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Content Management and Running your Website on AWS


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From the APAC L&L Series as presented by Oyvind Roti.

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Content Management and Running your Website on AWS

  1. 1. amazon web servicesContent Management and Running your Website on AWS Oyvind Roti AWS Solutions Architect
  2. 2. Why run your website on AWS?• Easy and Reusable• Available and Scalable• Global Infrastructure• Cost
  3. 3. Prebuilt CMS Templates• WordPress Type • Alfresco• Drupal • Knova • Tendenci• Joomla! • Open Text • Plus More…• Sharepoint • Mind Touch• Silverstripe • Tiki Wiki• Gallery • Media Wiki• Movable • DokuWiki
  4. 4. Fast Deployment• CloudFormation• Community AMI• Marketplace
  5. 5. CloudFormation• Supports a Wide • Transparent and Range of AWS Open Resources • No Extra Charge• Prebuilt Templates• Easy to Use
  6. 6. CloudFormationDemoWe will now launch a new WordPressInstance in Singapore a click of a link.
  7. 7. Community AMIs
  8. 8. AWS Marketplace
  9. 9. Why run your website on AWS?• Easy and Reusable• Available & Scalable• Global Infrastructure• Cost
  10. 10. Availability ZoneAvailability Zones
  11. 11. Multi-AZ RDSOne click. High availability with Multi-AZ Automated deployment across multiple AZs Synchronous replication from master to replica Automatic fail-over; replica promoted to master Test fail-over
  12. 12. CloudFormationDemoWe will now launch a new Joomla! Instancein Singapore across multiple AvailabilityZones with a Multi-AZ RDS instance with aclick of a link.
  13. 13. AWS Building Blocks Inherently Fault-Tolerant Services Fault-Tolerant with the right Amazon S3  Elastic Load Balancing architecture Amazon SimpleDB  AWS IAM  Amazon EC2 Amazon DynamoDB  AWS Elastic Beanstalk  Amazon EBS Amazon CloudFront  Amazon  Amazon RDS ElastiCache Amazon SWF  Amazon VPC  Amazon EMR Amazon SQS  Amazon CloudSearch Amazon SNS  Amazon Route 53 Amazon SES
  14. 14. Why run your website on AWS?• Easy and Reusable• Available & Scalable• Global Infrastructure• Cost
  15. 15. Seattle South Bend New York (3) London (2) Amsterdam (2) Newark Dublin Stockholm Palo Alto Tokyo (2) HaywardSan Jose Paris(2) Frankfurt (2) Ashburn (2) Madrid Milan Los Angeles (2) Jacksonville Osaka Dallas (2) Hong Kong (2) St.Louis Miami Singapore (2) Sao Paulo Edge Locations Sydney Global Infrastructure
  16. 16. Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery Network• Delivery of content • Origin server: S3, EC2, worldwide non-AWS• Static: HTTP / HTTPS • Public/Private• Streaming: RTMP Distributions• Dynamic Content 16
  17. 17. Amazon CloudFront Content Delivery NetworkAs with everything on AWS, this is not an all ornothing proposition. Use CloudFront with yourexisting CDN Provider. 17
  18. 18. ExampleGlobally Deployed WordPress leveraging: – S3 for Media Storage – CloudFront for CDN – ElastiCache for Caching – Leveraging W3 Total Cache Plugin
  19. 19. S3 Storage
  20. 20. S3 Storage
  21. 21. CloudFront
  22. 22. Why run your website on AWS?• Easy and Reusable• Available and Scalable• Global Infrastructure• Cost
  23. 23. • No initial investment needed• No termination fees• Clear pricing model (on the website) 23
  24. 24. Lower Variable Cost24
  25. 25. • AWS’ scale allows it to lower costs• Relentless focus on building efficiencies• Virtuous cycle: more customers means more scale and lower costs which we pass on to customers
  26. 26. More AWS Services• Elastic Beanstalk• Elasticache• Route 53
  27. 27. Elastic Beanstalk• Fast Deployment for your Web Application• ASP.Net, Ruby, Python, PHP, Node.js and Java• Autoscale• Secure• Deployment Management• Complete Control
  28. 28. ElastiCacheExample: The W3 Total Cache Plugin forWordPress uses ElastiCache as a cache forfaster:– Page Queries– DB Gets– Object CachesSimilar plugins for other CMS Systems
  29. 29. Route 53• Fast• Scalable• Reliable• Manage Large Sets of DNS Entries• Flexible Routing Options• Cost Effective
  30. 30. Adobe CQ Cloud HostedSubscription BasisAll Adobe CQ modules:• CQ Mobile, CQ Multi-site Manager, CQ Social Communities, CQ Marketing Campaign Management, and CQ eCommerce.
  31. 31. Sitecore• Easy to Install into EC2• Leverage S3 and CloudFront• Works with SQL Server RDS• 3rd party Applications such as CloudSite for Sitecore• NTT Data Knowledge Base
  32. 32. Example ArchitectureContent and Media Serving
  33. 33. Example ArchitectureWeb Application Hosting
  34. 34. Migration Strategies• VM Import• WordPress, Joomla!, Drupal have Migration Tools• Database to RDS Migration• Straight to Elastic Beanstalk
  35. 35. Migration Resources• existing-applications-to-the-aws-cloud-with-3- example-scenarios/• existing-applications-to-aws-cloud
  36. 36. Customer Success StoriesAWS Customers running websites and web applications
  37. 37. Lamborghini uses AWS for Dynamic Webapps Reduced time to Reduced market to near Zero infrastructure costs by 50%
  38. 38. Shaw Media uses AWS for Disaster Recovery Before Primary site After Primary site Disaster Recovery Site Snapshots for Saved $1.8 Million granular rollbacks in second site costs