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Keynote: Brands, Content and the Moment of Truth: The Agile Approach to Unlock Brand Growth


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Keynote: Brands, Content and the Moment of Truth: The Agile Approach to Unlock Brand Growth

  1. 1. Brands, Content & the Moment of Truth | The Agile Approach to Unlock Brand Growth
  2. 2. @jcueneBusiness nerdCulture nerd ”Digital nerdAmerican Studies≠ MBA @thewaltwhitman
  3. 3. “Truth” Unlocks Growth ? $  Right Right Consumer Marketer insight Creative Moment Moment Message of Truth of Truth We need a way to get there faster 12 Months 8
  4. 4. Marketer Consumers
  5. 5. There once was acompany ofchampions….
  6. 6. The ArchetypeThe farmersindustry calls him ”to till thesoil, from which hereceives Godsspecial blessingsJefferson, “Notes on the State of Virginia”
  7. 7. Agrarian Roots Rational GrittyAnnual Cycles Conservative Legacy
  8. 8. Modern GlobalState of the Art Performance Growth
  9. 9. WeThought: Digital Marketing = New tools, old problems We Brand Building in a Networked WorldRealized: New approach, new opportunities
  10. 10. A very different family unit
  11. 11. The Archetype
  12. 12. hacker“The word `hacker has an unfairly negative connotation from being portrayedin the media as people who break into computers. In reality, hacking justmeans building something quickly or testing the boundaries of what can bedone….The Hacker Way is an approach to building that involves continuousimprovement and iteration. Hackers believe that something can always bebetter, and that nothing is ever complete. They just have to go fix it – often inthe face of people who say its impossible or are content with the status quo…Hackers try to build the best services over the long term by quickly releasingand learning from smaller iterations rather than trying to get everything right allat once.Hacking is also an inherently hands-on and active discipline. Instead ofdebating for days whether a new idea is possible or what the best way to buildsomething is, hackers would rather just prototype something and see whatworks. Mark Zuckerberg – letter to investors
  13. 13. hackBuild somethingSee if worksMake it better, then biggerRepeat again and againDone is better than perfect.Make more interactionKeep shipping
  14. 14. Silicon Valley’s Marketer of the Future 24
  15. 15. Agile Brand Building Individuals and Intuition over process In-Market Results over opinionHacking the Consumer Response over consensusModern Brand Responding to Change over following plan Results over decks Content = Code = Truth Keep “Shipping” Content 25
  16. 16. Case Study: Reese’s Puffs•How to take a classic brand and modernize to jumpstart growth?Moment of truth: Willconsumers respond?
  17. 17. Since 1923 Reese’shas made a flavormashup worth talkingaboutChocolate +Peanutbutter =Awesome
  18. 18. But we didn’t stopthere, we mashed it upwith breakfastChocolate + Peanutbutter + Breakfast= AWESOMERThis idea helped us hone in on thepurpose of the brand.
  19. 19. Reese’s Puffs Core Purpose:To bring awesome things together to makethem awesomerSince Reese’s Puffs are the ultimate combination, wewant to work together with our fans to create even moreperfect mashups.
  20. 20. Reese’s Puffs were already being mashed-up in cultureMemes/mashups are a sharable and authentic territory.
  21. 21. Connected to Today’s Creativity / Creative Culture Take it One Step Further / Expression & Pushing Further ExperiencesThree territories became the launchpad for new contentdeas than limiting the areas Reese’s Puffs could play in, pursuits inspire newRatherways of thinking about the brand.Unlock new places for consumers and brand toconnect.
  22. 22. • User Content Branded Content • ImpressionsWe plotted outa digitalecosystem tosupport ourefforts • User Content Branded • Impressions Content BRANDEDIt was designed todistribute our content and CONTENTfuel Reese’s Puffs’ Always- HUBOn engine. • Branded Content • Branded Content • User Content • Community Learnings Impressions SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS PAID MEDIA CHANNELS
  23. 23.’s Puffs digital ecosystemFacebook was the primary driver. The page gained >160k fans in 3 months with minimal paid acquisitionand had stellar levels of engagement when we were most active. The most sharable content wasbrought to Tumblr and original videos were posted to a branded YouTube channel.
  24. 24. Content was executed quickly and put into market to learnWe’ve shared memes and mashups; created new Reese’s Puffs-inspired memes; offered Teen friendlyrecipes and shared interviews with mashup and meme creators.
  25. 25. 1,391 LIKES 65 COMMENTS 311 SHARES 480 LIKES 33 COMMENTS 67 SHARES 520 LIKES 31 COMMENTS 65 SHARES Image Macros – Clever Found content – Sourced from and Co-created content – Photo headlines with simple images. attributed to users and meme mashups, caption contests, polls sites. Attribution is extremely etc. important.Best performing content and themes
  26. 26. Mass marketWe pairedtargeted-mass “Paid”with “Always AdvertisingOn” Realistically relevant ~200MM imp Facebook Ads,Timing: May-Sept 10 Social/Viral Reach 11.3MM impressions Promotions Tumblr Ads , Banner Ads,2012 Current users Always-On Users: 153,400 Facebook fans: 152,000 Tumblr followers: 1,400 Buy rate Repeat Penetration Digital, precision/ buy rate Traditional , awareness/trial
  27. 27. 1 organic impression 2.3 viral impressions We’ve added almost 70K new fans since stopping advertising on 8/18 Content sharing 10X higher than Brand X Organic fan growth 4X higher than Brand X Strong content made our impact even greater Our content was shared broadly expanding our reach by over 2X and organic fan growth was around 1K new fans per day.
  28. 28. It worked! +2.0MMWe gained Est. Yearly Organic/Viral Impressionsinvaluable (from new fans)insights and +34MMdrove real Est. Yearly Organic/Viral Impressionsresults• Better than average ROI on ads• Low paid CPM, even lower effective CPM 11.3MM Organic/Viral Impressions• Less than the production cost of a typical TV spot• Less than the time it takes to plan a typical campaign >200K Facebook Fans
  29. 29. Agile Brands, BoldLeadersHard leadership lessons being learned daily:• It’s a culture change, not a process change• Small, dedicated team• Execution is hard• Constraints / under resourcedUnlocking Growth via Content• Content == interaction == Truth• Iteration > PerfectionKeep shipping (content)!
  30. 30. Jim