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Brand and product management for pharmaceutical


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Pharmaceutical Product and Brand Management

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Brand and product management for pharmaceutical

  1. 1. One  Day  CERTIFICATE  Workshop     Product  Planning  and  Brand  Management  for   PharmaceuBcals   April  2,  2013,  Karachi     April  4,  2013,  Lahore   This program will focus on product decisions Investment   requiring comprehensive planning and execution of all the marketing activities. Rs.  19,500  per  par)cipant   The Workshop Enables Participants to: Who  Should  ALend   •  Develop a systematic approach to prepare Pharmaceu)cal   a marketing plan for a new product Product/Band   including: Managers  and   –  Market definition marke)ng  planners   involved  in  strategic   –  Competitive analysis product  life  cycle   –  Marketing mix strategy planning.         •  Advertising and Sales Promotion   –  Product positioning   –  Long-term sales forecasting Course  Facilitator   –  Profit and loss statement Dr.  Awais  e  Siraj   –  Marketing and administrative costs –  Brand contribution analysis –  Tactical Plan Methodology Using "real-world" case studies, the participants will develop a marketing plan following all the steps from analyzing medical and clinical trial data through to the launch of a new product.Interna)onal  and  Na)onal  Collabora)on  Partners  of  Genzee  Solu)ons:   For  Registra)on  and  Further  Details,  Please  Contact:   Genzee  Solu)ons   Execu)ve  Office,  4th  Floor,  Saeed  Plaza,  Blue  Area,  Islamabad.  Pakistan  Phone:  +92  51  2604331  Cell:  +92  341  5131011   marke)ng@genzeesolu)    www.genzeesolu)  
  2. 2. ira j   ais   e   S Dr.   Aw Which Means Which Means Which Means Which Means Which Means Which Means Which MeansOther “Impacting Bottom-Line” Programs in the Series: •  The  Art  of  Pharmaceu)cal  Selling  •  Pharmaceu)cal  Sales  Management  •  Pharmaceu)cal  Market  Research  •  Product/Brand  Management  and  e  –  marke)ng  of  Pharmaceu)cals  •  Basics  of  Medical  Affairs  and  Clinical  Research  •  Regulatory  and  Global  Business  Environment    •  Media  Rela)ons  for  the  Pharmaceu)cal  Industry   To  run  customized  workshops,  feel  free  to  contact  us   Execu)ve  Office,  4th  Floor,  Saeed  Plaza,  Blue  Area,  Islamabad.  Pakistan  Phone:  +92  51  2604331   Cell:  +92  341  5131011  marke)ng@genzeesolu)    www.genzeesolu)