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Creating an infographic


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Creating an infographic

  1. 1. Creating an InfographicMt Alvernia CollegeDays of Excellence2013
  2. 2. What is an Infographic?
  3. 3. The Power of Visuals50% of ourneural tissueis related tovisionR.S. Fixot (1957)Americal Journal ofOpthamology65% of people are visual learnersSocial Science Research Network
  4. 4. On the next page is the beginning of an infographicon does it tell you before you even begin to scroll?The Power of Visuals
  5. 5. TaniaCreative, The Alarming State of Single Parenthood, you look at the start ofthis infographic…• What type of depiction ofsingle parents do you thinkit is going to have?• What makes you think this?• What impact do you thinkthe title has?• Could the author have usedthe same title with adifferent image to create adifferent feel?
  6. 6. StatisticsWolfram AlphaAustralian Bureau of StatisticsOnlineLook at other infographicsInteresting factsImages you can use (check creativecommons licences)Flickr CCClipartResearch
  7. 7. What is your purpose?InformPersuadeCall to ActionWho is your target audience?Age, location, socio-economic status – do these thingsmatter online??Consider appropriate colour schemes, layout, images etcbased on your perceived audienceWhat message do you want to send?Alarm, use caution, dive in head first,….Define
  8. 8. Visual.ly Is Ideas
  9. 9. What type of colour schemes are used?How is data represented?How many fonts are used? Did you consider bold,italic, size, colour, capitals?What else did you notice?What did you notice?
  10. 10. Use pieces of paper and sketch out a rough plan.Work out the length of your infographic (each pieceof paper is approximately 30cm long + 10cm – youcan’t add length but you can crop!)You’re ready to start…Sketch it Out
  11. 11. Go into the Design tab in powerpointand select “Page Setup”Create – Option 1 PowerpointSet the page height to the heightyou calculated from your sketch.
  12. 12. Use the insert menu to add:clipart (you don’t need to attribute all your images)ShapesPictures you draw from shapes eg peopleSmart art diagramsGraphsWhen you are done – File > Save As > PNGInsert the image into your blogCreate Option 1 - Powerpoint
  13. 13. Go to and register an accountClick on the screen in “my visuals”Click on “vhemes”, select one and drag it down ontothe stageAdd and remove objects, shapes and text using thebuttons on the toolbar.When you are done, saveCreate Option 2 –
  14. 14. Powerpoint (insert an image)Embed in Blog
  15. 15. Online creator eg (embed)Embed in Blog1. Click on share2. Set the visual to publicCopy the embed link3. In your blog click on HTML andpaste the embed link in