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Servey about natural disaster


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this is about natural disaster and servey that taken from some people.

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Servey about natural disaster

  1. 1. I am Avinash Kumar of class10th .I got a golden opportunity topresent a social – science projectin power point presentation bysurvey in coastal areas.
  2. 2. SURVEY IN COASTAL AREAS :-PLACE : Gujarat , Rajasthan, Andaman and Nikobar Island, Himachal Pradesh.
  3. 3. A disaster is a natural or man-made hazard thathas come to fruition, resulting in an event ofsubstantial extent causing significant physicaldamage or destruction, loss of life or drastic changeto the environment.A disaster can be defined as any tragic event withgreat loss stemming from events such asearthquakes, floods, catastrophic accidents, fires, orexplosions.It is a phenomenon that causes huge damage tolife, property and destroys the economic, social andcultural life of people.
  4. 4. Name : Rahul Kumar singh Gender: Male Age : 40 yearsAddress : Q. No. 26/S Ahamdabad,GujaratDo you know about any disaster?Yes, about earthquake.Have you ever faced it?Yes, that’s why I know it. I was working in Gujarat when I felt that dangerous earthquake. I was atmy quarter with my family.What was your first reaction?We first tried our best to get out of there and, luckily we succeeded.What were the things that you had at the time of running out of the house?Oh! We had nothing with us but we had our life safe.What were other peoples doing at that time? Some were out of the house but unfortunately most of people were still in their houses andsuddenly the big building fell down on the ground. We saw blots of blood on the surface. It wasindeed a hellish scene.Had you helped anyone in that condition?Ya! Off course , is it a thing to ask! I helped some people to get out of that fallen, big and heavy walls.Was there any official help provided?Oh! They came late. Police, Army had been sent and they really did good work.Thanks for giving some time sir. It’s good to talk with you.
  5. 5. Name : Sameer Rawat Gender: Male Age : 46 yearsAddress : Q. No 23/A Jaipur,Rajasthan.Do you know about any disaster?Yes, about dreadful drought.Have you ever faced it?Off course! I was in Rajasthan when this bad thing happened.What was your first reaction?There was nothing to do. We were dying for a single drop of water.Was there any official help provided?No, nothing like that. We did strike and wrote many letters to attractGovernment attention toward our problem and then some water trucksstarted to come to our locality at every week. That was very tough time ofmy life.Thanks for giving some time sir.
  6. 6. Name : D.K Verma Gender: Male Age : 40 yearsAddress : Q. No. 253/B DLW VaranasiDo you know about any disaster?About the Tsunami.Have you ever faced it?Yes, when I was in Andaman and Nikobar Island.What was your first reaction?We were on the boat beside the seashore. I heard somebody screaming to get into the sea and beaway from the seashore. I did the same thing as I had no choice at that time.What were the things that you had at that time?We went there for fishing and for that we had some equipment.Had you no match-stick or the first- aid box?No.What were other peoples doing at that time?Some people who ignored the announcement and wanted to reach their home were caught intsunami and lost in that dangerous water. It destroyed everything which happened to come in itsway. Everything was floating.Had you helped anyone in that condition?Yes.Was there any official help provided?When tsunami had gone, then army men, police and the local people helped other victims.Helicopters were roaming in the sky providing food for peoples in packets. They did many things.Thanks for giving some time sir.
  7. 7. Name : Sanjay Kumar JaiswalGender: MaleAge : 44 yearsAddress : Q. No. 266/D DLW VaranasiDo you know about any disaster?Yes, about landslide.Have you ever faced it?Yes, when I was in Himachal Pradesh.What was your first reaction?Oh! Their was no place to go anywhere.What were the things that you had that time ?I had my car , cell phone, wallet and one small water bottle.What were other peoples doing at that time?Their was no anyone.Had you helped anyone in that condition?I was already in bad condition but I help one small child.Was there any official help provided?No.Thanks for giving some time sir.
  8. 8. Prevention :-The Phase of prevention involves active participation ofall groups of society- governmental as well as nongovernmental organizations. All type of consensusdevelopmental planning like early warning of impendingdisasters and their effective dissemination by usingvarious alternative communications are the key factorsfor the effective prevention and preparedness.Involvement of educational & training institutions,corporate sectors and non governmental organizationsto generate knowledge on Disaster Management byconducting various training and awareness programmesare long term key factors for the prevention andpreparedness.