Engaging students across space and time


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Presentation slides: ETUG Fall 2010 Workshop, New Westminster, British Columbia.

Jo Axe and Geoff Archer, Royal Roads University

Session Description: From personal enrichment to professional credentialing, distance education courses are growing in popularity. The convenience or necessity of learning in one’s underwear is significantly affecting the mix of how educators work. Yet for students, learning is enriched by engaging with others in activities that are directly linked to the world outside the living room. Striving to combine these two realities, Geoff Archer and Jo Axe investigated ways to connect online undergraduate students with each other and the external environment. In this session you will explore innovative ways to engage distance learning students through experiential activities that foster real social, environmental and commercial endeavors. As an integral part of an active audience you will participate in a discussion of four successful works in progress; 1) The Video Elevator Pitch, 2) The Online Venture Challenge, 3) The Microfinance Business Ideas Competition (www.mfbic.org) and 4) the Parallel Universe of SIFE Online.“

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Engaging students across space and time

  1. 1. Engaging Students Across Space and Time Geoff Archer Jo Axe November 4, 2010
  2. 2. Overview Adult Learning Experiential Exercises Service Learning Educational Travel Clubs & Associations
  3. 3. Learning Theory What do you know about how adults learn?
  4. 4. The Elevator Pitch How many of you know what an Elevator Pitch is?
  5. 5. Elevator Pitches in TV Shows BBC's Dragon's Den TV show (UK) , CBC's Dragon's Den (Canadian copycat) ABC's Shark Tank (U.S. copycat) American Inventor (ABC 2006) Others?
  6. 6. Elevator Pitches in TV & Movies Sold, Bought or Processed (Say Anything) 7 Minute abs (Something About Mary) Waffle Cone (Something About Mary) iToilet (Curb Your Enthusiasm) For Kids (Hudsucker Proxy) Car of Tomorrow (Tucker) Muffin Tops (Seinfeld) Others?
  7. 7. Video Elevator Pitches www.vator.tv http://pitches.techcrunch.com/ www.prosper.com Contests such as http://beta.ventureport.org/elevator_pitch_cont est.67.html
  8. 8. Tactical Solutions to Putting the Elevator Pitch Online What are your experience and/or suggestions? Youtube Vimeo Everybody can see it or you can delineate user IDs for ‘private’ setting Allows password protection
  9. 9. Examples from the course Which one of these is not real? Lorraine http://dspace.royalroads.ca/docs/handle/10170/384 Roy http://dspace.royalroads.ca/docs/handle/10170/370 Tammy http://dspace.royalroads.ca/docs/handle/10170/372
  10. 10. Video Elevator Pitch Take-Aways Enables Context Encourages Creativity Good Excuse to learn New Technology Captures Visual Learners Facilitates Contemplative Exchange
  11. 11. Unanticipated Reversal The Video Elevator Pitch (developed to include online students in a traditional on-campus exercise) has so many positive externalities that it will now improve the on-campus entrepreneurship course
  12. 12. Experiential Exercise How many of you incorporate some kind of experiential exercise in your courses?
  13. 13. The Venture Challenge 11 year tradition at Royal Roads Teams of 5 students $5 Seed Money 5 Weeks Raise max. profits for a charity partner 2010 average was >$500 per student $41k total from 14 teams
  14. 14. How we took it online… The Venture Challenge Books for Literacy Selling Used Books to Support Literacy
  15. 15. Real-World Examples of Mission-Driven E-Commerce Alliance of Students Against Poverty Artisan Wedding Rings Baby Teresa Basabody Donors Choose Exorcise Cancer Figs Filt Waste Oil Candles Goodshop Kidonaki The New Masters of Fantasy Procrasdonate Rideshark The Sustainable Village
  16. 16. Mission The 'mission' you adopt is up to you. Here are two examples of very different reasons to purchase livestock online:  Heifer International would have you buy a goat to help a (human) family in need.  The WWF (World Wildlife Fund) wants you to buy a goat to help a leopard. What is important to your team? Is there a charitable organization whose work you would like to support?
  17. 17. Business Model Your team will design the business model that you implement. Many different business models might support the same mission. For example, Kashless keeps used items (sofas, baby toys, flower pots, etc.) out of the landfill by connecting them with new owners. Babyplays keeps toys out of the landfill by offering a rental service.
  18. 18. Profit-Orientation Although 100% of your profit from this one month of business needs to be donated to a charity, the future business investment opportunity that you present on September 21 can be either a for-profit or a non-profit venture. This choice of corporate structure is up to you and your team. Notably, www.microplace.com and www.kiva.org do roughly the same thing - connecting microfinance lenders and borrowers. Kiva is a non-profit, whereas microplace is owned by eBay (and is obviously not a non-profit!).
  19. 19. Assessment  10/30 for website DESIGN - this aspect of the course is evaluated by Tracy as my CTET Partner  8/30 for PERFORMANCE – in the future we will have benchmarks to guide this e.g. Profit > $500 = A  12/30 PRESENTATION
  20. 20. Results of the Online Venture Challenge OVC1 – February, 2010 E-commerce was NOT enabled http://www.wix.com/claurin/lovebug OVC2 – September, 2010 9 Teams raised over $7,300 in one month http://www.floodofgoodwill.com/ http://booksforliteracy.blogspot.com/
  21. 21. Added Benefits Some projects become real businesses www.govoluntouring.com Some are spin-in to real organizations http://harvestchallenge2010.blogspot.com/ The Online Venture Challenge is a great platform for on-campus students to learn- by-doing in an organized, more easily auditable way
  22. 22. Nelson Family Microbusiness 3-Phased Program 1. World’s First Microfinanace Business Ideas Competition www.mfbic.org 2. The Microbusiness Experience: East Africa 3. Nelson Family Microbusiness Fellows
  23. 23. How Do We Know Which Ideas are Best Suited for East Africa?
  24. 24. We Went There and Asked What percentage of these students are Online students?
  25. 25. Nelson Family Microbusiness Fellows 3 graduating students 3 different ideas 3 different business plans 100 days in Tanzania $5000 seed capital for each business Transitioned to local entrepreneurs
  26. 26. Engaging Online Learners What Other Methods Can We Use?  Educational Travel (a.k.a Field Trips)  Clubs (i.e. SIFE and now Real Estate)  Faculty ‘on location’ coffee in major Canadian markets What are your ideas?
  27. 27. Be In Touch jo.axe@royalroads.ca geoff.archer@royalroads.ca