Hoarding vs. sharing


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by: Terri Kruzan & Hal Schlenger, Culture Sleuths

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  • Notes:… a set of shared and many times unwritten and unquestioned beliefs and rules of behavior that a group develops over time to help them succeed in their internal and external work …Edgar Schein
  • Hoarding vs. sharing

    1. 1. HOARDING VS. SHARING ….It’s Scary a Thing Terri Kruzan Hal Schlenger Culture Sleuths #b2bcamp
    2. 2. OBJECTIVE: BUILDING TRUST FASTER The success of a joint venture partnership may require you to share important information about your business. In doing so, you trust your partner in the venture to do the right thing and make the right choices. http://www.christianfea.com/the-importance-of-trust-in-your-joint-venture.html People ultimately choose to do business with people they like, and everyone likes someone who appreciates them (giving praise). http://www.fforbes.com/sites/amyanderson/2013/06/28/people-do-business-with-people-they-like/ It’s tough to thrive in business without strong business relationships. Our experience has been that if sharing is not promoted from the top, it’s not likely going to be done on the bottom. http://www.s4consulting.com/General/when-businesspeople-dont-share Trust starts at home. Companies have to treat their own employees well. If employees trust their own company, it will spill out into the marketplace. Companies also have to trust their employees. In the excellent book Smart Trust, by Stephen Covey and Greg Link, the authors underline that belief with a story about Continental Airlines. http://trust.edelman.com/slides/2013-edelman-trust-barometer/ #b2bcamp
    3. 3. COMPANY CULTURE Set of common rules of behavior and underlying beliefs about how to be successful Infer & shape culture from behaviors & practices down Built upon an organization’s collective success in responding to internal & external challenges  Learned from watching others and what you are trained & rewarded for Guides you on how to act without being told © Culture Sleuth and The American Institute for Managing Diversity, Inc #b2bcamp
    4. 4. ROUND TABLE QUESTIONS Do you think your company culture rewards hoarding, sharing or is it inconsistent, and why? Do your personal beliefs about sharing align with your company’s culture? o How is this alignment or lack of alignment impacting your ability to fit-in and contribute? How is your company’s openness to sharing affecting its ability to increase sales and retain customers? Culture Sleuth #b2bcamp
    5. 5. 5 BEST THINGS TO DO TO BUILD TRUST 1. Forgive Mistakes 2. Follow-through: Be Accountable 3. Be a Leader/Influencer: Walk the Talk 4. Create ‘PPC’ to Make Sharing Easier to Practice 5. Measure & Recognize How Sharing Impacts What is Already Valued #b2bcamp
    6. 6. Terri Kruzan terri@culturesleuth.net @culturesleuth (404) 373.7350 Hal Schlenger hschlenger@nichelabs.com @halschlenger (770) 335.0077 #b2bcamp