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Configuration: Understanding the Admin Module


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The Admin module is where life begin in Autotask. Understanding the configurations available is crucial to keeping Autotask in tune and in line with your business. This session will show you the areas most likely to be impacted as your business changes and how to manage them to support your growth. This session will review the following Autotask features: - Workflow Policies - Resources - Work Types

[Presenter: Angela Richer, Autotask]

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Configuration: Understanding the Admin Module

  1. 1. Keeping Your Admin Module Up-to-date Angela Richer Manager, Documentation and Localization
  2. 2. Angela Richer Manager, Documentation and Localization Autotask Headquarters in Albany, NY  Worked in the Software Industry for 24 years  With Autotask for over 9 years     Training Implementation Documentation Localization
  3. 3. Session Goal  The goal of this session is to show you how to update your Autotask settings as your business changes or certain events occur, so you continue to get the most out of Autotask - even after your initial implementation is long past
  4. 4. Agenda  In this session, we will show you how to keep your Autotask site optimally configured when the following events occur:       A new year begins Someone leaves the company You hire or promote someone You offer new products and services You move or open additional offices Autotask releases the new version
  5. 5. When a New Year Begins
  6. 6. When a New Year Begins      Update Holiday Set(s) Review Time Off Policies Review prices for Products and Services Review Favorites and Templates Review Payment Terms
  7. 7. When Someone Leaves the Company …or is fired
  8. 8. When Someone leaves the Company  Change the user’s email address to your own  On the Autotask login page, enter the username of the departing staff member and click I forgot my Password. Then change the user’s password.  Login with the new password  Submit the user’s timesheets  Log out and log back in as Administrator  Reassign the user’s incomplete work to other staff members (Forward/Modify Ticket, Reassign Tasks)  THEN, you can inactivate the user
  9. 9. When You Hire or Promote Someone
  10. 10. When You Hire or Promote Someone  Review your Security Levels  Will you need a new security level?  Enter or update the Internal Burdened Rate for the user  Review your Departments and Queues and associate the user with the right ones, in the right Roles  Check Workflow Rules to make sure the new team member is integrated into your workflow  When hiring a salesperson, assign them to a Territory, and possibly transfer accounts to them
  11. 11. New Product Offering
  12. 12. New Product Offerings  Create the necessary Material Codes and Configuration Item Types  Use the new Import Tool to import a Product list  Use Contact Group bulk emailing to promote the new product
  13. 13. New Service Offerings  Create the necessary Work Types, Recurring Contract Service Codes, and Contract first  Update your Services and Service Bundles lists  Enter a customized Service description which will appear on the Invoice  Use Contact Group bulk emailing to promote the new service
  14. 14. When You Move or Open Additional Offices
  15. 15. When You Move or Open Additional Offices  Update the address of your Internal Account in Autotask (the 0 Account)  The Internal Account Address is displayed on your invoices  If you are opening additional offices, determine whether you will need to set up a new Location  Necessary if the new location is in a different country or time zone, or needs a different Holiday Set
  16. 16. When Autotask Releases the New Version
  17. 17. When Autotask Releases the New Version  Read the Release Notes – check whether something you have been asking for or waiting for has been released  Sign up for New Feature Webinars, watch training videos and consult Online Help to learn how to integrate the new features into your workflow
  18. 18. When Autotask Releases the New Version  Review the Countries your customer accounts are associated with  Autotask converted Country into an ISO compliant dropdown  Review all accounts where the country is Other, and update  Make sure all Countries you are doing business in are activated on the Country list, so they appear on the dropdown  Configure Address Formats and associate them with the Countries
  19. 19. When Autotask Releases the New Version  Set up your customized Tax Grid  Create the Tax Categories your business will require, and associate them with your billing codes  Create a Tax Region for each country you do business in  Select a Default Tax Region  Create or edit customized Invoice Templates  Set up Additional Invoice Fields  Assign invoice templates to customer accounts
  20. 20. When Autotask Releases the New Version  Review Name Prefixes and Suffixes  Configure your Mailbox(es) to set up Incoming Email Processing  Edit Notification Templates for use by your company  Review the new Import and Update Tools for      Accounts and Contacts Configuration Items Inventory Items Products Project Phases and Tasks
  21. 21. When Autotask Releases the New Version  Review your Workflow Rules  Consolidate Service Desk Workflow Polices using the In List / Not in List operators  Review substantially enhanced Projects and Task workflow rules  Service Desk  Review ITIL Incident and Problem Management  Inventory  Review Procurement Workflow  Projects  Check out the completely overhauled Project schedule with Drag and Drop and many other new features
  22. 22. Angela Richer Manager, Documentation and Localization