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Scalable Media Workflows on the Cloud


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This session walks through approaches for media ingest, storage, processing and delivery scenarios on the AWS cloud. We cover solutions for high speed file transfer, cloud-based transcoding, tiered storage, content processing, and global low latency delivery, as well as the orchestration and management of the entire media workflow with the AWS Data Pipeline service. Attendees can expect to come away with an understanding of best practices for architecting and deploying cloud-based media workflows.

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Scalable Media Workflows on the Cloud

  1. 1. Scalable Media Processing & Delivery in the Cloud
  2. 2. Media Evolution Why Scalability maters in modern media workflows… Building blocks and patters for constructing scalable media workflows in the cloud.
  3. 3. Media EvolutionAnalog VCD DVD 720p 1080p (3D) 2K 4KFO RMA T US ERS SIZ E
  4. 4. Media is getting Harder … Ingest Storage Processing Delivery
  5. 5. We need tools that can scale for Media …
  6. 6. Global Infrastructure SecureMassive Scale Time to market
  7. 7. Concentrate onContentLeave ITManagement to us …
  8. 8. Media Workflow Amazon SWF SNSStreaming Server Slicer DRM Wrapper Transcode Worker DRM Wrapper (Spot) Transcode Worker (Spot) CMS Processing Queue AWS Import/ Export S3
  9. 9. Media Storage - Faster access to massive compute capabilitiesYour files - Many external products (hourly or BYOL) - Access to other processing vendors without Amazon S3 having to move files around - Scalable Media Delivery (Piece of Cake!)
  10. 10. Media Ingest Amazon S3 AWS Direct (multi-part Upload) Connect AWS Storage AWS Import/ Gateway Service Export
  11. 11. Media Ingest S3 multi-part UploadFiles S3 Serverside S3 SDK S3 Bucket
  12. 12. Media Ingest Aspera on-Demand Server FASP Instance RAM S3 BucketFiles FASP Gateway EC2 Instance Running Aspera
  13. 13. Media Storage (in the Cloud) >Durability >>Availability >>>CostSingle API access (regardless Processed Output of the storage class) Amazon Reduced Redundancy S3 Amazon S3 (RRS) Amazon Glacier
  14. 14. Media Workflow Amazon SWF SNSStreaming Server Slicer DRM Wrapper Transcode Worker DRM Wrapper (Spot) Transcode Worker (Spot) CMS Processing Queue AWS Import/ Export Input files in S3
  15. 15. Media Processing Instance Store AMI EBSAmazon S3 EC2 Instance
  16. 16. Media SoftwareAWS Online Software Store• Customer can find, research, buy software• Simple pricing, aligns with EC2 usage model• 1-Click launch in minutes• Marketplace billing integrated into your AWS account• 600+ products across 23 categoriesDeveloper Tool Categories Include• Media Servers• Transcoding• Media Publishing• Digital Asset Management
  17. 17. Media Processing I/O EC2 Instance
  18. 18. Media Processing Instance Store EBSAMI EC2 Instance
  19. 19. Media Processing Instance Store EBSAMI EC2 Instances
  20. 20. Media Processing Steady State Transcoders Instance Store EBS CloudWatch Alarm InstanceAMI Store Auto Scaling Transcode EBS Queue Spot Transcoders
  21. 21. Media Workflow Amazon SQS Amazon SWF Amazon SNS
  22. 22. Media Workflow
  23. 23. Media Workflow Amazon SWF SNSStreaming Server Slicer DRM Wrapper Transcode Worker DRM Wrapper (Spot) Transcode Worker (Spot) CMS Processing Queue AWS Import/ Export Input files in S3
  24. 24. Media Workflow Amazon SWF SNS Amazon Elastic TranscoderStreaming Server DRM Wrapper DRM Wrapper (Spot) AWS Import/ Export Input and output in S3
  25. 25. Media Transcoding Amazon Elastic Transcoder• Video transcoding in the cloud• Familiar development in AWS SDKs for Python, Node.js, Java, .NET, PHP, and Ruby• Supports most popular formats (H.264 video with AAC audio in an MP4 container)• Free Usage Tier Input and output in S3
  26. 26. Media Delivery (in the Cloud) RTMP Streaming or Download DistributionProcessed Media Files HTTP/HTTPS Amazon S3 Amazon CloudFront >Pay as you go >>Performance >>>Cost
  27. 27. CDN Seattle South Bend New York (3) London (2) Amsterdam (2) Newark Dublin Stockholm Palo Alto Tokyo (2) HaywardSan Jose Paris (2) Frankfurt (2) Ashburn (2) Madrid Milan Los Angeles (2) Jacksonville Osaka Dallas (2) Hong Kong (2) St.Louis Miami Singapore (2) Sao Paulo Edge Locations Sydney
  28. 28. Media Reporting Access Logs EMR BusinessAmazon CloudFront Smarts Amazon S3 Amazon Redshift
  29. 29. Ooyala Online Video Platform Problem: • Media customers need end-to-end solutions for media storage, processing, and delivery Solution: • AWS’s scalable services enable Ooyala to manage and publish content, personalize the viewing experience, and measure and monetize audiences Business Benefits: • Over 1 billion videos played per month and 2 billion analytic events per day • 25% of U.S. online viewers watch video powered by Ooyala
  30. 30. upLynk Online Video Platform Problem: • Customers need an end-to-end solution that handles the complexity and scale of their video delivery Solution: • AWS’s scalable and resilient services enable upLynk to provide a service solution providing: • One multi-bitrate encode for all devices • Low-bandwidth secure signal acquisition • Automated CC processing and packaging • Live on-the-fly program and ad removal • Dynamic ad serving into live-linear playback • Software controlled live signal delay Business Benefits: • Operational efficiencies, converting capex to opex, new revenue opportunities • Multi-screen deployment, time-to-market, lower storage & processing costs (one transcode, all devices)
  31. 31. Media can be made Scalable … >> Secure >> Flexible >> Managed >> Cheap >> Highly Available Your Media In the Cloud = Peace of Mind
  32. 32. Getting Started• Upload a video to S3 – Get Started with Amazon S3• Run an Elastic Transcoder Job -- Get Started with Elastic Transcoder• Setup a CloudFront Streaming distribution -- Creating Streaming Distributions• Launch the Amazon SWF Sample Workflow in the Management Console• Feel free to e-mail me: John Mancuso