and more people soon realized that the Earth was not the center of our galaxy or that it was the start of our galaxy. With more technological advancements coming our way in the near future. Astronomers and scientist think and this is the biggest theory that the beginning of the universe was created by the Big Bang. Which in other words was the biggest explosion in the history of the universe and well, created the universe. This started roughly about 13.7 billion years ago. It all happened when something from space. Something so small, infinitely dense and hot just gave up its power and created the biggest explosion yet. We don’t know what it was, if it was a star or galaxy. We don’t know where it came from and we don’t know why it appeared but somehow with all of those particles flying through space it cooled down and the universe started expanding. To this day the remains of the Big Bang are still cooling down for the universe is also expanding in our time.
  5. 5. I was thinking and thinking. I thought about it and wondered, what would the universe be like if the Earth was the beginning and that it was the center? Just like the Greeks think? Well, first of all, all of the planets and space objects would be orbiting around us, even the sun which could be the closet star to us. Anyway. Our temperature on Earth would be slightly hotter since the sun is orbiting around us and giving us more energy and power. Second of all, the days would be much faster and it would all seem unreal. The Gravity might drop also slightly and the chance for us to have a moon isn’t likely. So if we were the center of the universe. That means we would have been the first planet created, with life and that there was an explosion that created us. If that was true. The explosion wouldn’t have been that big and all and maybe cooled down after those years. There could be a “edge of the universe.” What if Earth was the center of the Universe?
  6. 6. MY JUDGEMENT With those main theories about the universe to the one from Ancient Greek all the way to modern times, I cannot deny that the Big Bang Theory is the most accurate and relevant theory to date. There are many religions that do not support any of these theories. Many people believe that their gods have created the universe. Anyway I really think that the Big Bang theory is the most understandable and realistic way that the universe has been created. I think this because I know something happened at the very beginning and we know that the Earth nor the Sun was the center of our universe. Then we found out that there where millions of other galaxies out there as well o we came to the fact that the Big Bang theory was the best one yet.
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