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Session 41_Göran Holm


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G Holm SMOCS project Session 41

Published in: Education, Technology
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Session 41_Göran Holm

  1. 1. Göran HolmDirector of Research & Development,Swedish Geotechnical Institute (SGI)Project Manager SMOCS
  2. 2. - Oberoende FoU-institut- Kompetenscentrum för geoteknik och miljögeoteknik- Geoteknisk forskning och rådgivning samt myndighetsansvar iras-, skred- och stranderosionsfrågor.- Nära samspel mellan forskning, rådgivning och informationinom mark-användning och byggande.- Samverkar med den geotekniska marknaden – myndigheter,universitet, konsulter och entreprenörer.- Arbetar mycket med klimatanpassningsfrågor.Kontor i Linköping, Göteborg, Malmö och Sundsvall samt iStockholm fr o m i höst . ’ Transportforum Linköping 2012-01-12
  3. 3. Background• To develop BSR (Baltic Sea Region) in a sustainable way contributing to an extended interaction and co-operation sea transport is a key issue• Dredging of fairways and ports have to be made and several million m3 of sediments have to be dredged in the coming years• A considerable part of the dredged sediments is contaminated with non- organic and/or organic contaminants (e.g. heavy metals, dioxins, PCBs, PAHs, TBT)• Dump of sediments at the sea normally not allowed• Land disposal most expensive• Initial projects show large potential for innovations regarding beneficial use of treated contaminated sediments and knowledge transfer to get a BSR approach (e.g. the stabilisation/solidification method) Transportforum Linköping 2012-01-12
  4. 4. SGI Lead Partner
  5. 5. Outcomes• Guideline for management of contaminated sediments including handling alternatives• Tool-box of treatment technologies, tools for assessment of sustainablity, decision support tools• Field tests to validate, demonstrate and communicate emerging treatment methods under various conditions• Permanent network for the management of contaminated sediments of BSR Transportforum Linköping 2012-01-12
  6. 6. TransportforumLinköping 2012-01-12
  7. 7. Quality control of whole process ofbeneficial use of contaminated dredged material Dredging environmentally Transport Process stabilisation/solidification Beneficial use as construction/fill material in port areas Transportforum Linköping 2012-01-12
  8. 8. stabilisation/solidification with mass stabilisationNordsjö, HelsinkiRamboll Finland(2006) Stegeludden, Oxelösund, Sweden (2009) Transportforum Linköping 2012-01-12
  9. 9. stabilisation/solidification with process stabilisation in Port of Gävle (on-going)
  10. 10. Improvement of engineering and environmental properties Utlakning från stabiliserat och ostabiliserat sediment 80 76 77 70 Sediment Sediment + bindemedel CM 50/50 150 kg/m3Utlakat µg/kg material 60 50 40 30 24 20 13 STABCON 10 5,9 0,41 0 S:a cancerogena PAH S:a övriga PAH S:a 7PCB Transportforum Linköping 2012-01-12
  11. 11. Two keywords• Holistic approach considering technology, economy, environment, social aspects, ecology• Beneficial use of s/s-treated sediments Transportforum Linköping 2012-01-12
  12. 12. An example of the beneficial use of contaminated sedimentsTransportforumLinköping 2012-01-12
  13. 13. SMOCS will have impact on energy use and global warming !3000000 2,50E+05 Glo bal warming po tential2500000 Energy co nsumptio n 2,00E+052000000 1,50E+051500000 1,00E+051000000 5,00E+04500000 0 0,00E+00 Scenario 1(Stabilizatio n) Scenario 2 (Landfill) Scenario 3 (Sea Scenario 4 (Fill) dispo sal) Transportforum Linköping 2012-01-12
  14. 14. Multi Criteria Decision tool (MCD)
  15. 15. MCD - resultsTransportforumLinköping 2012-01-12
  16. 16. Budget 3, 465 MEuro 3 years end date Dec 16, 2012 Project Manager Göran Holm Swedish Geotechnical Institute (SGI) phone: +46 13 20 18 61, +46 70 521 09 39 e-mail: goran.holm@swedgeo.seFinancial Manager Communication ManagerAnna Weiding Bo SvedbergSwedish Geotechnical Institute Luleå University of Technologyphone: +46 13 20 18 83 phone: +46 730 300 410e-mail: e-mail: Transportforum Linköping 2012-01-12
  17. 17. TransportforumLinköping 2012-01-12
  18. 18. SMOCS is appointed by EU to be aFlagship projectWithin EUSBSR priority 3 ”Toreduce the use and impact ofharzardous substances” Transportforum Linköping 2012-01-12
  19. 19. • A report by STABCONin January 2012 Thank you for your attention! Transportforum Linköping 2012-01-12