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Strategy Map Genzee Partners Pakistan Balanced Scorecard


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Genzee Solutions is a collaborating partner of 2GC for its training and consulting on Strategy, Strategy Maps, Third Generation Balanced Scorecard and Performance Management Systems in Pakistan

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Strategy Map Genzee Partners Pakistan Balanced Scorecard

  1. 1. Dates:29th - 30th March 201220th - 21st September 20126th - 7th December 2012 Gavin Lawrie William Barney Guillaume Varlet Managing Director Principal Consultant ConsultantPerformance Management Trainingfrom        2GC Active Management Building ‘Best Practice’ Balanced Scorecards A two-day residential seminar on effective strategic performance management system design using 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecard techniques at Moor Hall, Cookham, Berkshire “Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement”
  2. 2. About the Course Performance Management e key to unlock the true potential of your organisation A Fortune article called "Why CEOs Fail" observed that CEOs fail because they are unable to effectively execute their strategy (however good or bad the strategy is). Such failure is common - another study found that only one in three UK businesses believe they are successfully achieving their strategic goals. Having a good strategy is important, but the key to strategic success is also being able to put the plan into action and ensure its effective delivery. Performance Management methods help organisations to more effectively manage the delivery of strategic plans. Balanced Scorecard It is now over 15 years since the Balanced Scorecard framework first gained public acceptance. Since then tens of thousands of public and private sector organisations have adopted it as a performance management tool. Over this time major improvements have been made to the approach: modern 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecards are simpler and quicker to develop, and better to use. Recent advances have made it easier to use Balanced Scorecard to promote organisational alignment, and to link Balanced Scorecard to other management tools dealing with things such as Risk, Quality and Incentives.Building Best Practice Balanced Scorecards - © 2GC Limited, 2012 Page 2 of 8
  3. 3. About the CourseAttend this course to: Obtain an understanding of effective performance management using 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecard Learn practical "tips of the trade" that will enhance your ability to design effective 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecards within your organisation Test your understanding and practice new skills as you build a "case study" 3rd Generation Balanced ScorecardYour course will be run by one of 2GC’s in-house consulting team bringing real-worldexperience to the teaching materials.Additional benefitsParticipants will also receive: Printed course materials Access to electronic copies of the course materials (pdf) Ideas exchange with course leaders, guest speakers and fellow attendees e opportunity to meet with world class performance management experts such as Gavin Lawrie, 2GC’s Founder and Managing Director Who should attend? Performance Management project leaders seeking to learn about the latest Balanced Scorecard methods Senior managers looking to better understand how to address Performance Management challenges Anyone interested in learning more about the Balanced Scorecard Need more information? For more information, call William Barney or Sally Green at 2GC on +44 1628 421506, or email Best Practice Balanced Scorecards - © 2GC Limited, 2012 Page 3 of 8
  4. 4. About the CourseComments from previous course participants “I now “The mix of appreciate when conceptual and to use Balanced practical Scorecard, when sessions worked not to use it, and the really well” resources required “The best to implement it training session properly” Ive attended in a “I understand very, very, long the process well time”” enough now to facilitate Balanced Scorecard design in my own organisation.Course Tutorsese courses will be led by experienced 2GC consultants.Each combines hands on practical experience, gained from leading projects to design andimplement 3rd Generation Balanced Scorecard, with a deep understanding of theperformance management theory that underpins the work. All have worked on projects forboth private and public sector organisations, and are experienced course tutors.e course tutors for 2012 are: Gavin Lawrie William Barney Guillaume VarletRead more about these course tutors at the 2GC Web Best Practice Balanced Scorecards - © 2GC Limited, 2012 Page 4 of 8
  5. 5. Course ProgrammeDay 1e first day looks at methods for effective and efficient design and introduction of BalancedScorecard based Performance Management systems.  is is supported by exercises to aidunderstanding and build practical experience.9.00 Registration and Coffee9.30 WELCOME AND COURSE SUMMARY10.00 THE EVOLUTION OF BALANCED SCORECARD AND CURRENT THINKING The Balanced Scorecard has evolved to become one of the most popular strategic management tools to date. However, people have different perceptions of what it is. This session explores use of the Balanced Scorecard as tool for strategic and operational management10.45 Refreshment Break11.00 BUILDING CONSENSUS ON DESTINATION Balanced Scorecards work best when they are focused on achieving specific goals. Learn how to bring consensus to your management team and how to structure the development of a clear picture of where your organisation is going .11.30 PRACTICAL EXERCISE: CASE PART 1 - DESTINATION STATEMENTS Practical exercise and discussion looking at the process of building Destination Statements.13.00 Lunch14.00 PRACTICAL EXERCISE: CASE PART 1 - FEEDBACK AND DISCUSSION14.30 SETTING MEDIUM TERM OBJECTIVES This section explores the methodologies for using the Destination Statement as a basis for identifying priority medium-term objectives15.15 Refreshment Break15.30 PRACTICAL EXERCISE: CASE PART 2 - STRATEGIC LINKAGE MODELS Practical exercise to build your own Strategic Linkage Model using the Destination Statement already created.17.00 PRACTICAL EXERCISE: CASE PART 2 - FEEDBACK AND DISCUSSIONBuilding Best Practice Balanced Scorecards - © 2GC Limited, 2012 Page 5 of 8
  6. 6. Course ProgrammeDay 2e second day continues with practical exercises interspersed with focus sessions on the thinkingthat underpins performance management, and on how to deal with some of the significantimplementation issues you are likely to face.9.00 INTRODUCTION TO THE DAY9.15 MEASURES, TARGETS AND IDENTIFYING INITIATIVES This section looks at choosing useful measures. There will also be a discussion of targets and initiatives.10.00 PRACTICAL EXERCISE: CASE PART 3 - CHOOSING MEASURES A practical exercise and discussion of the process of selecting measures.11.00 Refreshment Break11.15 CASCADING: DEVELOPING ALIGNED SETS OF BALANCED SCORECARDS So far the course has focused on the basic principles surrounding what is required to produce a single Balanced Scorecard. This session looks at some of the issues that arise when you plan to implement more than one Balanced Scorecard in your organisation.12.30 MAKING THE PROJECT HAPPEN Setting up and running the management meetings/workshops to design the Balanced Scorecard.13.00 Lunch14.00 GROUP EXERCISE – FAILURES AND PITFALLS An exercise to discuss some of the issues that arise in the Design process and how to deal with these.15.00 Refreshment Break15.15 IMPLEMENTATION ISSUES Designing a Balanced Scorecard is only the start - implementation and usage is a major challenge. This section looks at the key usage issues and ways to improve the value of the tool once it is designed.16.00 COURSE DEBRIEF / Q&A16.30 FINISHBuilding Best Practice Balanced Scorecards - © 2GC Limited, 2012 Page 6 of 8
  7. 7. Book your place now!The Course Venueese training events will be hosted at Moor Hall, thehome of the Chartered Institute of Marketing. Locatedclose to London in Cookham, Berkshire, Moor Hall wasoriginally a 19th Century Manor House and has developed into a tranquil location offeringmodern state of the art training facilities.e price for this course includes all meals and one nights accommodation on-site in MoorHall’s comfortable en-suite guest rooms. Delegates also have free access to Moor Hall’s healthand leisure facilities during their stay, which include a fully equipped Gymnasium; a snookerroom, and a bar.Moor Hall is located about 30 miles west of Central London (16 miles from LondonHeathrow Airport) and can be reached easily by road, rail or air.Ways to registerTo register contact Sally Green at 2GC using one of thefollowing methods: Telephone +44 1628 421 506 Fax your completed registration form on the following page to +44 1628 421 507 Send an e-mail with the registration information from the form on the following page to Complete the registration form and post it to 2GC Limited, 1 Bell Street, Maidenhead, Berkshire, UK, SL6 1BY.Course FeesIn order to ensure personal attention and a strongly participative approach we limit eachcourse to 20 places.e fee for this course is £1,750.00 + VAT at 20% (Total £2,100) for one delegate.We also offer a 20% reduction for two delegates or more from the same organisationbringing the price per person down to just £1,400.00 + VAT at 20% (Total £1,680).e course includes: All course materials Meals and overnight accommodation (1 evening)All registrations for the course must be paid for in advance. Please contact Sally Green orWilliam Barney on the above number for further details.Building Best Practice Balanced Scorecards - © 2GC Limited, 2012 Page 7 of 8
  8. 8. Registration information Name: Address: Postcode: Country: Tel: Email: Please tick your preferred programme date: 29th & 30th March 2012 20th & 21st September 2012 6th & 7th December 2012 Ways to pay All registrations must be paid in advance of the event Preferred Payment Method (tick one) Cheque made payable to “2GC Limited” enclosed Invoice me at the address below Name: Address: Postcode: Country: Tel: Email:Building Best Practice Balanced Scorecards - © 2GC Limited, 2012 Page 8 of 8