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Quality Across VoLTE and non-VoLTE Networks


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When calls are between 2 devices on a VoLTE network quality is good as the network is built for voice calls. Problems start when calls are between VoLTE and other networks. In such cases there are typically quality issues due to the different charecteristics of the networks. The presentation explains the issues and the solution for this issue.

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Quality Across VoLTE and non-VoLTE Networks

  1. 1. Quality Across VoLTE and OTT Networks Amir Zmora VP Alliances & Partnerships
  2. 2. AudioCodes Mission Statement Innova;ve Leading Supplier of Converged VoIP & Data Solu;ons for Service Providers and Enterprises Worldwide.
  3. 3. AudioCodes: A Brief Intro § Market leader in VoIP networking products § Deployed in over than 100 countries in service provider and enterprise networks § Strong brand for quality & performance § Over 650 employees, ~40% of whom are dedicated to R&D § Global partnership with leading telecom players § More than 20 years of VoIP experPse § Public since 1999 (NASDAQ:AUDC) § Revenue in 2013: 137M USD § TargePng 150M USD in 2014
  4. 4. Launched The Service
  5. 5. QoE Customer Survey Results Image: Søren Rajczyk
  6. 6. Further Analysis
  7. 7. Further Analysis
  8. 8. The Laws of Simplicity • BASICS are the beginning • REPEAT yourself oben • AVOID creaPng desperaPon • INSPIRE with examples • NEVER forget to repeat yourself
  9. 9. ImpacPng Real-­‐Time CommunicaPon János Balázs Vladimer Shioshvili Javier Kohen
  10. 10. The Codec PerspecPve § Built for different types of networks § Resiliency § Variable bit rate
  11. 11. VoLTE Networks are Built for Voice… § In VoLTE to VoLTE over the same service provider network the network solves the problems: § Voice is prioriPzed, zero delay § No retransmission § Dynamic rate change (rate vs. redundancy based on signal quality)
  12. 12. But in Reality Image: digital cat
  13. 13. Heterogonous Access and Networks Enterprise Service Provider PSTN OTT App OTT Island GW SIP Trunk PBX
  14. 14. Voice in Wireless Networks High Error Rate Retransmission Increased Delay & Jiler Varying Proximity to Base StaPon Dynamic Change in Bit Rate Varying Change in Jiler High & Inconsistent Jiler
  15. 15. MediaPon is Required Image: HikingArPst
  16. 16. SEM – QoS visibility over mul;ple network & mul; codecs Network Easily locate problems SBC, GWs and Links Maps, Table or Regional views Various Filters Sta+s+cs Watch VoIP trends over Pme Calls Success / Fail Rate Quality Metrics Bandwidth UPlizaPon Calls InvesPgate Specific Calls Voice & Fax Calls Table SorPng, search & filtering Enhanced call details Alarms Be noPfied when a quality issue occurs User defined thresholds AcPve, and history alarms Email, SNMP, Syslog noPficaPons Reports Validate performance and SLA Summary, Trend and Top Users reports Graphical and Table views User CustomizaPon opPons
  17. 17. Mixing The Ingredients János Balázs Vladimer Shioshvili Javier Kohen Julie Rybarczyk
  18. 18. Heterogonous Access and Networks GSM Other VoLTE Networks IMS Core TDM VoIP Wireline SBC Voice Quality “Brain”
  19. 19. Thank You