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Seduce your prospect with stories


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by Kyle Van Pelt, Zoompf

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Seduce your prospect with stories

  1. 1. Seduce Your Prospect With Stories Bringing Hollywood To B2B @KyleVanPelt
  2. 2. First..A Story Story: How to gain wisdom
  3. 3. Why Was Inception So Popular?
  4. 4. Why Do I Keep Watching Mad Men?
  5. 5. Elements of a Great Story There are 6 critical elements to a great story: 1. Unforgettable Characters 2. Status Quo 3. Inciting Incident 4. Crisis 5. Climax 6. Resolution/New Status Quo @KyleVanPelt @KyleVanPelt
  6. 6. Why Stories Work ● When you tell a story you are less likely to ever forget it again because it's emotional. ● Language processing parts in our brain are activated. ● Any other area in our brain that we would use when experiencing the events of the story are too. @KyleVanPelt
  7. 7. Does This Work In Sales? ● Can you be unforgettable? ● Can your product solve a crisis? ● Can you activate those parts of your prospects brain? ● People buy based on emotion NOT logic. ● Stories create emotion + People buy based on emotion = Sales. @KyleVanPelt