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Gallery De Pasquale

  1. 1. HAL Avocado Strategy and Implementation 2009/2010 Presented: 23rd July 2009
  2. 2. Communications Strategy To expand consumers’ current usage of Avocados by demonstrating how truly versatile they are. YOU CAN ADD AN AVO TO ANYTHING! Versatility = Add an Avo to anything Demonstrating how to build into her Give me confidence by = meals via recipes. Highlighting the health benefits of Give me confidence by = eating an Avocado. Establishing the product in the minds Give me confidence by = of Mums.
  3. 3. Creative Strategy Communications Strategy: To expand consumers’ current usage of Avocados by demonstrating how truly versatile they are. Creative Strategy Value proposition – ‘Add an avo’ Morphing shapes Valued content An interesting Recipes – inspire me. device which is now Health facts – inform me. iconic to Avocados. Mums – assure me.
  4. 4. Value Proposition The Value Proposition: “ Add an Avo ” This value proposition takes advantage of the Avocado’s key functional benefit as an ‘added ingredient’ to complement the taste of a meal, or supplement a diet It is a natural extension from the successful “ave an Avo” campaign of the last 3 to 4 years Importantly it is a simple expression off ALL the key messages
  5. 5. Shapes
  6. 6. What we delivered in 2008/09 Television Kitchen Nightmares: 307,750 (W18-54) Fresh: Avg. aud 49,000 Better Homes: 360,086 (GBs 18-39) Iron Chef America: 938,000 (total GBs) Online Magazines Jun08 - Dec08 3.3m impressions Reach & Frequency 27,981 clicks GBs 20-39: 56% (2.1m) AF. 3.8 Jan09 – Jun 09 GBs 40-54: 60% (1.8m) AF. 4.0 8.1m impressions Mums w’ kids: 75% (1.0m) AF. 4.07 1.5m Expansions (interactions) 19% Expansion rate
  7. 7. 2009/10 An evolution - the idea Where people find food inspiration, they will find avocado inspiration Target food inspiration moments Provide Avocado inspiration •Searching for new recipe ideas ‘Add an Avo’ comms message will be aligned next to or within • TV celebrity chefs, food role these vital environments models Isolate moments where the purchase and consumption of food is considered Complement these moments with a reminder of the connection between avocados and a wide variety of appropriate meals Therefore highlighting the versatility of avocados + Increase consideration of avocados at mealtimes
  8. 8. Activation – how will this look? Attach educate creative how to get only to bulb onto relevant solids? recipes Reading magazines for inspiration Engage in direct proximity to recipes Serve creative Watching only with Researching your fav relevant The ‘Add” recipes cookery recipes online Campaign show Create content? Grabbing Lunch Engage customers before they order
  9. 9. Television The challenge for television was to find properties that allows us to demonstrate the versatility of Avocados, utilising existing creative. We considered: length of time in engaging content audience targeting market We’re trying to change Can we push beyond attitudes spot placement food, food, food
  10. 10. 2 x 30 sec ‘add 8 week in show Opening and an avo’ ads per sponsorship integration closing billboards show The Best in Australia In Show (Lifestyle Food) Integration 8 week will appear on Sponsorship September 26th commences August 16th Online 16 week support Integration schedule
  11. 11. 2 x 30 sec ‘add 4 week Opening and and avo’ ads per sponsorship closing billboards show Food Safari (SBS) 4 week Sponsorship commences in February 2010 "Fantastic. It will appeal to hardcore Overhead foodies as well as those who aren't so Logo association voiceover confident. It’s beautiful, simple and I with all on air directing viewers recommend it!" promotion to Avo recipes on Tetsuya Wakuda – World Leading www Culinary Chef
  12. 12. Magazines Variables to consider: does the magazine Is it targeted to each of What is its role in our have food content our audiences magazine mix Food magazines are There are 3 audiences A balance of reach and not the only titles to to consider targeting needs to be consider here achieved
  13. 13. A strong core of titles… targeted to all audiences driving additional reach Targeted to niche audience food mass women’s parenting
  14. 14. How do we deliver the ‘add campaign’ within mags Placement of creative in Something proximity to extra? relevant recipes
  15. 15. Good taste Food Ed Team TAKE 5 CHALLENGE A unique & valuable opportunity to feature Good Taste’s Food Editors using avocados. Appearing in the Good Food section, the promotion challenges our food team to create a quick and easy recipe using avocados, together with four other selected generic ingredients. Recipes are developed to have the maximum appeal for readers – quick, easy and versatile. Includes: • Pics and comments by food editors Product Pic Full Page Strip • Product mention in the two challenge recipes developed by the Good Taste food team Product • Avocados prominently included in the shopping list on the Reference introduction page • A pic of avocados on the introduction page • A sponsorship strip and logo on page creating ownership of the Appearance date feature will be August 19th • The DPS dedicated to the promotion • All production costs including recipe development, photography, design, layout, copy and most importantly editorial integration
  16. 16. Super food ideas FRONT COVER PACKAGE Logo with pointer Super Food Ideas have a unique opportunity in & product in cover shot the market place to deliver advertisers the opportunity to have branding & product usage on the most prized magazine real estate – the front cover Appearance date Includes: will be in May The recipe shot on the front cover using avocado 2010 issue Avocado logo on the cover, plus a few words to describe the cover recipe (on-sale TBC) Page pointer on the front cover to the DPS within the magazine with full recipe DPS advertorial within the magazine The left hand page has the front cover recipe with branded mention in the ingredients, a tip in the recommends box and product shot The right hand page will be the avocado brand ad or super food ideas will create an integrated advertorial All production included The recipe and avocado's will be promoted at point of sale. It is easily visible to shoppers in supermarkets, without them having to open the magazine they see your message. The front cover is used as a promotional tool and will be promoted in News Limited newspapers nationally and Simply Food. All the newsagents carry large posters of the cover, with logos included All Super Food Ideas recipes on the Taste website have a picture of the current issue front cover next to the recipe FP advertorial using SFI branding + brand or advertorial on RH
  17. 17. Delicious “CHEF’S SECRET’S” SILVER SPONSORSHIP Tipped on to the front cover of the April 2010 issue, the “Chef’s Secrets” booklet will offer readers inspiring recipes from delicious’ favourite chefs all in a handy 96-page mini cookbook that can easily be kept in the recipe collection and referred to time and again. As dual sponsor of the booklet, avocados will have valuable association with the delicious. brand and prime placement on the front cover. Coverage will run throughout the booklet and also within the magazine over a course of issues through an associated media schedule. Some of the recipes throughout the booklet will feature avocados, for example in recipes that people would not normally consider adding an avocado to. There will also be ad placement within the booklet Sponsorship Package: Avocados logo on front cover of booklet 3x full page ads within booklet 3x full pages within main magazine 2x Agenda Mentions 5,000 run-ons of booklet Timing of tip-on booklet: April 2010 issue Booklet Timing of associated media pages: From July 2009 to June 2010 appearance date is still TBC, it is planned for early 2010
  18. 18. Practical parenting Recipe booklet will be in March 2010 issue (on-sale TBC) Annabel Karmel, best selling author of 16 books on baby and children's food and nutrition. She is an expert in devising tasty and nutritious meals that don’t require hours in the kitchen. In conjunction with Avocados, Practical Parenting and Annabel will produce a 16 page Recipe Guide which will run within the magazine. This will be sponsored by Avocados and feature 3 ad pages.
  19. 19. Online Variables to consider: does the website have Is it targeted to each of What is its role in our food content our audiences online mix It may be a large portal however; it’s food There are 3 audiences A balance of reach and content needs to be to consider targeting needs to be strong achieved
  20. 20. Online Architecture
  21. 21. Fairfax digital – Add an Avo This went live on July 1st and will run for 12 months A BRAND NEW SECTION Key facts for Fairfax Cuisine 300k monthly users 2.5 million page views 2.5 sessions per use per month 3 minute user sessions SOURCE: NNR MI Domestic November 2008
  22. 22. Kid Spot •Sponsorship of healthy eating and kid friendly recipes across Kidspot and their sister site best recipes • Sponsored links across the site giving helpful hints re Avocados including nutritional information and recipe solutions. • Publisher EDMs targeting both the Kidspot and best recipes database This went live on July 19th and will run for 12 months
  23. 23. Yahoo – category sponsorship Monthly sponsorship commencing from August 1st Key Facts for Yahoo!7 Lifestyle 454K monthly users 3.6 million page views 8 PVs per user per month 2.24 sessions per user per month 4 minutes and 35 seconds spent per user per month Source: Nielsen//NetRatings NetView, Home and Work Panel, Applications Included, August 2008
  24. 24. Search • Our aim is to increase brand search volume and search results through a 2 tiered approach. •Supporting the “healthy eating” or “recipe” element of the campaign utilizing “healthy eating” and “recipe” related key words •Focusing on generic food related key words •This is achieved through Search Engine Marketing – which involves bidding on key words – with an aim for Avocado to achieve high rankings in the paid search lists.
  25. 25. A focus on food - Year 1 Magazine/print
  26. 26. A focus on food - Year 2 Magazine/print
  27. 27. A focus on food - Year 3 Magazine/print
  28. 28. A focus on Winter food - Year 4 Magazine/print
  29. 29. A focus on health – extending usage Year 2 Magazine/print
  30. 30. A focus on health – extending usage Year 2 Magazine/print
  31. 31. A focus on family – new consumer segments Year 2 Magazine/print
  32. 32. A focus on food – in the Home Year 2 Recipe Book
  33. 33. A focus on food – in the home Year 3 Recipe Book
  34. 34. A focus on family – in the home Year 3 Recipe Book for Mums
  35. 35. A focus on food – in the home Year 4 Recipe Book
  36. 36. A focus on Winter food – in the home Year 4 Recipe Book
  37. 37. Activating online Year 2
  38. 38. A focus on driving the database - Year 3 Online promotion Results: Prior to the online promotion the database was 894, at the end of the promotion the database was 3766.
  39. 39. A digital evolution New & Improved From this To this
  40. 40. 2006 / 2009 Digital Results Visits to 90,000 83,034 80,000 70,000 60,000 50,000 Visits 40,000 37,564 32,277 30,000 20,000 10,000 0 Jul 06 - Jun 07 Jul 07- Jun 08 Jul 08 - Jun 09
  41. 41. 2006 / 2008 Digital Activity Overview
  42. 42. 2008 / 2009 Digital Activity Overview •2008 we created a new HTML website •To aid our key strategy goal to provide new and regular content to develop a stronger relationship with the target consumer and become a high quality and valuable resource in their eyes. •This will support the brand value proposition of ‘Health’ and ‘Versatility’
  43. 43. Recipe Finder
  44. 44. Recipe Page
  45. 45. Ask Zoe
  46. 46. 2009 / 2010 Digital Activity Overview
  47. 47. Interactive Recipes ‘Comment’ functionality ‘Rate this Recipe’ • Gauge recipes based on feedback • Prior to commenting, ask users to opt-in to database ‘SMS Shopping List’ • Sends users a list of the ingredients they will need to make the recipes • Builds the database ‘Recipe Book’ • Allows users to save their favourite recipes • With regularly updated recipes, encourages return visits
  48. 48. Talk to an Expert
  49. 49. Kids in the Kitchen Simple picture based, print-friendly recipes using avocado, for children themselves to make.
  50. 50. • Widgets used by businesses globally, such as Kraft and Huggies - keep consumers engaged with a brand. • Opportunity to show product versatility and establish regular product use.
  51. 51. Recipes (from the current Australian Avocados recipe database) – images, videos, information which they can also Send-to-a-Friend SMS Shopping lists – of items needed for the meals/recipes chosen A ‘My Recipes’ of personal favourite recipes Direct access to consumers without them having to return to the website – keeps Australian Avocados top of mind.
  52. 52. SEO, Database and Email Marketing • SEO was incorporated to improve rankings in major search engines. Since 2006 35% of traffic has come directly from Google • EDM has gone from Quarterly to Monthly Distribution in 2009. • Current database has approximately 8,300 contacts with various fields of information.
  53. 53. ADD AN AVO TO FOOTY FINALS STRATEGIC VISION The American Experience The Australian Strategy Promotion started in 90’s & built Carve out a unique space/ over 20 years occasion that that requires Now ‘guac’ & Super Bowl go hand- planned avocado purchase(s) in-hand Adapt US experience by creating Even Martha Stewart writes on the a genuine link with NRL & ‘guac’ tradition at-home footy parties 10m kilo of avocados consumed on Create milestones building to Super Bowl Sunday finals (reverse of US) Equivalent to putting 30 x 250g Target MGBs plus ‘snackers’ avocados on every seat at the NRL Aim to leverage perception to Grand Final make avocados routine for Super Bowl ‘at-home party day’ of entertaining & at-home use the year with average of 18 guests First year in long term campaign. US campaign integrates celebrity We’re creating the Australian spokespeople, radio ads, POS, PR, experience from scratch in-store events & sampling
  54. 54. AVOCADOS: OFFICIAL PARTNER OF RUGBY LEAGUE’S ONE COMMUNITY Deliberately formed partnership with NRL One Community to gain kudos from ‘good will’ initiatives NRL & One Community set nutrition campaigns as priority in 2009. Aims to tackle childhood obesity with one in four children overweight & number of obese boys doubling in past 10 years. Australian Avocados sole partner. As an Official Partner of Rugby League’s One Community, Avocados Australia receives: - Acknowledgement as a partner on the One Community website - Use of the One Community and/or Eat Well, Play Well, Stay Well (EWPWSW) logo on approved media releases, recipe cards and flyers. - Branding, advertising and/or competition information in EWPWSW brochure sent to registered jnr rugby league players - Opportunities to run joint promotions targeting mothers and female rugby league fans re at-home entertaining - Eric the Eel (Parramatta Mascot) solely eats avocados
  55. 55. ‘EAT WELL, STAY WELL, PLAY WELL’ AVOCADO RECIPE COMPETITION Hosted on Rugby League’s One Community Website Utilizes a first grade player (‘health ambassador’) from each of the 16 NRL clubs. Each player allocated avocado recipe to champion during the football season, eg: - Dragon’s Ben Creagh’s ‘Fire Breathing Dip’ - Bulldog’s Michael Hodgson ‘Bulldogs Bruschetta’ Footy fans vote on the best recipe to win Grand Final tickets (funded by NRL) and cash for the club’s One Community program Again, need to create enthusiasm for avocado comp at Club level. Set a KPI for 80% club involvement, surpassed at 94%.
  56. 56. WHO’S LEADING THE NRL AVO LADDER? RANKING % VOTE • Target of 20 votes per week 1.Bulldogs: Bulldogs Bruschetta 25% • Currently running at more 2.Dragons: Fire Breathing Dip 18% than almost 833 votes; 3.Eels: Swirling Sausages 13% approx 80 votes per a week 4.Cowboys: Lasso Chicken 8% 5.Rabbitohs: Red & Green Army Salad 5% “I love Avocados this much is 6.Storm: Storm’s Spuds 4% true/ with potatoes and a 7.Broncos: Bucking Bread Rounds 4% spicy kick, / it's a winner 8.Roosters: Chicken Sticks 3% through & through” 9.Wests Tigers: Tiger Prawn Bites 3% Melbourne Storm Fan 10.Knights: Novocastrian Sandwich 3% 11.Titans: Titans Pies 3% “Because its got yummy 12.Sea Eagles: Sea Eagles Salsa 2% avocado. Healthy and RED 13.Panthers: Panthers’ Pasta 2% and GREEN like me! 14.Sharks: Shark Bites 2% Rabbitohs Fan 15.Raiders: Green Machine Ice Cream 2% 16.Warriors: Pacific Pattie Burger 2%
  57. 57. DRIVING TRAFFIC TO THE RECIPE COMPETITION Click through button on: - 2 x NRL’s “Insider” e- newsletters distributed to 300,000 - All 16 x NRL Club Websites (value of $20,000+ per month) - So far button has appeared 2.75 million times - integrated with - IMPACT secured Cronulla Shark, Ben Ross for online video with Zoe Bingley-Pullin
  58. 58. MEDIA RELEASE & PR ACTIVITY Media releases calling on fans to vote for their favourite recipe & announcing the competition Launched on Channel 9’s Today Show via a series of 6 live weather crosses by Steve Jacobs from the Penrith Panthers - Footage featured junior players breakfasting on avocado wraps with first grade player, Adam Woolnough & Zoe Bingelly-Pullin - Focus was on importance of healthy eating and avocados link to the NRL - Live crosses equated to $300,000 in advertising value
  59. 59. MEDIA RELEASE & PR ACTIVITY Issued 15 tailored releases for use at grass roots and club level KPI of localised 16 articles for tailored release (one per club). To date 40 clips across campaign. Focus now on spreading coverage across the club network with extra ‘predictions release’. Media coverage included: The Courier Mail, Channel 10’s Toasted TV (filming 28 July), Radio 4BC, Triple M, Penrith Press • Coverage will continue until finals in September when recipe comp ends • Built credibility of avo/football link via sports media & targeting MGBs • Player involvement highly attractive to all media • At-home entertaining message carried across all activity
  60. 60. OTHER NRL SUPPORT Twice Mario Fenech has written about Australian avocados in Big League magazine, official NRL magazine with circ of 35,000
  61. 61. BIG LEAGUE SUPPORT Avocados featured in nine of 16 pages of new junior rugby magazine. Distribution of 70,000 Feature included by-lined article drafted on behalf of Zoe Bingley-Pullin Zoe’s involvement added credibility to the overall program
  62. 62. ONGOING PR ACTIVITY Ongoing promotion of club & player involvement An SMS & Win television promotion to highlight avocados and footy final party/at home entertaining. Moved from commencement of campaign by preference of Today Show. New Idea wrap-around in Round 20 of the NRL competition. The magazine will be distributed to some 10,000 attendees at the Ch 9 Sunday charity match. New NRL kid’s website (to be launched end of July) has a dedicated health space that will be used to help promote the recipe competition Editorial re Footy Final Parties & how to plan the perfect footy party targeting MGBS. Short lead nutrition story focuses on at-home entertaining asking footy fans will be asked to swap pies for guacamole
  63. 63. LONG TERM VISION Campaign strategy builds year on year to increase avocados association with football and at-home parties. 2010 builds on first year experience. 2010 2011/12 2013/14 •Develop recipe comp with new angles •Build AFL program as per •National recipe comps •grass roots/NRL campaign NRL •State v State, code v •Support via advertising and instore •Target avo usage for awards code •Develop relationship with AFL nights Daly M/ Bronlow •TVC inc •Launch with Super Bowl party •Ground POS players/retired players •Involve with grounds, catering, family •Mascot stickers •Build seasonal media fun days •Endorsed by DAA coverage •Zoe Bingelly-Pullin to train clubs •Merchandise guac kits