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Henry Drew


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Henry Drew

  1. 1. ANZAGC 2009 Integrated Pest Management in Avocados by Dr Henry Drew Growing Greener Growers
  2. 2. Monitoring Re-assessment Knowledge Control measures Decision-making
  3. 3. High intensity orchards can be monitored effectively for pests
  4. 4. What is it? A PEST … Is it a problem? Tea red spidermite What can I do about it?
  5. 5. A PEST … Red-banded thrips
  6. 6. FRIEND … Striped ladybird
  7. 7. FRIEND … Cryptolaemus larvae
  8. 8. Mummy!
  9. 9. What is it? TEA RED SPIDERMITE Is it a problem? YES What can I do about it? Do nothing and rely on natural biocontrols or on the weather Spray with “hard” chemical Spray with “soft” chemical Introduce a biocontrol agent Accept the expected level of damage
  10. 10. The toxicity of sprays to some beneficials TOXICITY Predatory mites Cryptolaemus Chilocorus Parasitic wasps Lacewings ladybirds ladybirds Carbaryl Low-Medium High High High Medium-High Pyrethroids High High High High High Tebufenozide* Low Low Low Low Low Bt Low Low Low Low Low Chlorpyrifos Medium High High High High Fenthion High High High High High Methidathion High High High High High Methomyl Medium-High High High High High Dimethoate High High High High High Endosulfan Low-Medium Medium Medium Medium-High Medium Petroleum oils Low-Medium Low Low Low-Medium Low Fenbutatin oxide Low Low Low Low Low Propargite Low-Medium Low Low Low Low
  11. 11. Pests are not evenly distributed … Look for hotspots
  12. 12. A warning …
  13. 13. The start of a problem …
  14. 14. FRIEND … Assassin bug nymph
  15. 15. Mummy!
  16. 16. Spotting bug … Deep, variable and initially greasy
  17. 17. Fruit fly … Shallow and small
  18. 18. IPM – Intelligent Pest Management It’s a systematic process. In summary … Startsummary in your crop. In looking … Thingslooking be what they seem! Start may not Record wait use what you find to help make decisions. Don’t and for magic bullets Consider non-chemical alternatives. Don’t wait for magic bullet solutions. Assess if your actions work. It’s a merry-go-round.