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Architect Santiago

  1. 1. Architect, Engineer Santiago Calatrava Valls PhD -Daniel Talion -Shaira Sajima
  2. 2. BIOGRAPHY          . Name: Santiago Calatrava Valls Date of Birth: 28th July, 1951 Country: Spain Firm: Santiago Calatrava Spanish-born architect (born 1951) born in Benimámet,Spain, where he pursued undergraduate studies at the Architecture School and Arts and Crafts School. gained international celebrity for structures that suggest the shapes and the motion of organic entities Following graduation in 1975, he enrolled in the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland, for graduate work in civil engineering. In 1981, after completing his doctoral thesis, "On the Foldability of Space Frames", he started his architecture and engineering practice Santiago Calatrava Valls is an internationally recognized and award-winning Valencian Spanish architect, sculptor and structural engineer whose principal office is in Zurich, Switzerland
  3. 3. INSPIRATION  Calatrava’s style has been heralded as bridging the division between structural engineering and architecture. He derives his inspiration from,a tradition of Spanish modernist engineering that includes Félix Candela and Antonio Gaudí. Nonetheless, his style is very personal and derives from numerous studies he makes of the human body and the natural world. Calatrava is also a prolific sculptor and painter, claiming that the practice of architecture combines all the arts into one. He is an organic architect who finds his inspiration in the human body and in nature and, because of his background in both architecture and engineering, he has learned to combine sculptural concepts with technology to create designs that are both visually striking and structurally daring.
  4. 4. PHILOSOPHY  Santiago Calatrava symbolises a perfect blend of architecture and engineering capabilities at their best. Being a sculptor and a Painted only added to it and he though unknowingly advocated the philosophy of what a true Designer should be, encompassing all form of arts. He carried out extensive studies of anatomy of human, birds and animals and truly so his designs reflected his philosophy. Calatrava’s dynamic designs integrate technology and aesthetics producing structural forms that challenge traditional practice in both architecture and engineering.
  5. 5. WORKS 1.Santiago Calatrava Breaks Ground on New Egg-Shaped Building for Florida Polytechnic University The two-storey Innovation, Science, and Technology building clad in white grating promotes natural ventilation and daylighting and lies on the northern edge of campus. When complete, it will feature classrooms, laboratories, administrative offices, community space, and a large amphitheater that will be used for holding various public functions.
  6. 6. WORKS  True to his penchant for bridges, Calatrava created a series of small pedestrian bridges linking either edge of the water.
  7. 7. WORKS  Sweden's tallest residential building is the HSB Turning Torso, a sculptural sustainable skyscraper that gently spirals as it ascends above the skyline of Malmo. Designed by renowned architect, sculptor and structural engineer Santiago Calatrava, the gigantic tower stands 54 floors high and features a form inspired by the Spanish architect's studies on nature and human bodies. The fantastic tower is completely powered by renewable energy, and it twists a full 90 degrees from top to bottom. •2.Turning Torso: Calatrava's Sustainable Skyscraper • is the Tallest Residential Tower in Sweden
  8. 8. WORKS  In order to follow the building’s twisting structure, which was inspired by a human body in movement, the glass façade features a complex doublecurved shape. The residential tower has nine segments of five-story floors that form an irregular pentagon layout. The sculptural tower is supplied with 100% locally produced renewable energy •2.Turning Torso: Calatrava's Sustainable Skyscraper • is the Tallest Residential Tower in Sweden
  9. 9. WORKS  Chicago’s city skyline is about to be graced by a stunning new super-structure that will rise above its shore like a helical seashell. Designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, the 2000 foot Chicago Spire will be the world’s second tallest building upon its completion in 2011. The halcyon monolith is beautiful example of biomimicry, taking cues from the spiraling structure of the nautilus. It’s an iconic spire with a timeless form that will take strong future-forward steps with a projected LEED gold rating. 3.Spiraling Calatrava Chicago Tower to be World's 2nd tallest
  10. 10. WORKS  The sparkling superstructure incorporates a variety of sustainable elements, including a fluid facade shrouded in high performance glass that has been designed to protect migratory birds. All landscaping is maintained via a rainwater recycling system, and a geothermal system draws river water to cool the building. The entire interior is outfitted with an Intelligent Building & Energy Management System, and it bests energy efficiency standards by 15 percent. 3.Spiraling Calatrava Chicago Tower to be World's 2nd tallest