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Slides from Zappos Insights' Jon Wolske. Presentation given to Nashville Chapter of the American Marketing Association in March 2012.

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  • Company music video http://youtu.be/4gHlEBU_NSg
  • Getting to know your presenter
  • Some key points from our history
  • Even with a focus on culture and allowing culture to drive all decisions, the growth has been pretty good!
  • Dictionary definition of Culture -
  • The office is decorated to show off our personalities! Each person’s space is theirs to decorate as they want. The cube walls are low, so it is very open for communication/collaboration
  • What it really comes down to is smiling faces. People who are more than just ‘co-workers’. It also means that people’s passion for different things will not be overlooked (the Zappos Family album is an example of that – one person was passionate enough to present the idea, then took the idea and made it a reality…)
  • Our Zappos Family Core ValuesNotice that the word ‘Customer’ does not appear in the values. The service needs to go in 360 degrees
  • Dictionary definition of service
  • My definition of WOW service
  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression. What our customers see first impacts their decision to connect with our culture more strongly than any other moment we could create. Our website is constantly evolving as we improve the customer’s first experience, but we always maintain our focus on customer service.
  • How our customers interact with us, via our website or the contact center is vital. Whether they are shopping without our assistance or with the help of our customer loyalty team members, we ensure fast, accurate delivery of all merchandise ordered, provide surprises (like overnight shipping upgrades for free) as often as possible, and always go above and beyond to do the right thing for our customers.
  • Lets take a look at the Customer-Service WOW tools: Team members are not scripted. This allows the personality of the team member to shine through the conversation. It also removes the feeling that reps are giving ‘the company line’ or are robotic.
  • Along with having no scripts or rebuttals to read, reps are asked to help customers. There is no list of ‘right or wrong’ resolutions, if it makes sense to the rep for THAT customer and THAT situation, their decision is the right decision.
  • The job is to ask “How can I help You?” and mean it.
  • Reps are given the freedom of time to be themselves and talk as long as they need to. Can anyone guess what the longest call was in ZCLT? – 8 Hours!But the average talk time is under 5 minutes, so even without the limitations the calls remain reasonable in length.This also helps to build the last WOW tool we’ll talk about today….
  • We do this with a variety of tools – most of which are “beyond the moment” experiences. While we can do all kinds of things to build bridges during our conversations, like talk about hometowns, weather, and pick up on environmental queues that aide in conversation starting, what really brings the WOW are the things all our team members are empowered to do AFTER the call ends.We send flowers, cookies, Jones’ soda. We send thank you cards, happy birthday messages, WOW packages, culture books. We follow-up and call customers back to see how their order was received. We send personalized videos. All of these things, by the way, were conceived of by our team members as they took it upon themselves to discover and promote new ways to WOW with service.
  • It’s not easy to find just the right seeds and there’s quite a bit of work involved in preparing and tending a healthy garden, but the harvest is well worth it. Our team is…. A family. We are a group of folks who truly feel personally engaged, empowered and know we each contribute to something greater –making a difference. We are aligned by our values and we put service above everything else. Our customers gain the most as we strive to create the very best, most enjoyable and most memorable experiences for them each time they connect with us, however they choose to.
  • And, of course, what our customers become is REPEAT CUSTOMERS! Our repeat customer statistics are staggering. 75% of all purchases are from returning customers. So what’s it all add up to? Happiness. Delivered. We’ve worked really hard to develop a place that people want to come to, want to work in, feel great about, take pride in and truly enjoy and a place where folks want to visit, shop at, and come back to, over and over again.
  • Our Zappos Family Core Values – How we defined OUR culture
  • Our Zappos Family Core Values – How we defined OUR culture
  • Our Zappos Family Core Values – How we defined OUR culture
  • Our Zappos Family Core Values – How we defined OUR culture
  • Our Zappos Family Core Values – How we defined OUR culture
  • Our Zappos Family Core Values – How we defined OUR culture
  • Word of Mouth From Customer Insights

    1. 1. 2
    2. 2. A bit about me: Jan 2008 – Started in ZCLT as phones rep Joined Zappos Insights August 2009 (Have grown tours to over 1200 visitors/month) August 2011 moved into Culture Evangelist position with a focus on speaking/presenting Love sharing Zappos Family Culture with the world!
    3. 3. A bit about Zappos: July 1998– Started as shoesite.com (Initial focus was selection of products) July 1999 – Renamed Zappos.com Added a focus on the customer experience (Stopped Drop-Shipping and took on inventory/shipping in 2001) February 2006 - Defined Core Values Committed to Delivering Happiness to the world!
    4. 4. A bit about Zappos: Growth
    5. 5. #23…. #15….. #6….. 7
    6. 6. #1 in customer service 8
    7. 7. What is: Company Culture —n The attitudes, feelings, values, and behavior that characterize and inform a group and its members From www.dictionary.com
    8. 8. What does it look like at Zappos?
    9. 9. What does it look like at Zappos?
    10. 10. Zappos Family: Core Values 1. Deliver WOW through Service 2. Embrace and Drive Change 3. C r e a t e F u n a n d A L i t t l e We i r d n e s s 4. Be Adventurous, Creative and Open -Minded 5. Pursue Growth and Learning 6. Build Open & Honest Relationships with Communication 7. B u i l d a P o s i t i v e Te a m a n d Fa m i l y S p i r i t 8. Do More With Less 9. Be Passionate and Determined 10 Be Humble 12
    11. 11. By Definition: Service —n The act or manner of serving guests, customers, etc, in a shop, hotel, restaurant, etc From www.dictionary.com
    12. 12. By Definition: WOW Service —V 1. To do service in a way that is unconventional and innovative. 2. To give service that is above and beyond what’s expected
    13. 13. What customers see first• 24/7 1-800 number on every page• Free shipping• Free return shipping• 365-day return policy 15
    14. 14. • Fast, accurate fulfillment• Surprise your customers • Create WOW• Friendly, helpful “above and beyond” customer service• Don’t have it? Assist them with finding it elsewhere 16
    15. 15. WOW Tools in ZCLT
    16. 16. WOW Tools in ZCLT
    17. 17. WOW Tools in ZCLT
    18. 18. WOW Tools in ZCLT
    19. 19. WOW Tools in ZCLT 21
    20. 20. • Inspire employee happiness & engagement.• A sense of ownership and pride.• A workforce who make business decisions based on our core vales.• A team who is willing to do what’s right for our customers and our company. 22
    21. 21. Why focus on the culture?
    22. 22. Customers come back,Customers come Customers come back, order more often and back… order more often… order more… On any given Repeat day, approx. Repeat customers 75% of customers have higherpurchases are order >2.5x avg. order sizefrom returning per year vs. 1st time customers customers 24
    23. 23. Why focus on the experience? Repeat Customers Word of Mouth Marketing Solid Brand Identity Focus on Culture initiatives
    24. 24. Support Company Initiatives: Customer Culture Service Clothing Community
    25. 25. Support Company Initiatives: Customer Service Clothing Community AWARENESS PERCEPTION ACTION Sharing our Share the Increase customer culture through benefits of a affinity for our Blogs, videos strong culture – brand and and Social the value it encourage return interactions that provides our shopping for the make people customers and happy smile other businesses. experience.
    26. 26. Support Company Initiatives: Culture Clothing Community AWARENESS PERCEPTION ACTION Enable Help customers Encourage customers to with helpful shopping for the share customer content– a experience just as service reminder that we much, if not more, experiences. are always here than for the to help. product.
    27. 27. Support Company Initiatives: Customer Culture Service Community AWARENESS PERCEPTION ACTION Amplify Create positive Move our messaging of sentiment customers to buy breadth of around our with helpful, product to our brand that is engaging content fans connectable for and enable them customers. to share that experience with others.
    28. 28. Support Company Initiatives: Customer Culture Service Clothing AWARENESS PERCEPTION ACTION Spread the word Develop a Inspire about our natural engagement emerging connection based on an communities between the ethical connection and support of brand and with the brand. local community community efforts. involvement.
    29. 29. Questions: Q&A