Simplify Your Life by Brian Tracy


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Simplify Your Life by Brian Tracy

  1. 1. Slide 1 SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE - Most important of all subjects Affects health, income, relationships, etc. Subject has been Studied exhaustively! What we are talking about today is like a buffet – Some you will like, some you won’t… You pick BRIAN TRACY Slide 2 1. WHAT ARE YOUR CORE VALUES Identify your true passion – try to do too many things and get overwhelmed If you could do one thing in life – all day long, what would this be? Work, music, creative, relationships… What will enrich your life the most. The fewer things you do but you love them, the better your life will be. Slide 3 If you only had 6 months left to live, what would you do with your time? Whoops, we made a mistake…You only have 6 weeks? Ooops….6 days? Very few people would say anything other than spending time with family and friends.. THOSE WE LOVE THE MOST!!! Slide 4 When you are the most talented and skilled and knowledgeable, you must be the most focused and intentional about simplifying your life. The more ambitious you are, the more you allow your life to get out of balance because you think you can do it all. Slide 5 First, you must discover what your Core values are… never more than 3-5…Love, creativity, compassion, forgiveness, success, entrepreneurship. No right or wrong. You just need clarity. What do you stand for? What would others say about that? Slide 6 Your values are always expressed in your actions, behaviors and interactions with other people. And they really show up when you are under stress. What gives you the most joy? Very often this is the indicator of what you should be doing today. Slide 7 BIGGEST OBSTACLE IS FEAR…Almost always based on what “MIGHT” happen if you do something. Rarely based on past or present. 99% OF THOSE NEVER COME TRUE. Slide 8 1
  2. 2. QUESTION: What would you do or How would you change your life if you had no fear of failure? Guaranteed to have success? 20 MILLION DOLLARS IN THE BANK 20/10 exercise from Stanford $20 million in the bank. Cash and tax free… 10 years to live… What would you want do before you were gone? Accomplish, do, leave behind Slide 9 Four goals every life has LIVE – How would you live with more peak experiences LOVE – Who would you love and love more fully LEARN – What do you need to learn – what skill do you need to master LEAVE A LEGACY- what do you want to leave for those left behind? What would you hope people would say about you to your children? How do you want to be described? When you ask and answer these questions, you move into the top 5% of society. NO one takes the time to do this. Slide 10 MOST RELIGIONS revolve around the idea of HAVING PEACE OF MIND…Only when you are completely at peace with yourself and your world are you truly happy. Peace of mind should be our highest goal. BUT TOO MANY PEOPLE LIVE ON SOMEDAY ISLAND- SOMEDAY, I’ll be happy but until that time I have to do this job I hate and stay in this relationship I don’t like and do this thing I don’t want to do. Your job is to say, if I had peace of mind and all this money in the bank, what gives me the greatest joy, the greatest sense of satisfaction? WE WILL ____________ WHAT? Slide 11 EXCUSITIS- I would like to, but!!!!! The word “but” is the GREAT ERASER!!! I would like to do this or I would like to do that, but…. I don’t have 20M and I don’t have the same opportunities, and but my market is different, but my referral partners are different, but my bank is different….etc. Don’t “But” yourself….GET UP, GET OUT AND GET OFF YOUR “BUTS”  Slide 12 2. WHAT ARE YOUR Goals? What do you want in general first….. 2
  3. 3. What are your three most important goals in your life? (30 seconds) Slide 13 1. Financial 2. Health 3. Relationships These are the 3 critical areas of our life. What causes us stress is to be out of balance in one of these three areas… If I were perfect in these areas, what would I look like in each of these areas? Health- what do I want to weigh or look like? What foods would I eat, what exercise would I do, how long would I exercise, what size would I be, what mental exercises would I do. Financial- Certain amount of money I want to make and want to accumulate? Never been easier to become rich…Saved about 20% of everything we made, invested wisely. Pick a number. Look at where you are today and make a plan Relationships- If they were perfect, what would they look like and how would I be? Happy, healthy, balanced. Our natural tendency when we sit down and do this is to want to do everything at once. We want to be perfect NOW. We want a quick fix….Don’t try to do it all at one time… Baby steps on all of these… Financial- takes about 20-25 years to get financially independent by doing the right things over a long period of time. When we try to rush this, life gets complicated and we never achieve the goals. When you try to do it all at once, you end up running around in circles and chasing everything and never finish anything. That’s why we say build the bridge and then start the next one. Slide 14 STEADY EDDIE ON ALL OF THESE AREAS AND LIFE WILL BE MUCH, MUCH SIMPLER Decide what you want, develop long term thinking and you will get there. If you just have 2 or 3 clear goals that we are moving towards relentlessly will help us get to our more successful and simpler life. You won’t get distracted. 3
  4. 4. When you work more and more frantically you can’t accomplish as much. Ask yourself… What am I trying to do and how am I trying to do it.. Could there be a better way? “Assumptions” can be our greatest downfall. What assumptions are you making that may not be true. What do you have to change? What you are doing on the outside has to be in harmony with what you are feeling on the inside. WHEN WE DRIVE THE CAR WITH A WHEEL OUT OF BALANCE, THE RIDE WILL ALWAYS BE BUMPY. If it goes too long, then the axel will snap. When our life gets out of balance with our inner values, we will have inner anxiety or relational issues with the people around us. Stress, Anxiety, eat too much, don’t sleep enough, grouchy, irritated. When you get irritated with people or they get irritated with you, it is usually because something is out of balance. Slide 15 If you say, “I DON’T HAVE TIME TO STOP and get my life in balance” (overwhelmed, swamped, etc.)… THAT IS THE TIME TO SLAM ON THE BRAKES AND RE-THINK THINGS. SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE BY TAKING A DAY OFF… 24 HOURS OR EVEN A FRIDAY TO A SUNDAY BUSY PEOPLE HAVE A VERY HARD TIME DOING THIS One way to simplify your life is to practice ZERO BASED THINKING (Always starting at ground zero – from the beginning). Slide 16 KWYNK PRINCIPLE – commitments, relationships, work, finances 1. KNOWING WHAT I NOW KNOW, IS THERE ANYTHING YOU WOULD NOT DO OVER AGAIN? Slide 17 2. KNOWING WHAT I NOW KNOW, IS THERE ANY RELATIONSHIP (business or personal YOU WOULD NOT DO OVER AGAIN? And if there is, how can you get out of it? a. People basically do not change much at all. This is where a lot of our issues come from. We hope, dream, wish, fantasize that people will change. b. If someone is working with us now, they won’t change. c. Character and habits pretty much defined by the age of 17 4
  5. 5. d. Is there any relationship that you should get out of gracefully RIGHT NOW? 3. If there is someone working for you right now that is unsatisfactory, get rid of them. They are not going to change. Just like we say – slow to hire, quick to fire. The minute you think about it…..85% of all of our stress comes from people problems. 4. Even in personal relationships, you can simplify and streamline your life if you get out of bad relationships. Don’t make EXCUSES!! Slide 18 5. SECOND PART OF ZERO-BASED THINKING- Is there anything activity now in business or in practice (branch, etc) that you would not do now knowing what you now know? a. Is there any process, procedure, activity, system, expense, marketing, etc. that wouldn’t do it again. b. You will know these things by what cause you stress right now? What are you talking about with others that bother you? c. Studies show that 70% of our decisions as knowledgeable and competent managers will turn out to be wrong in time. They were good at the time, but time and information change. Think cassette players. d. Being in a bad situation causes us stress – we think about it, we talk about it, we grind our teeth and get headaches, we don’t sleep, we eat too much or eat too little, we drink, we ruin good relationships e. QUESTION TO ASK OURSELVES NOW- If I were not out doing this now, would I start again doing this activity again KNOWING WHAT I KNOW NOW? HAVE THE COURAGE THEN TO SAY HOW DO I GET OUT OF THIS AS FAST AS POSSIBLE IN A HEALTHY WAY? i. PETER DRUCKER- It very seldom works to trim or tail back on an activity that is not working. The very best thing is to CHOP IT COMPLETELY!!! JUST SLASH IT…. THIS IS WHY WHEN CURRENT MANAGEMENT CANNOT TURN AROUND A COMPANY, THEY BRING IN A “TURN-AROUND” EXPERT… THIS PERSON LOOKS AT EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE AND ASKS ARE THEY CONTRIBUTING TO THE BIGGER PICTURE AND PROFITABILITY OR NOT? If not, then they must be slashed from the company whether this be an activity or a person or people. SIMPLIFY AND STREAMLINE THE COMPANY AND THIS WILL USUALLY LEAD TO MORE PROFITABILITY. Focus on the profitability makes this possible. For us, FOCUS ON THE 2-3 THINGS THAT GIVE YOU THE GREATEST JOY AND RESULTS ii. ZERO-BASED THINKING WITH REGARDS TO INVESTMENTS- Whether it is related to time, money or investments. Make your decision based on today – not the past or the future. Not on what is invested – time has already been spent. 1. TEXAS HOLD EM STRATEGY BY EXPERTS WHO PLAY THE GAME--ALWAYS MAKE YOUR BETS BASED ON TODAY AND WHAT THE CARDS ARE TELLING YOU NOW… NOT BASED ON HOW MUCH YOU ALREADY HAVE INVESTED INTO THIS IN AN ATTEMPT TO RE-GAIN SOME OF YOUR INVESTMENT. 2. People don’t change… admit – we waste a lot of time trying to recapture what has been lost. Slide 19 5
  6. 6. R’S TO SIMPLIFY OUR LIVES 1. REORGANIZATION- Ask yourself - Could I plan and re-organize my life to get more done – more efficiently in less time? Could I simplify or reduce my activities to get more done? Manager- Could I reorganize our team or our activities to simplify and speed up our process? Could I consolidate several jobs into one? Could I expand our activites by putting someone else in charge (loan partner) How? Cluster all your tasks…. a. Doing the same activity all at once will get you in the ZONE and help you accomplish a ton more than if you do the activity a little bit at a time. i. RUN ALL THE ERRANDS AT ONCE. PLAN THEM GEOGRAPHICALLY OR ii. MAKE ALL OF YOUR CALLS AT ONCE… iii. CLEAN HOUSE ALL AT ONCE iv. RE-ORGANIZE ACTIVITES TO STREAMLINE THESE ACTIVITIES v. PEN AND A PIECE OF PAPER ONE OF THE MOST POWERFUL SIMPLIFICATION TOOLS WE CAN HAVE. b. RULE TO KEEP IN MIND- Get everything you need for an activity before you start the activity. Take a little time to plan and prepare for the activity before your start. JUST LIKE A GOOD COOK WILL LAY OUT ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS BEFORE STARTING TO COOK. This will save about 50% of the time by doing this activity beforehand. c. Same rule applies to planning our days, weeks and months… Lay out everything that needs to be accomplished before starting an activity. You will save 10 minutes in of execution for each minute of planning. Video – have your scripts, props, equipment etc. together d. You will save 10 minutes in execution for every one minute of planning. Simply life by 90% if you plan. 2. RESTRUCTURE YOUR WORK- DO THE THINGS THAT MATTER a. 80/20 rule or 90/10 rule- 80% of what we accomplish or sometimes even 90 % of what we accomplish is gained by 10 or 20% of the work we are doing. The other 80 or 90% is not accomplishinganything. So 90% of the things we are doing have NO VALUE! They don’t matter…..Restructure our lives to be doing the things that impact our lives and our business the MOST!!! (TOP 10 OR 20% INSTEAD OF THE BOTTOM 80 OR 90 %.) QUADRANT 1,2,3,4 MANAGEMENT URGENT VS IMPORTANT URGENT AND IMPORTANT WANT TO WORK IN THIS QUADRANT URGENT AND NOT IMPORTANT NOT URGENT NOT URGENT AND NOT IMPORTANT 6
  7. 7. AND IMPORTANT WANT TO WORK IN THIS QUADRANT Many of the activities if you ignore them for any length of time will simply disappear. Slide 21 VERY WORST USE OF TIME IS TO DO VERY WELL WHAT NEED NOT BE DONE AT ALL!!! (useless perfectionism) Slide 22 3. RE-ENGINEER YOUR PERSONAL PROJECTS- How can I do this with the least amount of steps? (How can I blank without blank?) a. Example- Fastest way to somewhere is not always the shortest route… If the shortest route has a lot of stop signs or red lights, then it may be faster to go around the lights. (Get there almost twice as fast. Delays add a lot) b. When doing a project, are there steps that can be combined to make the process easier and more efficient and faster? The more steps you have, the higher the risk for mistakes. Which of these steps could I outsource to someone else? Like outsourcing a task. DELEGATE TASKS TO LOWER PAID PEOPLE IF POSSIBLE… The more steps you have, the higher the risk for mistakes. (house cleaning, cooking, errands, etc.) c. MAKE IT A GAME TO CREATE CHUNKS OF TIME WHERE WE DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO. Have to reverse our thinking. Not feel guilty about doing LESS!!! Rewire yourself mentally. Ask yourself – How can I get more off my plate??? d. PICK THINGS THAT YOU CAN ELIMINATE- Eliminate tasks that have no value or low value at all. Gives you more time to do the things that matter. 4. REINVENTION- IMAGINE IF COMPANY BURNED TO THE GROUND AND YOU HAD TO WALK ACROSS THE STREET TO START BUSINESS AGAIN, Who would you want to walk across the street to START AGAIN WITH? a. What customers would you want? What referral partners would you want? What team would you want? What location would you want? What process, lender, schedule, niche, focus, anything would you want???? b. LUMBER YARD BURNS TO THE GROUND- $5 MILLION ON INSURANCE- COLLECTED THE MONEY, SOLD THE LAND FROM BUSINESS AND INVESTED THE MONEY AND RETIRED… Better investment than re-building the lumber yard and doing what they were doing before. Sometimes we need to reinvent ourselves. If your career came to an end, what would you do to reinvent yourself. If you aren’t constantly changing or reinventing, life will pass you by. (Look at people who didn’t buy into technology) Imagine you have no limitations. If money, time, education etc. were no object, what would you do. 7
  8. 8. Slide 23 In life there are SINS OF OMMISSION (things we never did or tried) OR SINS OF COMMISSION (we did something – at least we tried)- We will regret more the things we did not do (OMMISSION) than the things we did do in life(COMMISSION). The richest place in the world is a cemetery – Books that were never written, movies never acted, songs never sung, things never tried….Les Brown On a regular basis you need to reinvent yourself. What new skills do you need to learn, what new things do you need to try? SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES ARE THOSE THAT LOOK DOWN THE ROAD AND ASK THEMSELVES: WHAT SKILLS WILL WE HAVE TO HAVE IN 5 YEARS to lead our field? What core competencies do we have to have to stay on top and be the best company we can be? What am I doing to develop this right now? What is my plan? Ask yourself: What do I need to be really really good at to enjoy a certain standard of living in the future. And what am I doing that is consuming so much time right now and not helping me to get where I need to be? DO MORE AND MORE OF FEWER AND FEWER THINGS THAT GIVE US THE BIGGEST PAYOFFS! In terms of simplifying your life, one of the greatest things you can do is to plan…One of the greatest complicators in life is unplanned, unstructured time. Be a list maker! Slide 24 ALL SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK ON PAPER. Unsuccessful people trust it all to luck, imagination and to memory. Plan time in advance – Be a list maker Plan year in advance Plan your vacations - Book them and pay for them, If you don’t, then force you family time onto your schedule. If you say, I haven’t had a vacation for the last year… you are an idiot and have no control of your schedule. What could you possibly be doing that is more important than your family??? Plan monthly calendar and put the BIG ROCKS INTO THE BOWL FIRST. ACTION POINT- PACKAGE THESE THINGS TOGETHER AS YOU WORK THROUGH SCHEDULEBundle the phone calls. Bundle and plan everything in advance. Organize by priority every single thing we have to do each day and for each BIG PROJECT. What has to be done first and what has to be done second/WRITE IT DOWN!!! Your mind gets calm and clear Plan each week in advance. EVERY SINGLE HOUR OF EACH WEEK. Practice 70/30 planning. Plan only 70% -80% of the time, but leave 20-30% for overflow or unexpected things you encounter or delays you were not expecting. Plan you day the day before. 8
  9. 9. Write down the most important things on a card each day and each week. Carry the card around with you all day. Forget what you are supposed to do that day or week. Take out your card and remind yourself. Always write down the list and tick them off as you Slide 25 LAW OF FORCED EFFICIENCY- If overwhelmed by work, this will force us to do the most important things involved. (Like going on vacation) What has the greatest consequences? Slide 26 SET PRIORITIES BASED ON THE A-B-C-D-E METHOD A- Most important and critical things that HAVE TO BE DONE BY ME. MAJOR CONSEQUENCES IF NOT DONE. Slide 27 B- Less critical items SHOULD DO… MILD CONSEQUENCES IF NOT DONE. C- Nice to do, but have no consequences either way. Slide 28 D- Delegate the things that need to be done but not by you E- Eliminate the things that do not need to be done Your job is to do mostly A things. If we did one or two major things each day, we would be way ahead. Never give in to the temptation of getting the smaller things done first. Small things are like rabbits, they multiply beyond belief. You could spend all day doing these things and the big things never get done. Slide 29 YOU CAN ONLY SIMPLIFY YOUR LIFE TO THE DEGREE THAT YOUSTOP DOING THINGS. You cannot simplify your life by becoming more efficient so that you can do MORE things! You need to stop doing things. You are like a restaurant who is fully booked for dinner Your dance card is fully booked. Before you start something new, you have to stop doing something else. Slide 30 MUST make this a habit: WHAT ARE THE THINGS WE CAN STOP DOING ALTOGETHER in order to have time to do the things that bring value and contribute to your life? 9
  10. 10. HEALTH AND RELATIONSHIPS THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS IN OUR LIVES…followed by career, etc. 1) Need health- spend more time doing the things that give us the greatest joy and add to our health. Taking care of ourselves, diet, exercise, etc. 2) Need relationships – dates, vacations, fun Again, WHAT ARE THE THINGS WE CAN STOP DOING ALTOGETHER in order to have time to do the things that bring value and contribute to your life Slide 31 ANOTHER STEP TO SIMPLIFYING OUR LIVES- SINGLE HANDLING Doing the one thing, the most important thing in our lives all at once. Takes tremendous discipline to do this. One of the most power habits we can do is Single Handling. Doing one thing at a time until it is finished. You can save 80% of time if you will do this. Starting and stopping a task over and over again can increase the time involved over 500%. MULTI-TASKING HURTS US. Greatest achievements come from concentrated work over an extended period of time. One of the best steps we can do is work from home in the mornings or in the evenings to work on the major tasks while being fully focused. Slide 32 Another thing to simplify is to reduce our paper. We start making stacks and stacks and stacks. PAPER RULE- TRAF WITH MAIL OR ANY TYPE OF PAPER T (toss) - Open over trash basket R-(refer) refer it to someone – don’t even look at it. A-(action)- take action on this – put in a red folder F- file- Remember - 80% of things that get filed are never used. WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT!!! If you are filing, you are creating work for someone else. GLAD GARBAGE BAG—MORE THAN 6 MONTHS OLD, THROW IT AWAY… especially business magazines, etc. New and better stuff has come out. Slide 33 SIMPLIFY by READINGNewspapers and Magazines designed to be read cover to cover… BIG TIME WASTER Table of contents first- read then trash NEWSPAPER OR MAGAZINE WITH FOLLOWING RULES MAGAZINES- Rip and read… Table of Contents- 3-5 minutes – go to the article that appeals to you and rip it out. If it is not immediately relevant (to your work and life), throw it away. If it is not relevant, you won’t ever get to it. You only remember things that are relevant to you. 10
  11. 11. Take a speed-reading course. Learn how to read. GET THIS FOR OUR FAMILY… LEARN IT TOGETHER. This is a habit. A learnable habit. More key points SIMPLIFY OUR LIVES BY LEAVing (turning) THINGS OFF RADIO, TELEVISION, TECHNOLOGY, ETC DURING DINNER… Drive with family members- leave radio off. Conversation will follow. Set hours in house for when TV will be off. Set specific hours. Have dinner as often as you can with your family. Slide 34 SIMPLIFY LIFE BY GOING TO BED EARLY Get up slowly Get plenty of rest Read spiritual material Plan your day Try to get up 2 hours early… feed your spiritual life first hour… then spend one hour getting ready for day. Invest in yourself. Be comfortable with the quiet PASCHAL- All bad things come from Man cannot stay in a room by themselves… PRACTICE SOLITUDE…. ONE HOUR EACH DAY. Try to sit in solitude for 30-60 minutes a day. Develop a tremendous sense of peace. Enjoy the quiet. Takes about 20-25 minutes before your life and mind and brain slows down and creativity begins to flow. UNTIL THEN, YOU WILL BE FIGHTING YOUR SELF TO GET UP AND GO DO STUFF. Discipline yourself. Slide 35 WRAP-UP--- Think about what is most important to you…Your values, your beliefs your convictions. Imagine your life could be perfect in every way IF YOU COULD WAIVE A MAGIC WAND TODAY, WHAT WOULD YOU START DOING RIGHT NOW…What would you stop doing. WHO WOULD YOU SPEND TIME WITH? WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING? WHAT WOULD YOU STOP DOING IF YOU HAD 20 MILLION DOLLARS IN THE BANK? 11