ITIL and Autotask: Incident & Problem Management


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ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a globally recognized set of practices for IT Service Management that focuses on aligning IT services with the needs of businesses. How does ITIL affect the value you deliver to your customers? How can Autotask help you manage your services delivery according to ITIL principles? In this session, you will learn the key elements of the ITIL Service Lifecycle, and how they relate to your business and to your customers. We will also explore how you can more effectively perform Incident Management and Problem Management using Autotask.

[Presenters: Bernd Muller & Tom Osborn, Autotask]

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ITIL and Autotask: Incident & Problem Management

  1. 1. ITIL and Autotask Incident and Problem Management Tom Osborn Bernd Müller Vice President – Client Services Sr. Implementation Manager Autotask Corporation Autotask GmbH
  2. 2. What is ITIL?  Framework for identifying, planning, delivering, and supporting IT services for business/customers  Move from reactive and technology-focused, toward proactive and aligned with business needs/value  Move from user-focused to customer-focused  Move toward a more holistic view of IT services  Benefits:     Improved service quality Optimized use of resources Reduced cost Maximized customer satisfaction
  3. 3. ITIL Lifecycle
  4. 4. Incident and Problem Management Incident Management Problem Management “Isolated occurrences” “Systematic Issues” Relationship
  5. 5. Demo – Create Incidents and a Problem  Situation:  1st customer contact calls with issue that printer doesn’t print  2nd customer calls with a similar or same printer issue  Autotask: Identify and manage problem throughout lifecylce  Create 1st incident  Create problem ticket linking to earlier incident ticket  Working on problem ticket  Create note on problem and linked incidents tickets  Close problem with incidents tickets  Review process and other related features  Review incident to problem, problem to incident possibilities  New field Ticket Type in column chooser available  Workflow rules for notifying incident contacts Goto Autotask
  6. 6. ITIL Problem Management - Incidents
  7. 7. ITIL Problem Management – Linked Incidents
  8. 8. ITIL Problem Management - Problems Problem can update incidents:  Notes  Status Change  Attachments  Close Alert
  9. 9. ITIL Problem Management – Column Chooser
  10. 10. Want to learn more about ITIL?  Autotask Training calendar – More to come!  IT Service Management / ITIL  APM Group  International group  Wikipedia – –  Training/Certification  New Horizons  Serview  Pink Elephant – – –
  11. 11. Scenario workflow: Incident Lisa Meyer calls with a printer issue Create incident ticket Ticket status: New Troubleshoot and connect printer locally as workaround Create time entry Ticket status = In Progress (not solved as underlying issue is unknown)
  12. 12. Scenario workflow: Problem Management Michael Meyer calls with a printer issue Create ticket and search for similar tickets to account Found other tickets with printer issues Create problem ticket and link related incident tickets Ticket status: New Troubleshoot printer issues Create time entry on problem ticket for troubleshooting: Issue: Not enough disk space on server, print spooler fails Ticket status: In Progress Ordering hard disks to expand server volume Create note on problem and incident ticket Ticket status: Waiting Materials Harddisks have arrived and have been installed Create time entry on problem ticket Ticket status: Completed