Analysis of Magazines.


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Media Coursework.

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Analysis of Magazines.

  1. 1. Analysis.
  2. 2. Big font for title. This stands out with a creative but readable font. Big image of the celebrity who’s story is the main feature for this magazine. The image is put to the back of the page with writing covering him around the edges this gives the page more room and also allows your eye to focus on the image more clearly. ‘ Johnny Sings’ is written in a big font and style this tells the audience who is featured on the main page but also what the main story inside is focused on. This could attract the target audience to buy the magazine. Front Page Analysis. Johnny Depp is represented quite sexually and manly in this issue of the magazine, his top is open and he has direct eye contact with the camera, this makes him look in control and self confident. The key features of this magazine would be the main photograph of Johnny Depp and the main title of the featured story.
  3. 3. The big LP as the main image with writing over it attracts the audience it may be aimed at. (Rock’n’Roll 1950’s & 60’s). The block colours and bold font attracts the eye and stands out. This makes sure that the magazine title and main features are noticed. The bold writing in the middle of the page stands out and is very noticeable. The majority target audience for this magazine would be Men/Women 40+ interested in the Rock ‘n’ Roll era.
  4. 4. The target audience for this magazine would be Men and Women aged 16+ who are interest in modern heavy metal music. I like the masthead it is eye catching and fits the style and genre of the magazine. It is simple but easy to read. I like the size of the image it is very big and fills the magazine fully. The size of the image brings to the audiences attention that this is the main feature of the magazine and that the main story would probably be featuring something to do with this band member or the band itself. The banner at the bottom attracts its target audience because it is offering a free poster and also telling us what else is featured inside, YMAS, Elliot Minor etc… this could grab the target audiences attention and make them buy the magazine. ‘ Somebody’s Gonna Get Killed’- The language used here resembles the type of audience the magazine is aimed at, and this shows how the audience is targeted. The front cover has used Cover Lines which show the bands that may be featured inside the magazine. This could attract a certain target audience to pick up and buy the magazine.
  5. 5. The contents page of 'MOJO' magazine features, at the top of the page, the word 'MOJO', as appose to contents. The reader can tell that this is the contents page due to the typical conventions such as page numbers, feature headings in a bold text, information under the heading about that feature and also, images relating to one, or more, of the features in the magazine. The title text ('MOJO') is bold, large and in a simple font, making it stand out and catch the readers eye. Down the left hand side of the page are the content listings, telling the audience and letting them know what will be featured in the magazine. The page numbers which, along with the feature heading, are in bold, standing out and showing the reader clearly what the feature is and where to find it. Placed under each sub-title is a small description of what will feature in that certain article. The descriptions vary from long to short, still, in each case, not giving too much away about the content, attracting the reader to read on. The text is in a san-serif font which is easy to read. Its big and Bold which catches the eye.
  6. 6. The name of the magazine is shown again at the top of the page, it is the first thing that you notice and is in a san-serif font which is easy to read, bold and eye catching. The word ‘Drummer’ is also all in an upper-case font which attracts the audiences eye. ‘ Contents’ is written in a simple san- serif font as well it isn't the first thing you notice as it is situated in the top left corner but with a bright red background and white font it catches the eye. Pictures have been included on this contents page, I think this style resembles the target audience, by doing this it shows that the magazine isn't full of writing and long paragraphs but has photos to go with the articles. ‘ Exclusive’ is written in capital letters with a font that looks as though it has been stamped onto the page, this might appeal to the target audience and make them want to buy the magazine because of the ‘exclusive’ story inside. The use of page numbers, small bold headings and a brief caption on the page is a typical convention of a contents page, it lets the reader know what is featured in the magazine and where to find it. There has been a colour scheme used when designing this contents page, there are 3 colours, red, black and white which have been used, this gives us an idea of the target audience which is probably male as these are very masculine colours when used together.
  7. 7. A San-Serif font has been used for the headings and contents information, it is easy to read and is bold so stands out. The page has been laid out in columns that have been left aligned. The images have been laid out in a film strip style they are very gritty and give an urban theme to the page which resembles the target audience they are trying to attract. The use of page numbers, small bold headings and a brief caption on the page is a typical convention of a contents page, it lets the reader know what is featured in the magazine and where to find it. The magazine has included the people’s names who have worked on the magazine, they have used a san-serif font which is easy to read.
  8. 8. The black background with the white writing contrasts well with each other, it catches the eye and draws your attention straight to the title and then writing. I like the pink outline of the word ‘Fire’ it attracts your attention and is unique which fits the page well. Its in a san serif font along with the word ‘unforgettable’. The image on the double spread page is made up of album covers, a lot of colours are used and the image looks as though it has been printed instead of a photograph or drawing. The Key Features to this magazine spread is the image and the text, the text is set into paragraphs and is bold with a white font, on a black background. The image is large and eye catching this could attract the target audience because it tells us the genre of the article. The colours used are very vibrant and bold, this attracts a certain audience to the magazine.