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A Webinar about Webinars with Mike Lewis (@bostonmike) and Rachel Levy (@bostonmarketer)


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A Webinar About Webinars:
6 P's of Successful Hosting
A session with Rachel Levy, Founder/CEO of and Mike Lewis, Vice President of Marketing & Sales at Awareness

Are you hosting webinars but feel like you have a lot to learn? Or are you looking to host a webinar and don’t know where to start? Then this webinar is for you!

Awareness Networks and WebinarListings are joining together to put on this webinar to show you some best practices. In the webinar, we will cover the following areas:

1. Presenter
2. Platform
3. People
4. Participation
5. Promotion
6. Post-webinar follow-up

Published in: Business, Spiritual
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A Webinar about Webinars with Mike Lewis (@bostonmike) and Rachel Levy (@bostonmarketer)

  1. 1. About!Featuring the 6 P’s of hosting a successful webinar!
  2. 2. Your  Presenters   Rachel  Levy,   @WebinarLis2ngs  /  @BostonMarketer   Mike  Lewis,  Awareness     @bostonmike  |  @awarenessinc  
  3. 3. Got  Ques-ons?   Use  the  hashtag:     #awarenessinc   On  Twi8er   Technical  Issues?     Contact  Webex  customer   support  
  4. 4. Who  is  Awareness  ?   •  Creators  of  the  Social  Marke-ng  Hub   •  Allows  marketer  to  control  and  centralize  all  social  media  marke-ng  ac-vi-es  in   through  one  interface   •  SoJware  is  powering  the  social  media  strategy  of  mid-­‐to-­‐large  sized   organiza-ons   •  Partnered  with  leading  digital  and  interac-ve  agencies   CUSTOMERS   PARTNERS  
  5. 5. Social  Media  Challenges   ‘I’m  Overwhelmed!’   Social  Media  is  only  a  %  of  my  job  and  it  requires  a  lot  of  my  -me  to  be  effec-ve   ‘Help  me  prove  the  value!’   I  know  social  media  works,  but  I  need  data  to  get  buy-­‐in,  The  execs  are  pushing  me   for  meaningful  data  before  we  invest  further   ‘I’m  Losing  Control!’   Too  many  channels,  too  many  comments  to  respond  to,  too  many  passwords,  too   many  places  to  login,  hard  to  keep  control   ‘I  Need  to  Get  Strategic!’   Need  to  move  from  tac-cal  ac-vi-es  to  strategic  programs  
  6. 6. The  Next  Step   Contact  me  for  a  demonstra;on:   @bostonmike  
  7. 7. Awareness  Social  Marke-ng  Hub    Publish  :  Content-­‐centric,     Gain  Control  of  your   mul--­‐channel   Social  Media  Programs    Manage  :  Enterprise  grade     Centralize  your  programs   access  controls,   permissioning,  and  control     Evolve  from  tac2cal    Measure  :  Meaningful   programs  to  strategic   reports  and  marke-ng-­‐ social  media   focused  Social  Monitoring     Measure  Success  for    Engage  :  Interact  with   mul-ple  channels  and   individuals  who  are   assets   passionate  about  your   content  
  8. 8. See  the  Hub  in  ac-on!   Social   Marke;ng   Hub  Demo   w/  Will  Eisner,   Director  of  Product  Marke-n g   Dec  2nd  –  2PM  ET o   Sign Up Now!!
  9. 9. WebinarLis-ngs  •  Directory  of  Live  and  On-­‐demand  webinars  –  300+  •  Helps  hosts  promote  their  webinars  (“freemium”)  •  Helps  people  find  webinars  of  interest  •  Business,  Leadership,  Marke-ng,  Social  Media,   Technology  are  most  popular  •  Webinar  blog  
  10. 10. Today’s  Live  Webinars  
  11. 11. Featured  Live  Webinar  Support   Webinar
  12. 12. On-­‐Demand  Webinar  Library   New! On-Demand Webinar Library Launched this week – Use Promo Code LAUNCH for 5 webinars at no charge
  13. 13. Webinar about Webinars: The 6! s s! ‘! of successful hosting!
  14. 14. Key  #1:   The  Presenter  © 2010 AwarenessCONFIDENTIAL
  15. 15. The  Presenter   •  Possibly  the  most  important  P   •  What  to  look  for:   >  Are  they  engaging?   >  History  of  speaking?   >  Understand  how  to  work  a  virtual   room   >  Are  they  an  expert  in  your  topic?   •  Evaluate  &  Qualify   >  Ask  tough  ques-ons   >  What  are  there  expecta-ons?   •  Always  Rehearse!!!  
  16. 16. How  do  we  manage  webinars  at  Awareness?     •  Map  a  content  plan  2-­‐3  quarters  out   >  Focus  on  key  topics  and  messages   •  Iden-fy  2-­‐3  speakers  for  each  topic  a  minimum  of  1  quarter  in   advance   •  Lock  in;  set  rehearsal  and  event  date   What  we  look  for?   •  Authors  –  Partnered  with  Wiley  and  McGraw  Hill   •  Experts  who  may  not  know  they  are  experts  (blogs,  etc)   •  Unique  case  studies  
  17. 17. NOTE:   Thought  Leadership  vs.  Demand  Genera-on  •  Thought  Leadership  Content   >  Top  speakers/industry  experts   >  Interes-ng  &  Relevant  topics  •  Important  Takeaway:   Don’t  focus  on  demand  genera7on,  focus  on  Thought   Leadership!  
  18. 18. Key  #2:  The  Plaoorm  
  19. 19. Plaoorm   •  Why  are  the  plaoorm/logis-cs  important?  You never get a second chance to make a first impression
  20. 20. Logis-cs:  The  Technology  Landscape   Delivery Syndication Recording Technology Landscape Audio Editing recording audio Editing video
  21. 21. Plaoorm  Mix   •  Understand  the  technology:   >  Delivery:  WebEx,  Live  Mee-ng,  Go-­‐To-­‐Mee-ng   >  Webinar  Recording:  (above  vendors,  maybe)  or  Cap-vate   >  Audio  Recording:  Skype   >  Webinar  Edi7ng:  Camtasia,  Cap-vate   >  Audio  Edi7ng  (podcas7ng):  Audacity,  Adobe  Audi-on   >  Syndica7on:  YouTube,  Google  Video,  iTunes     •  Teleconference  resource   >  Make  sure  you  have  enough  lines!!!   >  800#  or  not?   •  Dry  runs  and  tes-ng   >  Be  sure  top  dry-­‐run  with  the  speaker   >  Test  the  technology  
  22. 22. Mul-ple  uses  for  your  sessions…   •  Syndicate  with  Podcasts  and/or  Video  Podcasts   •  Record  for  future  marke-ng  programs   •  Pos-ng  on  mul-ple  “viral”  sites  
  23. 23. Content  Distribu-on  
  24. 24. Some  nightmares…   •  The  avoidable:   >  Not  enough  conference  lines  or   spaces  in  the  delivery  system   >  Speaker  doesn’t  know  how  to  use   the  technology   >  Speaker  pitches  a  compe-tor   >  You  didn’t  mute  your  phone!!!   >  No  moderator  =  No  Management   •  The  unavoidable:   >  Provider  technical  problems   >  Sta-c  filled  conference  bridge   >  Building  catches  on  fire  ;-­‐)  
  25. 25. Key  #3:  The  People  
  26. 26. Key  #3:  The  People  
  27. 27. Sample  Promo-onal  Plan   •  Webinar  Date:  4/26/10   •  Pre-­‐Event  Promo-on   >  3/23/2010:  Website  Homepage/Events  Page  Announcement   >  3/23/2010:  send  email  and  content  link  to  partners  to  promote  to  their  house  lists   >  3/27/2010:  Email  #1  to  house  list   >  4/4/2010:  Sponsored  email  #1  to  TechTarget  (25K  subscribers)   >  4/5/2010:  Sponsored  email  #2  to  Marke-ngSherpa  (50K  subscribers)     >  4/10/2010:  Email  #2  to  house  list   >  4/10/2010:  Sponsored  email  #3  to  Selling  Power  (30K  subscribers)     >  4/10/2010:  Press  Release  announcing  series   >  4/11/2010:  Email  #1  reminder  to  registrants  (include  outlook  calendar  item)     >  4/12/2010:  Direct  mail  piece  to  purchased  list  (25K)   >  4/17/2010:  Email  to  customers  as  part  of  Newsle8er   >  4/18/2010:  Email  #2  reminder  to  registrants   >  4/26/2010:  Email  #3  to  house  list  (last  chance)   >  4/26/2010:  Email  #3  reminder  to  registrants  (morning  of)   •  Post-­‐Promo-on   >  4/26/2010:  Follow-­‐up  email  to  aGendees  including  white  paper   >  4/26/2010:  Follow-­‐up  email  to  no  shows  with  White  paper  offer   >  5/5/2010:  Send  follow-­‐up  content  to  partners   >  5/5/2010:  Follow-­‐up  email  to  a8endees/no  shows  announcing  webcasts  and  podcasts   >  5/5/2010:  Email  to  customers  with  webcasts  and  podcasts   >  5/6/2010:  Email  to  house  list  with  webcasts  and  podcasts  
  28. 28. Key  #4:  Par-cipa-on  
  29. 29. Par-cipa-on   •  Mul--­‐tasking  is  temp-ng!   •  Keeping  people  engaged  and  par-cipa-ng  is  vital   •  Think  of  this  as  2-­‐way  communica-on  
  30. 30. Webinar  Tools   Polls Discussion Drawing tools Review at end of webinar
  31. 31. Mul-media   Show a video Show yourself! Screenshare of internet or PowerPoint application
  32. 32. Speaker   •  Engaging   •  Mul-ple  speakers   •  Change  slides  frequently   •  Consider  offering  prizes  at  the  end  of  the   webinar  
  33. 33. Key  #5:    Promo-on  
  34. 34. Promo-on   •  E-­‐mail   •  Industry  websites   •  Ask  key  influencers  to  promote   •  Partnering  is  a  great  way  to  double  your  promo-onal  efforts   •  Post  on  WebinarLis-ngs  (of  course!)   •  Video  “commercial”  that    can  be  posted  on  social  media  or  in   email   >  Overview  or  speaker  interview   •  Press  Release   •  Eventbrite   •  Blog  Post   •  Craigslist  –  you  never  know!  
  35. 35. Social  Media   •  Beneficial  because:   >  Viral   >  Robust  Search   >  Free   >  Leverage  current  connec-ons   >  Search  Engine  Op-miza-on  (SEO)   •  Sites  to  use   >  Facebook   >  Twi8er   >  LinkedIn  (your  group  and  industry  groups)   >  Industry  specific  social  networks   >  Social  Marke-ng  Hub  
  36. 36. Key  #6:    Post  Webinar  Follow-­‐up  
  37. 37. Recycle  Your  Webinar!   •  Write  a  blog  post  summary  of  webinar   •  Create  a  podcast   •  Post  recording  on  your  site,  Viddler  or   WebinarLis-ngs   •  Post  slides  on  Slideshare   •  Create    blog  post  from  the  Q&A   •  Create  a  blog  post  from  the  webinar  polls   •  Put  highlights  in  your  next  e-­‐newsle8er   •  Break  the  recording  down  into  5  minute  segments,   and  post  them  onYouTube  or  Twi8er   More ideas at
  38. 38. Post-­‐Webinar  Followup   •  Personally  follow-­‐up  if  there  were  ques-ons  that   weren’t  answered   •  Input  leads  into  your  CRM  system  and  score  them   •  Ask  par-cipants  to  review  webinar   •  Send    recording  to  par-cipants   •  Include  your  next  webinar  in  the  follow-­‐up  email  
  39. 39. Enjoy  todays  Session?  Contact  Us!   h8p://     h8p://   @AwarenessInc   @WebinarLis-ngs   /#AwarenessincWebinars   /WebinarLis-ngs   h8p://   h8p://   community.awarenessnetworks.   com/Main/rss/   (617)  733-­‐2182     (781)  270-­‐2410  
  40. 40. Dec  16  –  Is  there  a  science  to  social  media?   A  Scien;fic     Approach  to   Social  Media   w/  Tamsen  McMahon,   Dec  16th  –  2PM  ET n   Sign Up Now!!
  41. 41. Use  the  hashtag:     #awarenessinc   On  Twi8er