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New Procurement Workflows: Communication and Control from Quoting to Billing


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Communication is an essential part of the product procurement process and touches many parts of your business. That's why Autotask's new Procurement Extension and features cross modules to streamline workflow and communications across Quotes, Tickets, Projects, Inventory and Billing.

This session will teach you the best configuration strategies for a successful end-to-end procurement process whether you start from an initial quote, or while working on the middle of a ticket. Attendees should have a strong understanding of the basic components of Autotask because the Procurement features use all of these elements as building blocks.

[Presenter: Melissa Hockenberry, Autotask]

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New Procurement Workflows: Communication and Control from Quoting to Billing

  1. 1. New Procurement Workflows Communication and Control from Quoting to Billing Melissa Hockenberry Sr. Trainer Autotask Corporation #CommLive
  2. 2. Agenda     Definitions Overview Configuration Process
  3. 3. Definitions Procurement: The process of acquiring or obtaining items to fill the requirements of a sales order or cost. An add-on that provides a streamlined process to approve, purchase, and receive cost items in inventory; generate and track cost items from quotes; and fulfill customer orders. Inventory: An optional module that allows you to manage product inventory from within Autotask.
  4. 4. Definitions Sales Order: An electronic record that tracks quote details, notes, tickets, purchase orders and the status of quote item costs for a closed opportunity. Created when you run the Close Opportunity Wizard. Note: This is the only way to create a Sales Order. Purchase Order: A document soliciting goods or services from a vendor.
  5. 5. Agenda     Definitions Overview Configuration Process
  6. 6. Overview: Product Procurement Workflow Quoting Check/Reserve Inventory Won Opportunity * Notify Purchasing Purchase Approval Need to Order • Select from Inventory • Create Purchase Orders Receiving Screen • Notify Tech • Update Inventory Create Inventory Pick List Shipment Screen • Notify Tech • Update Inventory Product Cost Screen * Transfer and Deliver Approve/Post By Cost Status Costs Basis (AVG, LIFO, FIFO) Create Sales Order • Notify Tech
  7. 7. Configuration  Workflow Policy  Security Level  Products Go to Autotask
  8. 8. Configuration - Summary  Workflow Policy  Select Inventory Accounting Method  Designate Purchasing Team  Determine how/if you will use approval  Security Level  Determine who needs access to:  Purchase Orders  Inventory  Procurement Screens  Products  Set- up Vendors in CRM  Import/Update product list  Import/Update Inventory  Be certain to create necessary locations before import
  9. 9. Process  Customer calls for new server quote after a discussion you had during visit  They need three additional tablets for new salespeople  They want to know one tablet will be delivered when they sign
  10. 10. Process In Autotask:  Create Quote  Check and reserve inventory  Win Opportunity  Automatically notify purchasing  Review sales order  Review post sale ticket Go to Autotask
  11. 11. Process - Recap  Create Quote  Use it to reserve items to close the deal  Win Opportunity  Sales Order create  Purchasing team notified  Review Sales Order  Use this document to manage the process and communicate  Review Post Sale Ticket  Use this to track procurement time  Add Work Type for “Purchasing/Procurement”
  12. 12. Process - Continued       Purchase Approval (optional) Purchasing/Fulfillment Screen Purchase Orders Posting Product Receiving Delivery/Shipping Go to Autotask
  13. 13. Process- Recap  Purchase Approval  Blank will skip the approval process  Zero (0) to force approval for all items  Purchasing/Fulfillment  Select inventory location  Submit PO only when complete  Purchase Orders  Same PO can appear in different areas in process  Use the screen as a report to review open purchase orders by vendor  PO can be edited to change general information, reduce quantity, cancel an item or change item cost
  14. 14. Process- Recap  Purchase Order (continued)  PO can be emailed to vendor contacts, Autotask employees or external emails  Create the notification template that communicates the appropriate information for your company  Posting Product  Posting can happen at any status  Receiving  Ensure product is tagged as serialized in product list  Delivery/Shipping  Create Pick List and/or Packing List