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KM Asia Showguide

  1. 1. Exhibition Showguide @KMAsiapacific KM Collaboration and Innovation 2010 Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre CONFERENCE DATES AND TIMES Tuesday, 23 November 2010 8.15am - 4.10pm Wednesday, 24 November 2010 8.15am - 4.20pm WORKSHOP DATES AND TIMES Thursday, 25 November 2010 A - C: 9.30am - 12.30pm D - F: 1.30pm - 4.30pm » FREE WIFI ACCESS Exhibitor: » @KMAsiapacific Hashtag: #kmasia Tweet during the conference! kmasia
  2. 2. KM 2010 Conference/Exhibition/Workshops Suntec Singapore International Convention & Exhibition Centre Collaboration and Innovation 23 - 25 November 2010 Welcome to KM Asia 2010 The organisers: Applied Research and Knowledge (ARK) Pte Ltd Phone: +65 6423 9987 KM Asia 2010: Collaboration and Innovation provides an interactive and Fax: +65 6423 9575 enriching experience that showcases knowledge development, people Email: management, technology deployment, planning for future growth and effective knowledge transfer opportunities. Director Steven Oesterreich Our International keynotes provide expert insight into the issues of judgement and its relationship with knowledge management; innovation through quantum science; knowledge culture within a professional Events Manager services environment; and the integration of KM in a marketing Christala Serianni strategy. Conference Producer Practitioner case studies will offer insights on how organisations in the Erin Dowse aviation, banking, government, event management, telecommunication and energy sectors have risen to the challenge of exploring knowledge management within their enterprises and the valuable lessons learnt Business Development Manager along the way around topics such as developing a KM culture, promotion Bhuwan Rai of KM to senior management, creating organisational models around maturity and innovation and wiki development across the organisation. Marketing Manager Ashley Andres Gonzalez This year’s interactive activities aim to challenge and engage participants. The ‘icebreaker’ sessions use KM method cards to explore key issues within the KM field and create an environment where attendees can be introduced and can begin collaboration right from the start of the event. Our mythbusting session will look at the prevailing views and preconceptions of knowledge management and examine their relevancy The details contained in this manual are based on information to KM in its current form. supplied by the respective companies and were considered correct at the time of going to press. The organisers of the event and the publishers of the catalogue cannot be held responsible for any Finally, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all our speakers omissions or errors that may have occurred. and partners who have assisted us in producing KM Asia 2010. We hope that the relationship continues to be a fruitful one that benefits from Access free wifi the collaboration and innovative insights that are generated as part of internet during the event. KM Asia Applied Research and Knowledge (ARK) Pty Ltd Network: kmasia Password Key (lower case): snowden Official Newspaper Partner: Official Online Partners: Media Partners: Official COPs: Supported by:
  3. 3. KM 2010 Collaboration and Innovation Conference DAY ONE Tuesday, 23 November 2010 8.15 Registration and refreshments 12.15 Extended exhibition break 8.45 Chairperson’s opening remarks 1.15 Mythbusting session: challenging KM assumptions Edgar Tan, Partner, Straits Knowledge This highly interactive session will look at some of the common ideas associated with KM, assess if they are still relevant to the discipline (or if they have ever been) and pose new ideas for the way forward. 9.00 Interactive icebreaker session: Method cards This session will utilise the techniques of method cards to This session will get to the heart of what it means to be a stimulate conversations around the key issues within the KM practitioner in an environment increasingly leaning KM, collaboration and innovation spaces. towards collaboration and innovation. Facilitated by: Cory Banks, Knowledge Manager, Parsons Use this opportunity to identify other delegates with Brinckerhoff similar interests and give our speakers an insight into the areas you feel are most important to your current KM initiatives. 2.00 Practitioner case study: Facilitated by: Michelle Lambert, Convenor, Knowledge Promoting the people and process benefits of KM to Management Roundtable (KMRt); and Edgar Tan, senior management Partner, Straits Knowledge • Integrating KM with organisational platforms 10.00 International keynote address: • Refining and enhancing content management capabilities Knowledge Management, Innovation, and Quantum Science? • Moving the focus beyond KM as a technological In this thought leading keynote, Ron Young aims to band-aid stretch our thinking beyond the established practices Dato’ Ir Abdul Nasir Abdul Razak, General Manager - within KM to the next possible stage. Building on this Planning & Development Department, Malaysia Airports ground breaking work, he introduces, for the first time, Holdings Berhad some key principles of inter-connectivity established in quantum physics and asks: • What can quantum physics tell us, in simple terms, about 2.40 Extended exhibition break new perceptions in knowledge management and innovation? 3.10 International keynote address: K&L culture within professional service firms: How to • Can we better understand knowledge in our establish a structured approach that allows for progress organisations as quantum knowledge flows? and measurement • What about new ideas and quantum leaps? • Outlining a framework to organise and consolidate experience and thinking • Is there a further extraordinary dimension in knowledge management, of both a personal and global nature, • Sharing personal experiences and those leveraged (with that may even change our organisational knowledge pride and with credit) from other knowledge practitioners paradigm for the future? • Using the framework to help organise your K&L culture • What could we, as KM practitioners, practically do programmes today to benefit our organisations from such new thinking? • Ensuring that conversations with leaders can be structured Ron Young, Chief Knowledge Officer, to ensure tangible progress can be achieved Knowledge Associates International Limited Gerard Bredenoord, Head of Knowledge, Linklaters 4.10 Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of day one 11.00 Extended exhibition break 11.30 iKMS Practitioner case study: Knowledge management for the inaugural Youth Olympic Games • Leveraging on KM to organise the Games successfully • Creating a learn as you go culture • Transferring processes and lessons learnt to future organisers Doreen Tan, Head of Knowledge Management, Singapore Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee kmasia
  4. 4. #kmasia Tweet during the conference using our FREE WIFI service at KM Asia 2010: Collaboration and Innovation! Conference DAY TWO Wednesday, 24 November 2010 8.15 Registration and refreshments 11.45 International practitioner case study: Innovation in IDB: the reasons behind the framework 8.45 Chairperson’s opening remarks • Launching the innovation program Siew Hoong Aw, Knowledge Management Advisor, Shell Global Solutions • Dealing with culture: issues and challenges • Innovation initiatives: ideation systems, awareness and 9.00 Interactive icebreaker session: Change management capacity building, storytelling Now that you’ve developed an innovative KM policy, how do you now successfully enculturate learning and • Inspiring innovation in 56 countries: developing a sharing within the organisation? conceptual framework Naguib Chowdhury, Group Innovation Facilitator, Islamic This session will look at the benefits of change Development Bank management as a discipline to drive understanding and awareness of the issues of knowledge management 12.25 Extended exhibition break within the organisation and to secure organisational support for specific KM initiatives. 1.25 Practitioner case study: Facilitated by: Michelle Lambert, Convenor, Knowledge The Shell wiki trilogy Management Roundtable (KMRt), and Edgar Tan, • How wiki support knowledge sharing in Shell Partner, Straits Knowledge • Why are there three wikis in Shell? 9.30 International keynote address: Recognising judgment as a key component of • Wikis: beyond an online encyclopaedia successful KM This presentation will use the concept of judgment as • Interesting learnings a means to re-examine not only the purpose but the Siew Hoong Aw, Knowledge Management Advisor, Shell nature of knowledge management. Global Solutions More specifically it will cover: 2.10 Practitioner case study: Knowledge sharing communities for Singaporeans • The idea of sufficiency, when and how do we know • Assumptions and models used to design the current enough to act? knowledge sharing platform • The shift from a focus on individual competence and • Utilising Enterprise 2.0 knowledge leadership to collective and distributed capability • Understanding why most online communities of • Balancing sophia (the ability to reflect) with phronesis practice/interest fail (practical knowledge) Olivier Amprimo, Assistant Director, Digital Resources and Services, National Library Board • Embracing not reducing uncertainty and evolving the resilient organisation 2.50 Extended exhibition break • The next generation of decision support systems: from 3.20 International keynote address: application to architecture KM in Russia: Establishing sustainable KM practices in Russia Dave Snowden, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, • Cultural specifics of intellectual work in Russia: Cognitive Edge opportunities and threats 10.30 Extended exhibition break • The KM market in Russia: from scratch to sustainable development 11.00 Knowledge Management in government and the public sector: drivers and successes • KM leaders in Russian industry: best practices • Case studies of KM in government Vadim V. Shiryaeva, President, Russian Marketing Union • Cultural and global contexts 4.20 Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference • Metrics and measures • Benchmarking and research Dr Madanmohan Rao, Editor, The Knowledge • Management Chronicles • • • • • kmasia
  5. 5. 12.25 Extended exhibition break Post-conference workshops Thursday, 25 November Workshop A Workshop D 9.30am – 12.30pm 1.30pm – 4.30pm Understanding the four dimensions of knowledge management: Leveraging cultural diversity to enhance knowledge flows personal, team, organisation and interorganisation Facilitated by: Arthur Shelley, Founder, Intelligent Answers Facilitated by: Ron Young, Chief Knowledge Officer, Knowledge Associates International Limited About the workshop: This interactive workshop will explore some new concepts around stimulating cross About the workshop: cultural interactions to enhance the performance of knowledge application and Effective KM is only possible when all four dimensions of KM: personal, team, organisation sharing in organisations. Using conversations as a tool to leverage diversity of and interorganisation, are implemented fully as part of a holistic organisational approach. thinking and approaches, we will generate ideas on how to develop a range of If any key aspect of any dimension is missing, the result will be mediocre at best, and likely initiatives which utilise your cultural diversity to create more robust and engaging fail, at worst. Many organisations have only partially focused on this critical issue to date. solutions. Furthermore, the strategies, processes, methods and tools are situational and will therefore vary according to each organisation and to each of the four dimensions. • Engage in “conversations that matter” around what will work best for you in your own context This workshop looks at each dimension in detail, in the context of extraordinary, strategic, • Investigate how to use the knowledge framework and how it can be applied and operational KM that is more ‘principles led’. to enhance cultural interactions within your organisation • Learn how to leverage cultural differences to find creative solutions • Understand how behaviour, attitudes and environmental aspects influence culture and decisions • Explore cultural impacts on decisions and performance outcomes • Discuss the practical implications of successful cultural interactions Workshop B 9.30am – 12.30pm Workshop E Energising knowledge management through the use of judgment 1.30pm – 4.30pm Facilitated by: Dave Snowden, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Cognitive Edge Using flash point business simulator as an effective About the workshop: knowledge sharing tool For some years, KM has, to all intents and purposes, ended up as a combination of creating communities of practice, building an organisational taxonomy and various, Facilitated by: Vadim V Shiryaev, President, Russian Marketing Union increasingly forlorn attempts to render expertise into an explicit form. Little real attention has been given to the question of why we manage knowledge in the first place. About the workshop: This workshop will expand upon the ideas raised in the keynote presentation on the The main asset of any business is its people and the knowledge they possess. This concept of judgment as an opportunity to review and enhance the value of knowledge knowledge can enhance the running of your organisation and drive growth, yet the methods management and will suggest practical measures to employ judgment within your own used to capture this knowledge and share it within the organisation often do not adequately organisations. harness this information to its full potential. This workshop will show how the use of a flash-point business simulator can be used to identify and develop smarter ways to share knowledge across the organisations to identify new opportunities and increase organisational buy-in from staff. Workshop C Workshop F 9.30am – 12.30pm 1.30pm – 4.30pm Knowledge to manage the new health: Working across continents to What is your critical knowledge? strengthen KM capabilities Facilitated by: Vincent Ribiere, Managing Director and Co-Founder, Facilitated by: David Griffiths, Knowledge Management Researcher & Consultant, Institute for Knowledge and Innovation University of Edinburgh About the workshop: About the workshop: It is almost impossible to manage the entire knowledge capital of your organisation. Presenting an evidence-based toolkit for the analysis of KM processes in any So where should you start? Identifying the critical knowledge of your organisation can knowledge-centric organisation, this workshop will illuminate the KM analysis process be a solution. By identifying the different factors associated with the levels of scarcity, from environmental drivers through to a model for analysis and the application of a new of usefulness and the levels of difficulty of acquisition and of use of your knowledge toolkit in Quintiles Pharmaceuticals Project Services (Asia), including: domains, you will easily identify the knowledge which is at risk and that should first get your attention. • Do we need KM? (The universal drivers of KM) In this workshop, you will be presented with a methodology (MASK II) and tools (Domain • What is KM? (The KM continuum and value model) Knowledge Mapping and the Critical Knowledge Factor Analysis) that will help you • Technology: the enemy within? identify the critical knowledge of your organisation. The MASK II methodology and tools • This is KM: functions and enablers (The K-Core model and toolkit) have been extensively used and validated in various international organisations. • First steps: the case of Jargon PLC in Europe • Quintiles (Asia) - KM analysis and the challenges faced by a MNC at the new frontier of an emerging market
  6. 6. Speaker Profiles Olivier Amprimo David Griffiths Olivier Amprimo is passionate about knowledge management, A KM speaker, researcher and consultant based at the communities of practice, enterprise social computing (i.e. University of Edinburgh, David has worked with Governments, enterprise 2.0) and corporate governance in a knowledge MNEs and SME in Europe, the Middle East and Asia Pacific. economy. He has a PhD in management and his research His focus is on the holistic processes that enable organisations interests focus on the adaptation of management and to leverage competitive advantage from their knowledge organisations to the current knowledge economy. He serves stocks. He has developed the K-Core KM model and toolkit, as Associate Director, Digital Resources and Services Division which has been published, tested and used in various global of the National Library Board of Singapore and was previously organisations. David has extensive practical experience, a consultant at Headshift, a social computing consultancy now gained through work in the United States, Iceland and his part of the Dachis Group. He is a member of IKMS. He blogs at home country of Wales. . Siew Hoong Aw Michelle Lambert Siew Hoong Aw is the Asia Pacific Knowledge Manager for Michelle is a change management & knowledge practitioner Shell Global Solutions. Prior to joining Shell, Siew Hoong who is passionate about all things to do with change spent ten years with an international consultancy focusing and knowledge sharing in organisations, be they across on change management and learning & development for geographic or structural/silo boundaries. Key to this is her the energy industry. Recently he has been appointed as the experience with change management, OD, facilitation, social Global Leader for the Shell Projects and Technology Wiki. media and leading teams. Knowledge and skills developed In his spare time Siew Hoong enjoys spending time with his during this experience have been consolidated to deliver family watching movies. great results with mergers and acquisitions, the Knowledge Management Roundtable and her new Change Management Cory Banks Toolbox venture. Cory Banks is the Executive for Knowledge & Business Systems, Australia Pacific for the global infrastructure design consultancy, Parsons Brinckerhoff (PB). His portfolio Dato Ir. Abdul Nasir Abdul Razak at PB includes business systems, safety, environment and Dato Ir. Abdul Nasir Abdul Razak, is the General Manager of knowledge management. Cory has a diverse experience Planning and Development, MAHB. He has more than 21 years working in a number of industries across public and private of experience in infrastructure planning and development, both sectors in Australia, Europe and North America. He has held in the Government and private sector, across Singapore and roles including Business Analyst, Project Manager, Account Malaysia. Ir. Abdul Nasir joined Malaysia Airports in 1993. His Manager, Business Consultant, Facilitator, Knowledge previous posts include Project Manager for the development Manager and Barman. Cory is based in Brisbane and is of KLIA, Manager (Infrastructure and Other Buildings) of enjoying the experience of raising a young family, despite the Malaysia Airports Sepang, Assistant Project Manager of sleep deprivation. National Exhibition and Convention Centre MAHB, Senior Manager of Technical and Quality Assurance MAHB, and Gerard Bredenoord Senior Manager of Technical Research and Planning MAHB. Gerard has over 15 years’ experience within the Professional He has been directly involved in major airport infrastructure service industry. During this period he has worked for projects such as the planning, design and construction of the extended periods in South Africa, Canada, USA and Belgium. Low Cost Carrier Terminal, Upgrading of KLIA to comply with He has also completed many shorter projects in a number A380 Code F operations, National Airport Master Plan as well of other regions including Poland, Belgium, UK and Kenya. as the Planning and Design of the New RM 2.5 billion LCC This background provides him with an intensive and in depth Terminal. view of the challenges that are faced by projects that have to deal with distance, culture and working practices. He is experienced in the areas of knowledge management, change management, ERP system implementation and e-Business solution development. He also has an extensive security and controls development background. Naguib Chowdhury Naguib Chowdhury has been working as the Innovation Facilitator in the Islamic Development Bank based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He has worked in the area of Knowledge Management and Business Analysis in his various roles with companies in Malaysia. In one of his roles with a Fortune 500 company, he developed the guidelines for a Community of Practice and coordinated the performance monitoring of more than 50 Communities. Naguib is also the founder of KMTALK - a knowledge management community portal, looking into KM from an Asian perspective.
  7. 7. Speaker Profiles Dr Madanmohan Rao Vadim V. Shiryaev Dr. Madanmohan Rao is the editor of the book series, “The Vadim Shiryaev is the President of the Russian Marketing Union Knowledge Management Chronicles.” He is the co-founder of ( and has 14 years’ experience in marketing the Bangalore K-Community, a network of KM professionals, management and implementing business strategies, both and founder of the Indian Proverbs project. Madan was on a local and multinational level. In 2009, Vadim was voted formerly the communications director at the United Nations number one in a list of the ten most powerful marketing Inter Press Service bureau in New York, and vice president consultants in Russia. Vadim is also the founder and leader of at IndiaWorld Communications in Bombay. He graduated the Russian KM Project ( and from the Indian Institute of Technology at Bombay and the is the Author of the Flash-Point© knowledge-sharing method. University of Massachusetts at Amherst, with an M.S. in computer science and a Ph.D. in communications. Madan Dave Snowden is a frequent speaker on the international conference circuit, Dave Snowden has been one of the leading figures in the and has given talks and lectures in over 70 countries around movement towards integration of humanistic approaches the world. Madan was also on the international editorial board to knowledge management with appropriate technology of the recently published book, Transforming e-Knowledge. and process design. Well known for his work on the role of He is an avid blogger and tweeter on KM (@MadanRao), and narrative and sense making, he is an entertaining speaker and teaches a master’s level course on KM at the International a formidable realist, and one of the few thought leaders who School of Information Management (ISIM). can bring together the academic and practitioner perspectives into a single, comprehensible purview. Vincent Ribiere After teaching for the past ten years at American University (Washington, DC) and later on at the New York Institute of Doreen Tan Technology (NYIT) in New York and in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Doreen Tan leads a pioneer team in the Singapore Sports Vincent is now an Assistant Professor at the Graduate School Council looking after the KM strategy, framework and roadmap of Bangkok University, Thailand. He is also the Director for as key deliverables. Key KM initiatives to date include: the Asian activities at the Institute for Knowledge and Innovation Sports Hub knowledge transfer project, two pilot KM projects (IKI) at the George Washington University, in Washington, DC, involving information aggregation & process alignment, one USA. Vincent received his Doctorate of Science in Knowledge pilot project involving learning & innovation, the corporate Management from the George Washington University, and taxonomy, shared folder harmonisation, development of a Ph.D. in Management Sciences from the Paul Cézanne knowledge & information management policies, the intranet University, in Aix en Provence, France. Vincent teaches, revamp, the KM champions programme, the annual knowledge conducts research and consults in the area of knowledge audit and the annual measurement / evaluation exercise. Doreen management, innovation management and information is also heading the KM unit for the Youth Olympics Organising systems. Over the past years, he presented and published Committee, and she is a member of iKMS Executive Committee. more than 50 research papers at different international conferences on knowledge management, organisational Edgar Tan culture, innovation management, information systems and Edgar manages Straits Knowledge’s consulting and research quality as well as publishing in various refereed journals projects, and is one of Singapore’s most experienced and books. He is a KM columnist for CIO World & Business facilitators in the practice of open space technology. He has magazine (Thailand) and he is part of the editorial board of a Master’s in Training and Performance Management and is two academic journals; the International Journal of Knowledge learning to play the violin. Management (IJKM) and VINE: The Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems. Ron Young Arthur Shelley Ron Young is the Chief Executive Officer of Young International Arthur Shelley is a capability and knowledge strategy Ltd, based in Cambridge and London U.K. He is acknowledged consultant, educator and author of the two books: Being a as a leading international expert and thought leader in Successful Knowledge Leader and The Organizational Zoo, knowledge management (KM) and innovation. He advised and A Survival Guide to Workplace Behavior. He works with assisted the UK DTI Innovation Unit in 1999 in the production corporations and Government teams to enhance outcomes of the UK Government white paper ‘UK Competitiveness in the from projects and knowledge based initiatives. In his former Knowledge Driven Economy’. He is a member of the New Club role of Global Knowledge Director at Cadbury Schweppes, he of Paris, a think tank for helping nations and organisations successfully initiated and facilitated virtual global communities transform into the global knowledge economy. He regularly to leverage knowledge, exchange ideas and increase provides keynote presentations at leading international productivity. Arthur created and mentors the ‘Organisational conferences around the world, and he has extensive experience Zoo Ambassador Network’, a free voluntary group interested in working with European, Asian and US organisations. He has in using the “Zoo Concepts” and other techniques designed chaired both the British Standards Institute (BSI) Knowledge by Arthur to enhance relationships and performance. He is Management Standards Committee for three years until 2003 a regular speaker and workshop facilitator at international and the European CEN Knowledge Management Standards conferences and is also the knowledge management course Committee for two years until 2004. Recent consulting coordinator for RMIT University’s MBA program. engagements include developing KM strategies and advising and assisting major multi-national corporations, international UN agencies, national Governments, and professional institutions around the world. He was a lead consultant for the European Commission 2 Million euro ‘Know-Net’ project.
  8. 8. Exhibitor List infogroup/OneSource Exhibitor For more than 20 years OneSource has been a recognised leader in business information solutions; delivering unparalleled company, executive, and industry intelligence that make business professionals more effective and productive in completing their critical daily tasks. Our products support company’s vital business processes including finding and leveraging new opportunities. w w w. k m a s i a . c o m