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  1. 1. 1 minute drama scriptINT. DAY. HEATHER PAINTINGHeather is seen gathering all her art equipment.She puts it in to a bag and walks out of the house.CUTEXT. DAY . PAINTINGHeather is painting a portrait outside, it looks asif she’s painting a tree or something and we see her really focuson what she’s paintingSeveral camera shots capture this moment as Heather iscontinuously looking back and forth as she paints.(Sounds of the tree branches as the wind blows)CUTEXT. DAY. MURDEROver shoulder shot of Heather looking at the painting and theimage in front of the canvas. This is when Oscar is firstintroduced to the sequence. Oscar is lying still on the floordead.Several camera shots capture this moment such as high, low angles,birds eye view, over shoulder shot etc.