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  1. 3. All of the fonts on the slide above are possible fonts for our final magazine. The reason for choosing these possible fonts Is that each of them fit in with our chosen R&B based audience. Before choosing any fonts as possible ideas we had to look at a range of R&B magazines for the best possible ideas we could get. We found that by looking at the magazines these fonts fit in really well with the audience that we are trying to appeal to. We felt that by choosing a range of different fonts that may fit in with our audience Would give us a better range of choice to make the best possible decision for choosing Our final font type in hope that it will appeal to our target audience of R&B.
  3. 5. When deciding upon a name for our magazine we found it very difficult. We wanted our magazine to sound similar to other R&B magazines as we knew that it would be appropriate for our target audience. We decided to search on the internet for possible R&B titles that we could choose. Each name in the above slide was taken from the internet. We have chosen ‘ Dock no11’ font because by researching into R&B magazines we realised that most of the magazines had the title spread across the top of the front page. It is clear that this is done so that the title will appear very dominant and bold when placing the magazine on a shop stand. Also we feel that the title we have decided to use is conventional because the design relates well to an R&B audience. This represents the particular demographic as young teenagers do graffiti in bold writing and it is usually found in disadvantaged areas. R&B relates to this because inspirational R&B artists usually come from disadvantage backgrounds which are why this is usually an inspiration for the R&B audience
  4. 6. We chose to name our music magazine ‘seeing Funk’. We chose this name because we feel that it is simple but effective. The name links in with the music as R&B is associated with the word ‘funk’ because the music is up beat, lively and ‘funky’. The word seeing also relates to the magazine and its music as the music will be branded throughout the magazine in order for the audience to feel a part of what they are reading and ‘seeing’ so that they can feel in touch with the music. This is because to a lot of people music is more to them than just listening to sound, it is uplift for many people to motivate and succeed themselves. We concluded this information through secondary research and our own primary research using interviews and questionnaires. We chose to use this type of font with the title that we created because we feel that they link together well as they both represent R&B music.
  5. 7. Red: It has traditionally been associated with courage and love, but in China, red is the colour of happiness and good fortune. Red is the colour of fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination as well as passion, desire, and love. Giving the magazine this type of radiance. White: White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the colour of perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation. White can represent a successful beginning. This gives the magazine value and a sense of innocence as white would be the background. This is the idea of what the colours will look like on our magazine Orange: we have chosen this colour because orange is considered a warm colour, perhaps because it have evoked the feeling of fire. This could make the audience feel energetic, comfortable and happy
  6. 8. This image of rhianna Was used on a front cover Of vibe magazine. A magazine Which represents the same audience as ours. Each image makes The artist look confident and aware which is what we want when taking a picture of someone for our magazine. We have made a collage of only female artists because as a group we decided to have a woman on the front cover of our magazine. These images inspired us because we would Like to have one artist on the front cover of our magazine to make the image dominant so that the audience know it is important.
  7. 11. After analysing a number of different types of music magazines we have come to the conclusion that a FHM styled magazine is what we want to aim for in our own product. The contrast of vibrant colour with a neutral coloured background signifies that what the magazine title and the model on the front page are the most important parts for the reader to acknowledge. The simple layout is effective due to the easy to read text and separation of stories through the use of colour repetition. We also liked the fact that there is one dominant image of an artist suggesting to the reader that she is an important part of the magazine.
  8. 12. This contents page is roughly the idea of what we are looking for in making our own contents page. This is because by adding images to the page it makes it look much More appealing and exciting to an audience rather than just adding text. It also gives the audience an idea of what they should expect to see inside the magazine. We liked the way that this page had colour coded their pages as it makes everything a lot more simple for its readers. The only negative thing about this page is that because there are so many images it makes it very hard to see what the writing actually says as it is very small. This is one thing that we would change when making our own contents page.
  9. 13. This image is of a double Page spread. It is an interview by Lilly Allen. This image was taken from a magazine that has a different target audience to ours but we liked the idea of the layout . We think that the style of the writing for the title fits in well with our music magazine so we have decided to take this as a possible idea for setting out our double page spread. However we don’t want people to get the wrong idea of what music magazine we are making so we have uploaded an image below of a double page spread from an FHM magazine to show that we are staying consistent throughout.
  10. 14. This image is from an FHM magazine. This image fits in well with our target audience because the artist looks appealing while posing on a motorbike, looking confident in what she is doing. the motorbike connotes wealth and excitement and takes up most of the page making it the first thing that the reader is going to see. We liked the idea of the picture taking up most of the page with the writing down the side of the page as it shows how important the image actually is to the reader.
  11. 15. When creating our writing style for our double page spread we want to conduct an interview with specific music artists as when we were researching into R&B magazines it was conventional as the majority of them had a page with interviews. We feel that by including an interview into our magazine of an artist that is popular within the specific music type that the audience will be more likely to buy the magazine. This is because people like to be involved in celebrities lives, for example with a music artist people like to be informed of any new upcoming albums, or dates of performances. We feel that by adding an interview into our double page spread that it will go well with the theme of R&B because we went out and purchased a Vibe magazine and within the magazine was an interview of an artist that is very popular within the R&B genre. The interview was about the artist releasing a new album and how the artist came about to writing it. By having an interview of such a popular artist it makes the reader believe that the magazine must be highly rated because the artist has chose to be interviewed by our magazine over any other so therefore our magazine must have better qualities than the others.
  12. 19. In this section of planning, we need to decide the location of where we are going to take pictures, costumes, make up, hair and the lighting. We decided that because our genre is R&B and hip-hop all of the above need to fit into the two categories. The costumes are an essential part of the photographs that we are going to take. We want to dress our models in clothes which will fit in with the R&B style music to make our magazine look more realistic. We decided that we need to experimented with different hairstyles for our models. We decided that we wanted our models to look quite done up to fit in with the glamorous style that we were going for. We also want to use quite dominant make-up on the characters. We decided to use quite dark, black eye make up, so that the look on their face is quite serious, showing how much their job means to them. When taking the pictures we want to make sure that the lighting Is bright with the main focus being on the artist. We don't want to much background as we think it will take the focus away from the artist and that is not our aim
  13. 20. From discussing all the possibilities for our music magazine we decided to keep With the continuity which is what most of the music magazines we had analysed had done. We decided to keep the colour scheme simple and stick with the colours red orange and white. After we had drawn up sketches of the layouts for our front cover double page spread and contents page We decided that the best way to set out each page was as follows: Front cover : The masthead going across the top of the magazine which we feel will make It stand out from other magazines. We felt that adding one image would attract the target audience well as we don't want to add too many images because we think it looks untidy and busy. We feel that the title we have chosen fits in well as it is bold and simple making it stand out to an audience. Double page spread: One image, or a few large images of the same artist down one side of the page and the article On the other side. We think this idea is effective because it is showing the main focus ‘ the artist’ and then It informs u about them. We also found out through research that people like to look at images so we don't Want to add too much text as we don't think it will attract an audience. The colours will tie in with the front cover And with the contents page as we want to stay consistent throughout. Contents page: We decided that we would also like to add images to our contents page to make it look more Exciting and to also give the reader an idea of what is inside the magazine. We are going to include page numb ers And lay out what the magazine includes. This page will also follow the colour scheme of the other two pages.