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AWS "Game On" Event - Social Gaming in the AWS Cloud - 19 June13


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This presentation from our customer, Bejig, details how they have successfully designed and implemented cloud computing projects on Amazon Web Services.

David Hampstead, CTO, Bejig

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AWS "Game On" Event - Social Gaming in the AWS Cloud - 19 June13

  1. 1. Social Gaming in the CloudDavid
  2. 2. Who Are We?Social & Mobile Gaming - Casino3 million + players100K + players Daily
  3. 3. Social Gaming – Then and NowSource:
  4. 4. Social Gaming – Who’s playing?Source:
  5. 5. Social Gaming – Who’s paying?Source:
  6. 6. Why the Cloud?High Volume/Low Conversion business modelConstant product iterationData drivenFluctuating demand for resources
  7. 7. What Services?Compute & Networking• EC2• Autoscaling• ELBStorage & CDN• S3• Cloudfront• EBSDeployment & Management• Cloudwatch
  8. 8. What Next?Simple Email Service (SES)DynamoDBElastic BeanstalkWhatever will they think of next???
  9. 9. Thank You!David