AWS Summit Sydney 2014 | Network-as-a-Service - Session Sponsored by Megaport


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Visionary telecommunications entrepreneur, Bevan Slattery talks about how "Network-as-a-Service" is revolutionising elastic computing.

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AWS Summit Sydney 2014 | Network-as-a-Service - Session Sponsored by Megaport

  1. 1. Evolving networksNetwork-as-a-Service is here
  2. 2. Evolution definition evolution ˌiːvəәˈluːʃ(əә)n,ˈɛv-/ Noun The process by which, over time, something undergoes a positive change, developing beneficial traits that are passed on as a foundation for future generations.
  3. 3. Evolution definition elastic computing Wikipedia In cloud computing, elasticity is defined as the degree to which a system is able to adapt to workload changes by provisioning and de-provisioning resources in an autonomic manner, such that at each point in time the available resources match the current demand as closely as possible (Wikipedia)
  4. 4. The evolution of computing Mainframe Distributed Servers High-Density Servers Virtual Machines Terminal Desktop Applications Client/Server Applications Web Hosting Web Applications Cloud Enabled Applications 1990 Client/Server 2000 Virtual Machines 1980 Mid/Mainframe 2010 IaaS/Cloud
  5. 5. Traditional connectivity model 5 §  Point to Point services connecting locations to locations; §  Need to independently order cross connects each time; §  Usually 12 months contract; §  Lead times for services between 5 and 30 days; §  Little flexibility in terms of access speeds; §  No API integration/programmability. End User Provider Data Centre A Data Centre B
  6. 6. Elastic connectivity model 6 §  Massive scalable bandwidth on demand; §  Ability to provision and de-provision circuits automatically; §  Flexible contract terms (daily, monthly, yearly); §  Provide an ability to upgrade/downgrade circuits on demand; §  API feature capability to allow partner integration and automation; §  Connect users to services via a large ecosystem of partners already connected to the fabric. End User ProviderCost
  7. 7. Introducing Megaport The Elastic Connectivity Platform
  8. 8. Megaport innovation Flat rate virtual cross connects (VXCs) Fixed price virtual cross connects (VXCs) regardless of speed. 8 New standard for minimum connections (10G) Creating a new minimum standard for flexible, high-bandwidth connectivity. New standard for high-bandwidth connections (100G) Providing an ultra-high bandwidth solution for high-performance, data intensive networks. Self provisioning via Megaportal Customers can provision their own services quickly via our unique service portal. On-demand networking Flexible service options with no need for long term contracts.
  9. 9. Megaport connects users to services 9 Metro 1 Metro 2 Metro 3 Enterprise Service Provider Content Provider Service Provider Content Provider Content Provider Enterprise Service Provider Enterprise Service Provider
  10. 10. Megaport = OpenAPIArchitecture
  11. 11. IaaS + NaaS + Open API = True Elastic Computing
  12. 12. NaaS (Megaport)API Integration
  13. 13. Full IaaS and NaasAPI Integration
  14. 14. Demonstration Elastic Connectivity inAction
  15. 15. Demonstration key points Megaport is the fastest route to AWS The perfect companion to your Amazon Web Services. 15 Connect to AWS for 1 day, 1 month or 1 year No complicated long term contracts. Take control of your network Our self-service interface gives you the ability to monitor and control every aspect of your services. Only pay for what you need With no complicated, long-term contracts and flexible billing, you only pay for the services you use. Self-provisioned, no more long lead times The power to provision new services almost instantly.
  16. 16. Partnership and Channel 180+ Ports provisioned or in provisioning (100 Providers) Rapidly expanding ecosystem of content and service providers. 16 Expanding to 30 data centres by June 2014 Continually adding more locations daily. Intercapital VXC’s available Providing an ultra-high bandwidth solution for national networks. Self provisioning via Megaportal live Customers can provision their own services almost instantly. Partners have full API control for portal integration Partners and their customers have access to full suite of functionality through API’s
  17. 17. Who is on Megaport?
  18. 18. Who is on Megaport?
  19. 19. Where is Megaport? Melbourne NextDC M1 Melbourne DC 530 Collins* AAPT 376 Flinders* Primus 55 King* Vocus 55 Crockford* Nextgen 22 Walsh* Interactive Port Melbourne* Brisbane NextDC B1 Over The Wire 100 Wickham AAPT 344 Queen St* PIPE Networks 127 Creek* PIPE Networks 148 Brunswick* Fujitsu 7 Brandl* Interactive 19 McKechnie* Primus 127 Creek * * Available in Q2 2014 Sydney Equinix SY1 Equinix SY2 Equinix SY3 Global Switch 1 NEXTDC S1 Pacnet 133 Liverpool* AAPT 55 Clarence* Fujitsu North Ryde* Vocus 59 Doody*
  20. 20. Are you connected? Come and see the Megaport team at stand P02 and test-drive Megaportal for free until 30 June. Visit our stand to find out more.