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All analysis

  1. 1. Front cover radial analysis
  2. 2. The publication features R&B and hip-hop music artist and actor Mariah Carey. This emphasizes the magazine’s target demographic of predominantly young, urban followers of hip-hop and R&B culture. Her Facial expression is very sexual, with her lips parted suggesting that this magazine is very young and sexy. Also highlighting on the target audience of young males as she is the fantasy that many males want, also as she4 inspires young females. However her eyes aren't as open wide, and she's not covered in make-up suggesting that she's drawing the audience in but the focus is more on the magazine or her “beach body.” The colour is very summery, which appeals to the season it was released in. The name of the magazine, and important information such as various artists and certain aspects in the magazine in the colour of the sun and heat.. This draws the readers in as they notice the words in this colour and also as Mariah Careys very tanned and looks almost the same colour as the words. It also draws the particular demographic in. The background emphasizes the summer themed magazine and the colour of the words. Also it’s a pleasant atmosphere, idea of seasonal colours and backgrounds making the reader more interested. She is looking straight at the reader to establish a relationship with them. However, by not opening her eyes wide she maintains the perception of being superior. The idea of wearing a very revealing bikini and standing in a evocative pose makes her look confident, hot and superior. Making the audience view her as this ultimate role model for girls and fantasy for boys. This draws the readers in and wanting to read this glamorous magazine with a megastar like Mariah Carey. The colours chosen are also fiery and dangerous. This provides the desire that this magazine gives of. The same, bold yellow, white, red and black font has been used throughout. The use of lower case letters gives a less formal effect, similarly the colour yellow is more relaxed and has connotations of youth as it is vibrant. The punchy short sentences make the magazine sound fast paced, like the music industry, keeping the audience interested. The name ‘Vibe’ is the word used to describe the atmosphere of a place, this has connotations of being current and in keeping with the current vibe.
  3. 3. The style of these celebrities is very modern, in your face and abrupt. This makes them bring a new, funky, confident view to the magazine promoting the magazine in that aspect. The position their standing with their hands in front is controversial. As it gives a sense of innocence, hiding themselves, implying stop, this image is to x-rated for the viewer. This gives them a superior power, a VIP access promoting the magazine should only be viewed by glamorous, superior people. This gives the magazine a better- quality aspect. However the way they're dressed is very revealing giving a sexy provocative view as well. The plain, white background also presents a sense of innocence and also draws more attention to the celebrities in the middle. This identifies the particular demographic as the celebrities are role models to young independent, inspiring females. They're all [popular in this particular music industry. The words “stop and stare” representing the celebrities gives the connotation that their style is so unique and fiery that it will make the readers stop and stare, which draws the readers in. The font is black, and it capital letters giving a bold effect. This stands out more to the audience. However the celebrities names are in lower case and highlighted in the colours they're dressed on. This makes the celebrities seem different, and more down to earth as they're in lower case. The symbols such as “+” instead of writing “and” gives it a futuristic, modern view to the magazine, making it seem above other magazines. The colours are very bright, happy, and confident colours. This makes the readers want to read inside as the front cover makes them feel happy and daring like the magazine. The fact that there is their minimal writing and the main aspect of the front cover of the picture. This promotes the fact that these celebrities are enough, their wanted so much and create such an atmosphere their needs to be nothing else on the magazine.
  4. 4. His name written in italics and in the colour red makes it stand out on the background. Also red is the colour of the logo of the magazine which connects the two. This suggests that someone so huge and famous reflects the magazine, stating that the magazine is also this. The lighting used on this medium shot is very dim and low key. This makes his jewellery look more shiny and bright. Promoting him as the “Raps Next Big Superstar.” having a lot of “bling” on makes him look like a rich stereotypical rapper. Showing his body being muscle and wearing nothing, with his boxers on show and his jeans pulled down highlights to the target demographic of young teenagers who like RNB music whose eyes would be drawn to this. His also looking down at the camera, suggesting that his superior, a hero. Also he looks quite confident and sexy. Reflecting the magazine in this way. They’ve referred him as “Raps Next Big Superstar” With the beginning letters in capitals, giving him a new title demonstrating how famous he is and how the targeted audience would see him, drawing their eyes in. The background being white draws the audience to this famous artist in the middle and the red writing. Suggesting this artist is so known they don’t need anything else. The font is very bold and in your face, drawing your attention towards it. However the artists names are in capital and of larger size suggesting that the artists are the most important aspect of the magazine, which draws in the target audience that like these particular artists. The layout is very plain and ordinary with little font and a picture in the middle. The picture being in the middle makes it the centre piece of the whole magazine drawing your eyes to it.
  5. 5. Content analysis
  6. 6. Most of the writing is found on the left hand side of the contents page with the image sitting closer to the right, this creates an essay way of navigating through the magazine. By looking at the arrow we can also see that main titles have been written in a larger number in the colour white, whilst the writing below in smaller and in pink, helping us to see which writing has more importance. Another factor would be that a house style has been created, this is evident by the fact that the writing written on the left in white and the writing on the right in pink had been typed in the same font style. They have added a £2 off voucher onto the contents page to create a focus point and to lure the audience into the magazine as this is quite an eye catching place on the page. People like to think that they have saved money and by giving money off it will make the audience feel as if they have achieved something. We can see that throughout the magazine the colour flow is the same making the magazine look stable and well organised. Too much of different colours can make a magazine look untidy and unprofessional. However using the colour pink could suggest that the magazine is for females, but the choice of music is unisex so some audience may get confused at the targeted audience. By numbering the pages it Gives the audience a sense Of direction, and comfort in Knowing that they can easily Flick through and find what They are looking for. They have added text at the Top of the magazine because Its usually one of the first Places people look. This allows A better way of advertisement The logo ‘club NME’ has been posted on the contents page Many times to insure that the brand is being put out their to All audiences. In hope that it will appeal and sell to more people. Here they have posted an image Of two people singing and dancing, this Has been done because its what the Music magazine is about. People like to See images and by posting an image that relates So well to the purpose of the magazine it is going To influence a wider audience The largest image on the Page is of a band ‘The wanted’ The magazine have been very clever and used a band that are very high up on the charts, this will also appeal to a wider audience. Content Analysis
  7. 7. The colour flow of orange black And white seem to appeal more Towards a male audience.. The choice Of colours look quite dark and mysterious Making the page look quite dull. The colours However do tie in with the aim of the magazine which Is rock music.. So it seems that the magazine Is based on one specific audience. The size of the title ‘contents’ Is there so show its audience that This is where you will be navigated around the magazine. It has been Made large so that people cant miss It. There is also a date just above it in a bout the same size writing, this is there to show there so that the audience know when the magazine was published. Around the page we can see that There are many plotted images with Number on the top left hand side of Them, this has been done to make Working the magazine simple for Its readers. The numbers are there To navigate the reader to the page That they are interested in reading. By adding images it can sometimes Make finding what you are looking For more simple than reading Written information. The images are Connected to the numbers on the Right hand side of the page underneath ‘ Features’. This could help people who Cant remember artists by name, the Images will support them. By adding so many images, It makes the page seem boring. There is little information to lure the reader in and there is nothing That would appeal to a wider audience. ‘ Exclusive’ is a powerful word As people like to know and be Given information that isn't already Out in the open... A lot of people like Different. So using the word exclusive is clever because more people are going to want whatever it is that is ‘ exclusive’ meaning that there will be more people watching the music channel and turning up at gigs. As the magazine appears to involve Lots of drumming, using more than One image of a drum set could excite The target audience making them More likely to read the magazine.
  8. 8. The main focus on this page would be the very large image. we can see that the magazine is based on R&B as the man himself Is a rapper. He is showing off his wealth by flashing his different diamond necklaces as well as his diamond bracelets. He’s even topless showing off his grills and tattoos which is most focused in the Hip-Hop glamour world. ‘ Vibe’ is the logo of the magazine, Usually the logo is written the largest In order to catch the readers eye and to Insure that they know who they are Getting their entertainment from. But in This case it has been written very small And in black, making it not the main focus The text on this page is easy to read and sub headings are used to direct the readers to the different sections of the magazine. This magazine is divided into sub-divided contents. In this magazine the contents are divided into two main sections; Features and fashion. By splitting the two it appeals to a wider audience and allows people to navigate in a much more simple way With the three main colours Being red black and white The magazine looks much more Masculine , red usually connotes a sense of power or aggression but in the case of the magazine it seems to be power and strength. The large image of the main especially supports the idea of a masculine look in the magazine, however, the music is aimed at both men and women so in my opinion the colours could be toned down a little bit. The title ‘contents’ has been posted in three stages in very Large writing. This has been done to make the page look more Artistic as hip-hop and R&B is about being artistic, so they are trying To relate everything posted on the magazine to the music and The music artists.
  9. 9. The grey clothing, jewellery and shoes matches the background colour demonstrating fashion and `swagger`. This makes it look glamorous and gives the magazine this sense of style. ‘ Ciara’ is an inspirational young r& b artist so using her on the contents page identifies to the particular demographic as young teenagers who like this type of music look up to her. Also the way shes positioned is very sexy but in a upper class league. This gives the magazine that sense of high class. Her make-up is also quite grey and natural, suggesting the magazines not going to be fake but natural real music and contents. The contents is written very funky and not original which suggest s the magazine is also unique and funky which draws peoples attention more. The fact that its pure white on the background also makes it stands out. The font style is bold, capitals and big making it stand out clear. The lighting used on the background is very dark then a spotlight on the singer demonstrating how important and famous she is.. This also draws the demographic in as people who like her would notice her straight away and want to read the magazine. The name of the magazine `V` is outlined on the wall as part of the background. It fades into the contents magazine. This suggests that all of the magazine if branded with this and therefore offers the same standards throughout. The script is a very small amount which suggests the picture of this singer is all the magazine needs, not a lot of words which represents her as very important. Also `features` and `fashion` is done in a a swirly quite girly text suggesting a emphasis of the fact that the magazine brings innocence, and a sense of being precious. As girls are represented in this way. This highlights to the demographic of young females who inspire singers like Ciara. The jewellery she's wearing is glistening and diamonds which suggests she's rich, rare and glamorous like the magazine. It also ties in with the background and what she's wearing. The colour grey represents Stylish, elegant, classy, fresh, modern and fashionable which represents the magazine being like this. The background is very natural and clear suggesting the magazine is very neat, not over crowded and packed.
  10. 10. Double page spread analysis
  11. 11. The name `jamelia` is styled in a Hollywood way to add a sense of that standard of fame to the magazine. Also suggesting that the singer is that standard as well. Also the singers transparent and shines some light through the title. This highlights the story of the magazine `finding her voice and feeling exposed.` It also looks like a spotlight which emphasises on the Hollywood effect. The singer is also creeping through in this one, as the light is faded then bright on her face, which emphasises the storyline and fits in with it. She's also wearing white and quite hunched up, covering a lot of herself, suggesting a type of innocence about her. Also that she's been covered up and hidden in the past but now she's starting to come out. Her makeup and her hair is very natural and she's also smiling which emphasises her innocence. Also promotes the magazines morals and the things it stands for. The colours orange and black connotation a tigers stripes which suggests that she's got a fierce attitude and a sense of danger and fight about her. This represents the magazine. + The magazine refers to her as a queen and the fonts in block capitals which suggests how important the singer is which represents the magazine as highly rated as they have this amazing singer in the magazine. The layout of the text is in paragraphs which is very traditional which adds trasditional value to the magazine.
  12. 12. Black and white are the colours used to represents the ageing effects here. Giving it an old, traditional value. The red is used because it’s the colour of the logo and also makes the main words “vote” and “icon” stand out, this draws the particular demographic in as it interacts with them, gives them the chance to interact. The main picture of the double spread page is a rock icon playing a guitar. This is a stereotypical old traditional rock person. This highlights to the target audience who can represent to the type of music he plays. Also the expression on his face is very mellow, in depth and in touch with playing his music. This gives the magazine that same type of value. The pictures are placed in for different squares with different lighting and shading. This gives a denotation of the different artists and there personalities. The face expressions are very calm and melodious giving a traditional value to the magazines. The font is very plain, ordinary and straight forward suggesting that they don’t need much font the pictures are enough.
  13. 13. The colour white connotes an innocence about her and the fact that her hairs white and her dress it white, suggests an angelic presence. The fact that she's looking up promotes that she's looking up into heaven, promoting her as angelic looking up to heaven. Also with her mouth open expresses the fact that she's known as a singer as it looks like she's singing. The magazine is portraying her as this goddess and the singing and presence that she brings is angelic. This draws the particular demographic of young people who like her music and inspire to be like her. Giving a whole page of this singer shows the importance of having her in the magazine showing the type of demographic the magazine which is young, preferably inspired females who listen to rap, and rnb music. Her name in capitals represents her importance and also draws the target audience in of people who like her. The “RIP” grave stone with other artists below suggests that she's so big now she's killed all the other singers careers suggesting how big she is. This makes people want to read about her because of how important she is, The layout of the font is in straight columns suggesting that she's well presented, glamorous and well put together, elegant,
  14. 14. The background being outside near estates suggests he remembers where he came from, a poorer background, but he hasn’t change just because his become famous. This highlights and inspires to people from this type of background. It also makes them want to read the magazine more thinking in this way. His swagger is also very rude boy and working class. With his green hat turned to the side matching his green hat turned to the side. Also his jewellery is very big with a big chain. This is the stereotypical “gangster” image which inspires young boys and highlights to young females. This draws the target audience in. His facial expressions are very intimidating and angry which makes him very menacing. The font looks like bright lights in Hollywood, presenting how famous he has got because his reached that. Also the green in the background is his stamp on the ‘Hollywood’ lights because his wearing green. The writing is very boring and ordinary in the middle which connotes the fact that the pictures are the main feature, as people will be more drawn in seeing him, because of how well known he is.