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Pre production 1


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Pre production 1

  1. 1. By Janan kolcak
  2. 2. 1st scriptJanan kolcak Jupiter 1. Initial production ideas for an original horror film Title: nightmare on bury campus. Tagline: the more the fear the more the pain will you survive…… Subgenre: Slasher Brief synopsis of plot of whole film: haunted school with a crazy girl that died in the school. Teacher killer and boils kids. Main characters: Mary: the crazy girl that kills people. Chloe: the heroine that saves the school. Janan: Chloe’s younger sister that people thinks she is crazy because she saw Mary in her lab class mixing chemicals to make a huge bang. Sarah: a new year 7 that dies in the beginning because of Mary can she be her evil meaning. Miss Portelli: she tells Chloe and Janan that that Mary does exist and Mary has been haunting her for her whole life ever since year 7 then dies the next day. Opening settings/location: school, school office school playground. Basically whole school. Characters involved in opening: The new year 7 Mary Janan Chloe and Miss Portelli. Description of opening narrative: the new year 7 loses her way in school and asks Mary because Mary transforms into a school girl Mary takes her to the science laboratory where nobody is there then in a click the new year 7 is in a pot of acid dyeing slowly and painfully. Costumes and props: school uniform and old dirty night gown a plastic knife. Potential problems: who is going to play Mary? Who is going to be the innocent year 7? Who is going to play Miss Portelli?
  3. 3. 2nd script Janan kolcak Jupiter 1. Initial production ideas for an original horror film Title: think of me Tagline: go to the army and see more death are you next…… Subgenre: slasher Brief synopsis of plot of whole film: a group of teenagers go army and its in the forest. One man goes toilet and dies. Five out of ten people are alive half way in the film they are scared of the scary man. Out of no where the scary man comes running past and the people stat shooting their captain as they are trying to shoot the scary man. In the end two people survive but never go home so it sounds like they died but instead they had ran away. Main characters: 2 people that survive and the scary man. Opening settings/location: A forest and an army car. Characters involved in opening: army people scary man. Costume and props: army car scary mans clothes army costume. Potential problems: every thing.
  4. 4. 3rd scriptJanan kolcak Jupiter 1. Initial production ideas for an original horror film Title: The pain Tagline: has your relative died but gave you the past……. Subgenre: slasher Brief synopsis of plot of whole film: the father murders his daughter. Then it is her little brothers birthday as he is getting dressed. The sisters ghost covered in blood scars and everything. She grabs the little brothers leg and gives the brother the video of how she got beaten to death by her father. Main characters: brother, sister and father. Opening settings/location: in a room full of stacked chairs and a door with loads of nail scratching. Characters involved in opening: the father tells the daughteer she is pushing his temper becauseshe is going out with a boy then he beats her to death. Costume and props: chairs, door with scratches and house. Potential problems: the house the room and the characters.
  5. 5. Peer assessed workInitial idea 1: Ideal title 1: nightmare on bury campus. Tag line: the more the fear the more the pain……. Mark out of 10: 8/10 Pros- she wrote a lot of information about her story well. - Expand her story well. Cons- - Needs to write more problems. Overall comments: The story was good. Initial idea 2: Ideal title: think of me. Tagline go to the army and see more death are you next…….. Mark out of 10:7/10 Pros: - She put a lot of information. cons: - detail. Overall comments: good story Initial idea 3: Ideal title: the pain. Tagline: have your relative died but gave you the past Mark out of 10: 8/10 Pros: - good title and story line Cons :- more detail Overall comments: good story line.
  6. 6. Photo for peer assessment
  7. 7. Story board photo graphed
  8. 8. Script for the beginning 1A. INT. SCARY MUSIC THEME WITH CAST LYRICS ON BOTTOM COLOURED WHITE. CLOSE UP OF THE BACK OF THE BACK OF MARY’S HEAD. OVER THE SHOULDER MARY AND HER DAD. THIS IS MARYS PAST. DAD I am here because your head teacher called me. MARY Dad I want to go please please please I want to play with my friends please. DAD NO WE HAVE TO GO TO YOUR HEAD TEACHER AND THAT’S THAT. MARY I... I... I... am really sorry. Dad I didn’t mean to get rude to you. I said please. DAD I know now I forgive you. MARY Dad we are going to the lab do you know??? DAD Yes I know your school by now. (CAMERA GOES ALL BOUNCY. YOU HEAR MARY SCREAM AND THEN YOU SEE HER DEAD ON THE FLOOR. DAD TAKES HER TO THE SCIENCE LAB AND KILLS HER). (FIVE YEARS GO PASS).
  9. 9. Script photo graphed
  10. 10. The things I need  More people.  A nightgown.  To ask for permission.  Camera.  Creepy music.  Fake blood.  A teacher.  Accessories (jewellery).  School entrance, science lab, playground and classes.  Tripod (for camera)  Props Dark eye make up.  Brief make up.
  11. 11. Props and costumes  Red make up affect of blood.  Powder.  Knife.  Nightgown.  Fake blood.  Make up (e.g. foundation, mascara, eyeliner.)
  12. 12. Budget:  My budget will be £25. This is the limit because it is high and it is the average.
  13. 13. Health and safety What are the hazards? Describe who is at risk and how they may be harmed? What will be done to control the risk? Action by whom? equipment: Because of the wires people can fall. Wet surface people can slip. Actors at risk because they can fall over or slip. They can: • break a leg or arm. • they can act by avoiding the wires and wet floor. Staff supervision. No wet floors. Put wires to a side safely. Me. Weather: If it rains I would not be able to use the play ground. Actors can slip and break a leg or back or fall straight on their but and hurt them selves. To change the date if it is rainy. Me. Theft: If there is theft it is going to be hard because the camera and the money will be stolen. There will be no film just a plain old boring day. Travel in groups. Adult supervision. Me.
  14. 14. SELL IT!!!!!! Do you like horror films because if you like spine chilling horrific and jumping in your seats then we advice you to watch nightmare on bury campus . You will never want to go school ever again. Walk down the corridor alone or even lose your way in school. If you are a real genius you will figure out what happens at the end but hen you will turn dumb by getting it wrong so buy it to act like a genius in the future.
  15. 15. Characters:
  16. 16. Pros and Cons Pros: I think I liked my script because it is not very scary but it is just jumpy my peer assessment buddy (Chloe)said it was it was expanded well and it had more information then the rest. Cons: The cons are I still need props and costumes and need characters. My peer assessment said I need to write more questions.
  17. 17. Watch this if you dare or if you care…….