5 minuet drama pre production


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5 minuet drama pre production

  1. 1. 5 Minute Drama Pre-Production
  2. 2. Treatment
  3. 3. Blurb This five minute sequence is a dark dull and dramatic film.Reality school girl situations taken to the extreme. Full ofIntense and moving moments we can all relate to.Character biographies Main character, charlotte will be playing ‘Kayla’Kayla is like any teenage school girl, very independent andenjoys having people around her especially the ones she lovesthe most, her boyfriend.Charlotte is portraying a 17 year old girl who’s heart getsbroken by the one she thought most of.Slightly unsociable and over exaggerates every decision sheshould have to making the consequences terrifying at risk anddaring.Extra, played by Phele.Phele plays an extra during this five minute system. He is not animportant character at all. He is categorized as a ‘lad’ and isshort tempered when ‘kayla’ bumps into him on purpose. Wedo not see a lot of himStoryline Young teenage gets a text in class from her (ex) boyfriend.‘we’re over’ she over reacts and leaves the class in hysterics.She’s angry frustrated and heart broken. She runs away fromcollege grounds and overdoses on drugs. She wakes up hourslater and then decides she wants to kill herself from all thehallucinations. She jumps off a cliff onto bricks and brokenglass.
  4. 4. BLURBCHARACTER BIOGRAPHIESSTATEMENT OF INTENTSTORY LINEIt may be hard to admit to someone that you think that you might be bipolar, but it’s even harder toadmit it to yourself. As Kayla receive a break-up text from her boyfriend she spirals out of controland decides to commit suicide, but will she do it.Kayla was born and raised in the United Kingdom, by a wealthy and loving family, but when sheturned eleven years old things took a turn for the worst, as her father lost his business due tobankruptcy and illegal scheming he decided to commit suicide, and when her mother decided to stophim, he ended up kill her, Penny Kaylas older sister) and then himself. From the age ofeleven, Kayla found her life change drastically as she had lost both her parents she loved dearly andforced to move into an orphanage, where she was bullied and abused by the other children. Kaylaattitude to life started to change as well, she decided that being a good girl was getting her nowere, she lost her faith and changed all of her believe for the worst as she started getting in troublewith the police, sleeping around and befriending local yobs.The main subject of the story is mental illness. I will show this by using only one actor in adramatic realisation of her insanity, I think that I am the best person to write this story linebecause I am familiar with a person who suffers from the same mental illness, so I know a lotabout it factually and personally.In the beginning of the story we see a flashback of a girl Running in a traumatic state, but we haveno idea how she got to that sate, the story then rewinds to her in a classroom receiving a textmessage from her boyfriend say were over, she becomes unormally upset and over traumatic(due to her mental condition), she runs to the bathroom, where she attempts to pull herselftogether, but ends up in a more emotional state, she then runs into the woods where she commitssuicide twice, once by taking pill and when that fails, she throws herself over the edge or a cliff.
  5. 5. Storyboard
  6. 6. Sequence 1:
  7. 7. Sequence 2:
  8. 8. Sequence 3:
  9. 9. Sequence 4:
  10. 10. Film Schedule
  11. 11. Photographs Ofcostumes/props/locations
  12. 12. CostumesKAYLA COSTUME-This choice of costume is chosen to fit the stereotype of a modern day teenage girl’swardrobe
  13. 13. PropsThis is the prop used as pillsin the suicide scene.Books and pencil cases are carried and used byKayla through the first sequence of the short film
  14. 14. LocationsAll these locations are chosen as there obvious and recognisable college locations, and wouldbe obvious to the audience
  15. 15. Floor/Location Plan
  16. 16. Floor plan for theclassroom, that theclassroom scenewill be shot inFloor plan for theRother fieldtoilets, that thetoilet scene will beshot in
  17. 17. Script
  18. 18. Script. Five minute drama.Fade inComputer screen, words appearVoiceover –‘ that’s me lying there breathless and unmoving.I have left your world to embark into a time andspace I know nothing of. Do you want to know howI got here? Was it worth it?’*peaceful piano music begins*EXT. Woods. Zoom .Camera slowly zooms out looking we see treesCutEXT. WOODS. DAYGround shotVarious shots of the woods and ‘Kayla’ lying onthe groundTile credit – The beginning of theend.Kayla receives an unexpected text andrushes to get to the toilets leavingher classroom.Kayla drops all her things on thefloor but continues running inhystericsKayla sits on toilet cryingINT. Toilets. DAYGround shot of toilets*crying*CutEXT. College pathway. DAYKayla walks out of college grounds inaggression she slowly starts pickingup speed until she’s in the woodswhere she lets out all her anger byscreaming.*screams*CUTEXT. WOODS. NIGHTKayla wakes up from her 3 hour sleepand takes some pills that make herhallucinate. She stands on the top ofa log and throws herself offcommitting suicide.Close upLong shotExtreme long shotNon diegetic music of thecopyright free music playing*pianos*END.
  19. 19. Call sheet
  20. 20. DATES:PROD.#: PRODUCTION TITLE:DIRECTOR: PRODUCER:CHARACTERNAMENAME CONTACTNUMBERKayla Charlotte Hollis 0778646****Paul Phele 0776840****Chris Charlie 0754009****James Jack 0777152****Martin matt 078170*****Annie director / camera man 0787675****
  21. 21. Mood board
  22. 22. Risk assessment
  23. 23. Hazards Who is atrisk?Severity ofinjuryChanceinjuryRisk Control measuresFalling overStanding on sharp objectsPhele ,charlotteand I.serious likely Medium Wear appropriate clothingand footwearFalling off the chairDisturbing othersCamera man Not soseriouslikely low Make sure no cars/students are walking past.Create space for the chairto roll and push aside anystones or twigs that may bein the way.Tearing of clothing whenclimbing over gates to getto tennis courseMyself(cameraman)serious likely high Before filming we willmake sure we are aware ofanything that couldpossibly fall during thefilming process. But alsoclear up anything lyingaround so we do not stepon them when filming.Wear appropriatefootwear.Wear appropriate clothingand possibly bring case forcamera so it doesn’t getdamaged. And ifnecessarily bring stepladder to help.
  24. 24. Timetable
  25. 25. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday29Lesson: (1 hr25)Pre-ProductionSchedule30 31 12 EASTERHOLIDAY3 EASTERHOLIDAY4 EASTERHOLIDAY5 EASTERHOLIDAY6 EASTERHOLIDAY7 EASTERHOLIDAY8 EASTERHOLIDAY9 EASTERHOLIDAY10 EASTERHOLIDAY11 EASTERHOLIDAY12 EASTERHOLIDAY13 EASTERHOLIDAY14 EASTERHOLIDAY15 EASTERHOLIDAY16Ideas17Research18 19Treatment20 21Filming22editing23Editing24 25Editing26PresentingRough edits toclass.27 28 2930 1Extra footage2 3Editing4Editing5 6Preproduction7 8Preproduction9 10EditingPreproductionPreproduction17Draft film onblog(postproduction)(postproduction)(postproduction)