Did god creat the universe.....


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this presentation was given at LOK VIGYAN KENDRA ,East Pokharkhali ,Almora ....it was controversial and interesting ,many questions were asked by the participants there.......it was really a good experience.....

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Did god creat the universe.....

  1. 1. DID GOD CREATETHE UNIVERSE?(On the basis of special theory of relativity) Presented by:- Rakesh Bisht B.Sc ; M.Sc Mathematics S S J Campus, Almora
  2. 2.  The deepest question of the universe, Is there a God who create and controls the universe from stars and the planets ,To you and me……. To find it out lets take a journey through the laws of nature. For there I think lies the answer for this mystery ,How the universe was made and how it really works….People gone upset and says that scientists should have not say anything in the matter of religion. I have no desire at all to harm any ones faith. But we asking if God exist. This is a big question for science too…..after all we are curious so solve this fundamental mystery. That ,what or who create and control the universe???????
  3. 3.  Long long ago the answer was almost always the same……….GOD MADE EVERYTHING….. The world was terrified by the natural phenomena like lighting, storm, thunder and the God they faith most was responsible for the deadly natural events .That we now called a Solar eclipse. Causing the dead full moment when day turns in to night ,Without any scientific explanation imagine to see the sun vanishing…of course we now know that the sun would reappear after sometime. it turns the Universe is not much mysterious as it seems ,but it require much courage to discover the truth then the Bi-kings had. This was realized much before Bi-king in ancient Greece. It was about 340 B.C. a philosopher called Aristotle discover the cause for eclipse. Aristotle had a true scientific explanation.
  4. 4. Aristotle looked carefully at the sky and made an wonderful geometry of solar eclipse. Herealized that the solar eclipse is a shadow on moon passing above the earth and not a divine event.
  5. 5. From there he find out more remarkable answer, he deduce that the earth is not thecenter of the universe as every one thought but instead orbits the sun. The stars are not sinks in the flour heaven but are other suns like ours. so far of us…what is mean?????….The universe is a machine govern by the laws orprinciples ,the laws which can be understood myhuman mind….I belief the discovery of this laws was greatest achievement of human kind. This laws will tell us whether we need a God to explain the universe at all.
  6. 6.  Unlike laws made by humans the laws of nature can’t ever be broken. That’s why they are so powerful. Such as rules of a Tannic game….but what’s really important these physical laws are fixed as well universal. And when seen from religious view they are controversial too. if you think as I if the laws are nature are fixed then it dose not take long to ask…………………….. what is the role there for God ?This is a big point of contradiction between science and the religion….
  7. 7.  For many centuries it was consider that the laws of nature were govern by God, and He can break them if he wished . This view is reinforced by the idea of our perfect blue planet is quite still at the center of the rule. The rules of planet and stars it to rotate around the earth like perfect design clock work. But humans are naturally inquisitive. and some such as Gallio Geleli ,looked Gods clock work once more. he is the founder of modern day science. He discover if you looks closely enough to the universe you can observe what is going on. That at lest some object do not orbit the earth ,inspired by this discovery Gallio went on to prove that the earth must orbits the sun. This discovery made him a lot of trouble with the church. Over next 300 years ,science had discover many kinds of things, from lightning, earth quack & storms toward the stars sine. Each new discovery further remove the need for a God. Now if the earth moves is it that God who moves it? Ultimately did God create the universe & the first place?
  8. 8.  To find the complexity and royalty of the universe You need just three ingredients to make universe…….let us list them…………..
  9. 9. So we have matter and we have energy…..to make this universe we need a third component that is …………A lot of space …you may call it…..strange…..beautiful…..deadly…..but not and never narrow…….as where ever we see it’s a lot of space around us……its enough to spin your head….
  10. 10.  So the question arises where from this huge amount of matter, space and energy came…..we had no answer for this fact for many centuries………..the answer came from an extra ordinary person….the strangest scientist on the universe …his name was……..
  11. 11. He discover that the energy and the mass are convertible in to each other……. His famous formula explains that matter may be consider as energy and vice-versa……I means mass and energy are just like two phases of a coin….
  12. 12. So now we need only two things to create the universe ………………… Energy & Space Then question arises where from this energy and space came…….after a lot of research….scientist conclude that energy and space were automatically came in to existence after an incident…which we now call Big Bang….at the time of big bang a universe came in to existence which has its own space…and it was expending like an air balloon…….now again the question arise where this energy and space come from…….people thought that it was generated by God……but science says something else. physics has an answer for this which tells about a strange fact…….. that is Negative Energy…..
  13. 13.  At the starting of the universe Big Bang had generated a huge amount of positive energy as well negative energy …thus total negative energy + positive energy= zeroThis is another law of nature………………. Then where is the whole negative energy ??????? The answer is in space. it may be strange but according to the laws of motion and nature…space itself is a collection of negative energy…. So much huge that it makes zero with all things…I think if you are not much interested in mathematics it may be difficult to you to understand. But it is true… example.
  14. 14.  Space is a net if millions of milky ways in which each milky way pull each other due to gravity just like a huge storage device. Now take a look to the positive energy. The positive energy which now we are seeing is the hill. And the hole is the negative energy which in in the space. Then is really any God there? Now if the total universe is zero then we don’t need any GOD to make the universe ..Universe is the strangest thing which is made of nothing. Now we know that the negative and positive universe make zero…so now we have to discover who or what had start this process for the Ist time. what happened such so that the universe came in to existence. Because in our day to day life nothing appears by chance…..example..
  15. 15.  At microscopic level protons can appear suddenly it is so because at this level the particles like proton obeys the laws of nature, which we call Quantum Physics. Since we know that the universe itself was once smaller then proton ,this means something quite remarkable,,, it means the universe itself come in to existence without violating the laws of Quantum physics, then the space was expending in all directions with a huge amount of energy.. a place to store all the negative energy needed to balance the change …there a critical question is raised again.. Did God create the quantum laws, so that allowed the Big Bang to occur? Example….
  16. 16.  It is understand by the principles of Einstein, in which he tell in universe the time and space are mixed in to each other…an strange event was occur at the time of big bang that was…………….. starting of time Example……. If we get back in to time to the moment of big bang the universe get smaller & smaller and smaller until finally it comes to a point with the whole universe within a space so small that it is in a fact a single infinitely small dense black hole, just like modern days black holes in space the laws of nature tells something quite extraordinary ,they tell us that here too time itself comes to stop it means we can’t go before the Big Bang. because there was no before it means there was no time for creator to made a universe …..So universe create itself ,and need no creator …………….
  17. 17. So science has given us the answer we set out to discover. We have discover how the lawsof nature acting on the mass andthe energy of the universe start in a process which has eventually produce us. Sitting here on ourplanet pretty please, because we has find it out.
  18. 18. So when people ask if God has create the universe, so I tell you the question itself make no sense, as timedidn’t exist before the Big Bang ,so there was no time for God to make the universe, It is just like the directions to the edge to the earth, The earth is a sphere, It haven’t an edge ….we each are free to believe what we want…but the simple textexplanation is there is no God……..no one had createthe universe & no one directs our faith…this leads me to the fact there is probably no heaven, no life again after death, so we have one and only one life to appreciate the grand design of the universe ………………….and for that I am extremely grateful .
  19. 19. 5.science channel 6.The grand design by S. Hawking7.A brief history of time by S. Hawking 8.Theory of space time and gravitation By S. G. Pimple9.Theory of everything by S. Hawking