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Carl Pullein Resume 2.0


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My Visual Resume - describing what I am doing now and why I am doing it

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Carl Pullein Resume 2.0

  1. The Visual Resume Of Hello, My name is Carl Pullein GREAT ENGLISH TEACHER ?
  2. I teach English here
  3. I have lived in Seoul since July 2002
  4. BUT I originally come from...
  5. Here
  6. I graduated in 2001 with an Honours Law Degree
  7. from... leeds metropolitan university
  8. Then I worked in one of these
  9. Until this made me
  10. Ask Why am I doing this?
  11. SO...
  12. I got on one of these
  13. And came here
  14. Then e Ko rea I lov I fell in love with Korea
  15. SO I stayed
  16. I continued working at as a teacher and Academic Director and set up my own company specialising in international communication
  17. In my classes my students feel like this...
  18. ...and not like this
  19. I push my students to achieve the success they desire I believe in learning through FUN FUN FUN
  20. I also believe passionately in Teamwork Enthusiasm Har d w o rk Org anisation Pre paration Creativity t Enco uragemen Loyalty
  21. In my free time I enjoy running...
  22. ...and photography
  23. And travelling to far off places
  24. For more information... I can be contacted at:
  25. Credits all stock images from Slide 12 image of an airplane courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons licence. Photographer: Shai Barzilay