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IMTC VoLTE Webinar - Voice over LTE: Industry, Standardization and Market Realities and Perspectives

  1. Carl Ford, Crossfire Media Dan Warren, GSMA IMTC VoLTE Webinar Manuel Vexler, Huawei Voice over LTE: Industry, Standardization and Market Realities and Perspectives Stefan Svensson, Ericsson Geng Wu, Intel Anatoli Levine, RADVISION
  2. Voice over LTE: Industry, Standardization and Market Realities and Perspectives • How to ask questions: – Twitter @IMTCORG (( – Skype chat: imtcorg • Presentation will be available at IMTC SlideShare Account: 2
  3. VoLTE Background and extensions Dan Warren, Senior Director of Technology, GSMA © GSM Association 2011
  4. VoLTE – to date  History – „One Voice‟ profile handed to GSMA and became IR.92, the UNI SIP Profile for UE to IMS network. – First version of IR.92 completed April 2010 - continuing improvements via GSMA CR process.  Roaming and Interconnect (and in particular the combination of the two), have proved difficult to complete. – Technically optimal approaches do not take into account the need to interwork or fall back to existing Circuit Switched techniques. – Commercial requirements further restrict the technical solution. – Work in 3GPP initiated to address the requirements – RAVEL work item.  Now, work to extend beyond the original VoLTE service has spawned new threads of work.
  5. Current status of VoLTE  VoLTE service expected to appear first in North America during late 2011/early 2012. – Device implementation combines VoLTE with Wideband codec, Video, RCS. – Baseband implementation but expected to have OS accessibility to some IMS- based features.  In the meantime, Europe and Asian operators likely to launch first with CSFB. – Delays in SR-VCC capability making CSFB a likely first Voice deployment for many operators. – CSFB still viewed as sub-optimal - improvements in set-up time for CSFB being proposed in 3GPP.  Everyone is heading to VoLTE – just taking different paths to get there.
  6. VoLTE Extensions UNI profile Over 3G The original One Under approval Voice profile with Under approval enhancements 3G access Terminal to Network LTE access Network To be enhanced once 3GPP work is complete IMS with CS voice
  7. IR.64 – IMS control for all voice calls Service Centralization in the IMS: IMS “controls” both circuit and packet voice calls Two main features: T-ADS  Terminating Access Domain Selection CS IMS – Determine whether to route terminating PS call to CS or PS access  Single Radio Voice Call Continuity SRVCC CS – Maintains IMS call control when moving IMS from LTE to 2G/3G CS PS
  8. IR.94 – Video over LTE Normal call with voice and video Early media mono or bidirectional (video announcement, video ring “tone”, …) Network Network Multi party call with voice and Dial-in to external video conference video system Network Network Video switching Video switching
  9. IR.58 – extension of IR.92 to 3G HSPA bearer  Minimum mandatory set of 3GPP features that a wireless device and network are required to implement in order to guarantee an interoperable, high quality IMS-based telephony service over HSPA  IR.58 is very similar to IR.92 (IMS profile for IR.92 IR.58 voice and SMS over LTE) and inherits as much as possible from IR.92, in particular: IMS features IMS features  The document framework, with similar IMS IMS corresponding section numbering whenever possible media media  The document contents, with a simple reference to LTE radio HSPA radio capabilities IR.92 when the content is agreed to be equivalent capabilities Bearer Bearer management management Other Other functionalities functionalities
  10. How to prove it works - IOT  IMTC SuperOp, May 2011 – Handset focus but struggled with lack of handsets available from vendors. – IMTC hosting a VoLTE webinar – 30th Nov.  MSF VoLTE Interoperability Event, September 2011 – Hosted by Vodafone and China Mobile. – Demonstrated calls, interconnect and roaming. – Detailed results announced 8th November. – Planning further IOT on VoLTE with GSMA and ETSI for 2012.
  11. THANK YOU! © GSM Association 2011
  12. VoLTE (and SMS over LTE!): An Infrastructure and Device Manufacturer Vendor Prospective Nov. 2011 Manuel Vexler Chief Marketing Officer IMS/NGN HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.
  13. Planning considerations for VoLTE and SMSoLTE 100.0% $780 Mobile Operators 90.0% 80.0% $760 Forecast 70.0% $740  Voice will be the primary 60.0% $720 income source in next five 50.0% $700 years 40.0%  Mobile voice will 30.0% $680 20.0% continue to be in high $660 10.0% demand from consumers 0.0% $640 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Is mobile SMS growing at the expense of mobile voice? HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Page 13
  14. VoLTE Prospects 2012-2015 2010.12.05 LTE launched, 2010.12.24 LTE launched, in 2013 LTE will cover 2/3 in 2015 LTE will cover population, in 2012Q4 70% population, on VoLTE will be launched 2012.3 launch VoLTE 2011Q2 LTE will launch, in 2010.12.01 LTE launch, 2013 LTE will cover whole on 2011Q4 support CSFB; US, and in 2013 will launch VoLTE; Voice is mandatory for EPC/LTE launching plans 166 24 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Page 14
  15. Fast Developing Ecosystem: 100+ LTE Devices Available Network side: Standard & technology approach mature • GSMA IR92.30 (VoLTE Profile) • 3GPP R10 (MMTel、ICS、eSRVCC、PCC) • GSMA RCS 2.0/3.0/4.0 GSMA VoLTE • Clear Roadmap from major supplier Initiative Terminal side: Development of LTE handset is speeding up • 100+ kinds of LTE devices are available now • QC smart phone chipset roadmap: 2011H2 • 6 of which are handsets • Expected IMS/SRVCC handset: 2012H2 • More handsets in pipeline Smartphone ES:2Q2011 Launch LTE Service in 2010.Dec: CS:4Q2011 • HTC Thunderbolt • Motorola DROID Bionic 4G Modem CS:3Q2010 • LG Revolution (LTE/HSPA+) • Samsung 4G LTE Smartphone Modem+VOICE ES:4Q 2011 Will launch LTE Service in 2011H1 (HSPA+/LTE • What will happen on terminal side ? TD-SCDMA) HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Page 15
  16. VoLTE end-to-end: a phased approach VoIMS/SRVCC Trial VoIMS/SRVCC Target LTE mobile 2011~2012H1 2012H2 ~ voice LTE VoIP handset •IMS/SRVCC commercialization •Coexist of CSFB &IMS,early handset & inbound roamer support •Service consistence via ICS arch. CS Voice, LTE Data 2011H2 ~ Initial LTE mobile voice Early LTE handset VoLTE •CSFB Commercialization Opportunity •Other LTE voice options Voice over CPE/Dongle Initial LTE Voice 2011 ~ Solution LTE CPE/USB Dongle •SMSoSGs for LTE data card •VoIP over LTE CPE •VoIP/RCS via Soft client + LTE USB dongle 2011 2012 2013 2014 HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Page 16
  17. Huawei E2E VoLTE Solution Overview SingleSDB (HLR/HSS/PC RF) CTAS Fixed、Mobile SingleCORE (CS、IMS) FMC/ICT Service… 2G/3G MGW MSC-S IMS CTAS Core RCS AS SBC IM、Presence、NAB、sharing LTE SingleEPC Terminal Network Service Strategy: Strategy: Strategy: • Diverse LTE terminals • Keep it simple as possible • Enriched end user experience Solution: Solution: •Solution: • VoIP capable LTE CPE • SingleCORE • RCS & integration with SNS • VoIP/RCS Client + LTE Date card • SingleEPC • HD Voice and Video Call • Mobile VoIP capable LTE handset • SingleSDB • FMC & ICT convergent service HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Page 17
  18. Summary End User Acceptance Complexity Challenge: Challenge: Multiple cores used to Network Evolution Must ensure voice quality deliver, voice, video and Challenge: and rich experience connectivity in LTE Difficult to upgrade existing CS/HLR Huawei response: Huawei response: SRVCC/eSRVCC, HD SingleCORE Huawei response: voice & video, RCS, and Keep them ‘as is’ and ICT convergence… minimize the impact to existing network HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Page 18
  19. Thank you Copyright©2011 Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. The information contained in this document is for reference purpose only, and is subject to change or withdrawal according to specific customer requirements and conditions.
  20. Enrich experience Simple Easy to deploy Aggregation design in SingleCORE@Mobile solution IP-SM- MGCF IM-SSF SCC AS GW Anchori IBCF Fixed ng MMTel SRVCC voice VIG Common Server IWF MSC-S VoLTE/VoBB PSTN renewal TAS CSFB (MSOFTX3000) mAGCF (ATS9900) Proxy key role in FMC evolution HLR SBC ATCF ENUM/ SAE- DNS HSS P-CSCF ATGW PCRF IMS- SE2600 HSS SingleSDB ATCF/ATGW is defined in 3GPP R10 for eSRVCC HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. Page 20
  21. VOLTE – Ericsson perspective Stefan Svensson Senior Product Manager, Telephony Evolution Business Unit Networks
  22. Volte is happening now Operators planning commercial launch mid-2012 Terminal industry moving into IODT/IOT phase Network vendors providing products/solutions LTE deployed on frequencies relevant for VoLTE LTE coverage increasing fast
  23. VOLTE - network and service evolution LTE CSFB LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE CS LTE LTE CS LTE LTE LTE LTE Network SRVCC 3G / HSPA LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE Evolution LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE LTE Spotty LTE coverage Areas with continuous Continuous IMS voice LTE coverage over PS coverage Multi-media Extended supplementary Service VoLTE services (IR.92/94 Evolution ) Multi-access Multi-device
  24. End-to-end approach to ensure telecom grade services SPD [ms] 30 0 250 20 0 IMS and UE delays 15 0 Estimated AMR delay MOBILE CORE Average RTP latency 10 0 50 0 Lab Field EPC test test Call set-up time[s] NETWORK 6 MANAGEMENT 5 LTE 4 Lab tests 3 Field tests Sofia: Luigi is amazing CHOOSE A SPONSOR Drag and drop any sponsor into your address book and get free messaging and gifts! 2 1 DEVICES 0 IDLE-IDLE IDLE-CONNECTED CONNECTED-IDLE CONNECTED- CONNECTED
  25. Volte is happening now Realization happens now Industry aligned Technology efficiency & superior end-user experience VoLTE - beyond voice communication “End-to-end” for optimized introduction
  26. Public | © Ericsson AB 2011 | 2011-11-30 | Page 26
  27. VoLTE – Intel Perspective Dr. Geng Wu Chief Architect Wireless Technology Division
  28. Many Connected Compute Devices But deliver different, fragmented experiences
  29. Our Goal: Improve the Experience Desktops Laptops Netbooks Tablets Smartphones Smart TVs Embedded Enabling a Consistent Experience Across the Continuum
  30. VoLTE Offers Extensive Capabilities Basic Services requirements Voice SMS Emergency call Security  Voice: AMR codec, WB-AMR Supplementary optional Roaming services  Security: IMS AKA for authentication and encryption  Supplementary services: 3GPP MMTel TS 24.173  Emergency Call: 3GPP Release 9, HD Voice TS 23.167 Circuit Switched  SMS over IP: 3GPP TS 23.272, Fallback (CSFB) Video and multimedia TS23.221,TS 24.301  SRVCC : 3GPP TS 23.216, Converged services Single Radio Voice optional Call Continuity (SRVCC)  CSFB : 3GPP TS 23.272 QoS (reserved BW)  Signaling Compression: 3GPP TS Video/Audio 24.229 Packet switched Conferencing handover Standard based on Other services 3GPP Interoperability Enable value requirements added services
  31. Rigorous Testing Process is Essential IP Multimedia Subsystem VoIP/SIP IP based operator network Services VoLTE Provisioning Devices server server VoLTE Devices IP Backhaul Internet LTE RAN IMS Gateway IMS Enabled Legacy MGW PSTN phones Legacy RAN
  32. Thank you!
  33. Voice over LTE: Software Vendor and IMTC IMS AG Perspective Name: Tsahi Levent-Levi Title: CTO, Technology Business Unit and Co-Chair, IMTC IMS AG Anatoli Levine Sr. Director, Product Management and President, IMTC
  34. Interoperability Signaling Capabilities Media Technologies Standard ≠ Implementation
  35. Telecom Standardization Process Specification Certification Implementation VoLTE IOT testing Testing
  36. Telecom Standardization Process Specification Certification Implementation VoLTE IOT testing Testing
  37. Telecom Standardization Process Specification R&D Certification Implementation VoLTE IOT testing Testing
  38. Telecom Standardization Process Specification R&D Certification Implementation VoLTE IOT testing Testing QA
  39. Telecom Standardization Process Specification R&D Certification Implementation VoLTE IOT testing Testing QA
  40. Telecom Standardization Process Specification R&D Certification Implementation VoLTE IOT testing Testing QA
  41. What does the IMTC IMS AG Does? Test specification Read the standards Write test cases related to interoperability F2F Events Test products of different vendors Report back specification “bugs” to the GSMA
  42. Benefits of IMTC By Engineers for Engineers “devoid” of politics Focus on implementations and testing
  43. Where are the Software Vendors? Protocol stacks and Specification IMS clients supporting VoLTE to ease development R&D effort of vendors Certification Implementation VoLTE Testing tools for development, testing and certification of IOT testing Testing VoLTE products QA
  44. Want To Know More? Visit our site – Blog – Email Or contact : IMTC Secretary IMTC, Inc. 2400 Camino Ramon, Suite 375 San Ramon, CA 94583 Phone : +1.925.275.6600 Fax : +1.925.275.6691 Email : 44
  45. Thank You! Carl Ford, Crossfire Media Dan Warren, GSMA Manuel Vexler, Huawei Stefan Svensson, Ericsson Geng Wu, Intel Anatoli Levine, RADVISION