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Article pdf

  1. 1. Basics of sound recording:When recording a sound usingelectronic devices you will have ahigh noise ratio, it is very likelythat you will have analoguedistortion, and digital distortion.Mono: This means that there wouldonly be one type of recordingequipment for example you mayonly have one microphone or onespeaker.Stereo: This means that therewould be more than one speakeror microphone present when therecording will take place.When recording onto a sound youwill use a digital audio file torecord on they will have certainformats e.g. .mp3, .wav, .mid, .ogg,.wma, .aifAnalogue versus digital:Comparison of analogue and digitalsound: Analogue sound uses lestbandwidth and is more accuratewith the recording making thesound stronger and easier to hearand develop. Digital soundhowever is more reliable, flexibleand connects well when you useother digital.
  2. 2. Sound in the interactive mediaApplications:Interactive media productsCD- This is a compact disc whichstores information; it can storeitems such as music or pictures. Itwas first developed to play backsound recordings but was afteradapted to store data. The data onthe CD can be something such asMusic this music can be used inany device that would allow a cdto be played, the music on thedevice can be anything that isdownloadable. This is mainlyused for entertainment but can beused to transfer important musicfiles or photos;DVD interface- Within the mediathere is a concept in which twocomponents; this can beconducted by using somethingsmall like an SD card orsomething as big as the internet.The data can be used to holdmusic, photos or moving imagesand can be played in any devicethat is DVD compatible. This ismainly used for entertainmentbut in some cases can be used totransfer important data.Television- This is a telecommunicationdevice in which you can transmitmoving images or sound recordingssuch as radio. The sound recordingsused on a telecommunication device canshow the emotion of the characters inthe television show, for example if thecharacter in the TV show is sad, sadmusic will be played to show that thecharacter is sad.Mobile phone content- This is a devicethat can be used to make and receivephone calls, this is a device that uses thesound waves across a signaled path sothat the person on the other end of thephone line can hear what the firstperson is saying.Pitch- Pitch is where the ordering of thesound is related on the frequency scale.Pitches are compared as ‘higher’ and‘lower’ Pitch is a major attribute ofmusical tones, duration, and loudness.Decibel level (dB) - The decibel (DB) is aunit that indicated the ratio of quantity.A decibel is one tenth of a bell.The rate at which a sound wave movesis called the frequency. Frequency ismeasured Hz. The length of a singlecycle of a waveform is the span of timeit takes for that waveform to repeat.
  3. 3. Sound is being used in almost every single electronic device. Toys, videogames, music, television, appliances, cars and many more. They are not allplaced there for entertainment purposes. Houses and cars appliances canindicate when something is wrong and produced a sound so we can all bealert and aware. A great example of this is a smoke alarm.Sound within video games is updating frequently and is becoming moreand more creative with the use of the newest technology. In these videosgames nowadays the graphics are on point, sound tracks used are in the topcharts to apply to mainstream audiences and SFX are so realistic that itmakes you feel like you are there.Just like video games Television is always being modernized. With Foleyartists and software becoming bigger and bigger anything can be created. Agreat example of this would be the film Transformers in comparison toIndiana Jones.PitchThis can also be known as the frequency (again can be known as hertz (HZ).Us humans can hear between 20 and 20,000 Hz. The lower the Hz the lowerthe sound, and again the higher the sound. A single Hertz is one wave cyclefrom crest to crest.