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USATODAY: More than just news: A social media case study

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  2. Engagement - @USATmedialounge - With more than 1,700 comments, there's a lot of interest in Iowa's decision on gay marriage. Add your thoughts here:
  3. Story Leads - @barbdelollis - Are you #snowbound/stranded in a #hotel ? If so, I'm interested in hearing abt yr experience for a story. Email me @
  4. Shared success stories.
  5. Defined roles for members of our organization.
  6. Created internal education plan.
  7. Use sites such as WeFollow to find and follow Twitterers who cover similar topics.
  8. Follow other internal Twitter feeds, industry experts, major brands, clients, competitors, etc.
  9. Identify best hashtags to have tweets discovered as well as search for other Twitterers tweeting on same subject.
  10. Inform our audience on what we’re reading related to social media.
  11. Announce new products and site features.
  12. Optimize title tags so that they are SEO-friendly.
  13. Submit content to social media sites (e.g., Yahoo Buzz, Digg, etc.).
  14. Upload multi-media to Flickr, YouTube, and iTunes.
  15. Maintain Facebook Fan Page presence.
  16. Social networking allows for increased engagement and exposes personality of the brand and increases traffic.
  17. Commitment to social networking requires commitment to learn, apply latest tools, and experiment.

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